Impact Of Facebook On International Call Rates

The impact of Facebook on international call rates has overwhelmed telecommunication companies. Whenever, we think of communicating both locally or internationally, the first thing that comes to our minds is the call rates.

However, things have changed with innovation of social media and the thinking is not the same. Facebook, a social media website, has compelled telecommunication companies to lower both international and local call rates.
For instance, let’s figure out something, if am in Nigeria and I would like to contact a friend in Australia, and perhaps I cannot afford the international call rates, I would definitely consider sending him a message via Facebook. 
I usually wonder if telecommunication companies have competitive strategies to keep themselves relevant in business ofcommunication with emergence of social media.  Facebook has not only revolutionized the culture of communication but it has also created an edge in international communication trends.

Is Facebook making us lonely? I don’t think so. If anything, it has made communication networks densely populated. Nevertheless, other people would argue it otherwise. With increasing usage of social media, we are getting more connected an aspect that makes people all over become lonelier. I tend to thinking the loneliness comes about when social media creates addiction.

Facebook was invented at a time of a dramatic increase in the quantity and intensity of human loneliness, a rise that initially made the site’s promise of greater connection seem deeply attractive.

Mark Zuckerberg’s innovation seems to be just like what people had been waiting for Facebook, which now has 900million users is most sort after social media site.

Facebook has affected negatively on international call rates.  This has been because Facebook has provided a cheaper and convenient way of global communication. Phone companies have with time had to regulate their calling rate in a bid to attract users.

I don't know anyone in the ad-­supported Web business who isn't affianced in a persistent, demoralizing, no-exit operation to realign costs with falling per-user revenues, or who isn't manically inflating traffic to compensate for ever-lower per-user value.

The Internet is a great deflate, squeezing out the intermediaries in this case phone companies and lowering prices. The latest data from research firm TeleGeography shows that international voice traffic is declining sharply.

Telephone companies have been forced to lower their calling rates if they are to survive the stiff competition being offered by social media.

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