A Chance For Africa To Take Part In Online Businesses

Online business can transform development in Africa. Africa lags behinds in many development-taking places worldwide. However, new insights can change the situation.

I can do very little however to change the idea scanty job opportunities. Nevertheless, I have been convinced beyond reasonable doubt that online business is the way to go for Africa.
Let me acknowledge a few countries in Africa like Kenya and South Africa are making good progress technology wise.

The virtual world has created a completely new pool of potential customers and if you're starting an online business or think your existing business could do well online. There are vast opportunities for the African continent and the first step to establishing a successful online business is by identifying viable business ventures.

Online business would be the way out for poverty eradication in Africa. Some of the major problems encountered by entrepreneurs are issues like long bureaucratic procedure when starting up. In Mozambique for instance, registering a business takes 153 days, with 14 procedures.

Corruption is also a major hindrance to success in businesses.  The Nigerian government kills entrepreneurial spirit in people by imposing heavy taxes.

I will always remind you what the US presidential candidate Bill Clinton said, “America was built by entrepreneurs and I believe Africa can be developed in the same way”.  I have more reason to believe in Africa’s capability if others see it.

I want to prove to you beyond reasonable doubt that entrepreneurs are the people to save Africa. Fortune gives the list of top 50 companies in the US that were initially begun by individuals.

The idea of a business plan for a business to succeed is just an illusion. In fact, you should forget just about everything you have heard from other business “experts”. What you need is a practical approach based on an African setting.

Customer loyalty should be given priority. With time, the customers in turn become the business investors. Some of the online business opportunities for Africa are nothing out of the usual. I know it would be a good idea for business people operating locally to expand their ventures to other countries without having to go there. Business online is easy, convenient and best of all available 24/7.

I have learned great lessons from failure and I always treat it positively. You should know I learned from my failures. Local and international investors now benefit from my failures as I provide them with the pros and cons of conducting business in Africa apart from reliable contacts.

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