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'Manna from Heaven' for Ex Government Officials

The government has retired more than 20 career civil servants who served as permanent secretaries in the Kibaki administration, backing up the action with lucrative send-off packages.
It has emerged that the former PSs, many of who had not attained the mandatory retirement age of 60, have walked away with up to Sh7.4 million each besides their pensions.

A Kenyan Barrack Obama Studied in Nyeri - Richest

A Kenyan entrepreneur has been named among the top ten most successful businessmen in Georgia, US.
David Karangu was Friday named by Black Enterprise Magazine, a reputable US business publication, as one of the key players in the economic thrust of the state of Georgia.
His Atlanta-based motor dealership company, the Ivory Chevy Auto Group, grossed over $100 million (about Sh8.6 billion) last year.

Investment/Business Opportunities In Machakos County

Machakos County is now a darling county for investors in Kenya after its Governor Alfred Mutua offered 'free land' for investors who will create jobs for people in the county. Whether the issue of giving free land to investors is a good deal or a raw deal, it is not of interest for this blogger at the moment.

Financial Marketing: Google and Microsoft

1.Core business
Core business of any organization is simply the essential or the main activity carried out by the organization. Microsoft Corporation develops licenses and supports a wide range of software services and products through hardware design and selling. The company also delivers online advertising to its customer audience across the globe. 


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