Africa Thinking Smart: Business Opportunities in Africa

Africa Thinking Smart: Business Opportunities in Africa: There are many small business opportunities that exist in Africa and are not fully exploited. Africa is the ‘last emerging market’. Other continents are now eying Africa for business. The potential in Africa remains very huge and can only be exploited if all the necessary resources are availed.

Big businesses will only come about if entrepreneurs are ready to take the challenge. My aim is to stimulate your thinking so that together we can improve the situation. With the emergence of micro-finance institution, availability of credit, everyone has chance to try out something.

Africa Thinking Smart: Business Opportunities in Africa
Here is a list of some small investment business ideas for Africans to create customized services and improve the African situation.
a)      Expat newspapers, magazine, Classified
Expatriates communities classified paper and online magazine is a profitable niche business to explore in big African cities where there are thousands of expats.
It could be done as an extension to a large circulation magazine or an independent endeavor.
b)      Catering businesses
The service industry has a lot of potential in Africa especial because of the large and growing population.
c)      e-commerce
E-commerce in Africa is only in its very early stages; however, there is lot of opportunities to seize. A good positioning, and a well-rounded branding and customer’s service will help any well-funded start-up in this segment to make fortunes.
d)     Agriculture-farming for export
Africa is endowed with good lands that would agriculture. Intensive large-scale farming would do well in countries like Kenya.
e)      Opening a consignment shop
Opening a consignment shop is a brilliant idea. If anything, starting a consignment business is an excellent idea win this age. The unemployment rate is about 8% with the unemployment rate in the teens. Even those employed, still do not earn enough to sustain us. You find ourselves looking for gently used items in consignment shops.
f)       Offering tutoring services
Students under 18 years need tutoring while on holiday. Parents are willing need to tutors to work with their children in order to help their grades and learning in school.
g)      Starting a financial consultancy
A company that gives advice to people on how to manage their finances would come in very handy in helping business people in financial matters.

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