6 Techniques Of Making Money Online

This is a list of 6 Techniques Of Making Money Online in a scam free way. Living on less than a dollar, a day should be outdated.  Internet has opened vast opportunities all over the world. It i very important individuals find a steady source of income to survive.

Let me give some good insights to those interested to earn a living without much struggle, make good money online. Some people argue that blogging is the best way to earn a living while others claim that affiliate marketing is better. All these ideas are all valid, but you have to try to look for those that are most suitable for you.
This list is does not limit on services you can offer online and make cash in a scam free way. There are methods, that I will discuss later which can bring good money working online.

Some of the many techniques of making money online let me mention a few of them.
  1. Selling goods on eBay

Am sure you are not hearing this for the very first time as it is a common practice with many of us. eBay works in a very simple way. You advertise things you no longer need to potential buyers.
  1. Blogging to Make Money Online

Blogging is easy way to make earn a living through the internet. The key here, as with many other services on the internet is in selling advertising. The more times your blog attracts readers, the more you earn.
  1. Freelancing to Make Money Online

Freelancing is comparable in a number of ways to blogging. The main advantage of freelancing is that you get to work from your own home at any time.  However, freelancing has many pros and cons as compared to blogging and proper training is required before being able to write well.
  1. Dropshipping for Makeing Money Online

Dropshipping is where a businessperson never keeps goods in stock, but transfers customer procurements information directly to wholesalers, who then take the goods directly to the customer.

e.       Domain Name Flipping to Make Money Online

Domain name flipping entails purchasing old houses, renovating them to make them more eye-catching, and selling them for much higher prices.

f.       Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online

 Affiliate marketing is a very common practice on the Internet. Affiliate marketing entails having a merchant who is willing to let other people sell directly its products and services, in exchange for a commission


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  2. very informative. How practical is selling on Ebay here in Kenya?