Samsung And Apple, Which Is Best For Business

Between Samsung and Apple, which is the best for business. The Samsung Galaxy S phone came into the market and seems like it has set the pace in the global market smart phones. Samsung has embarked on tireless campaigns to prove that the new Galaxy S is the best of its kind in the multimedia Smartphone range.

Competition between Samsung and Apple has brought about a series of lawsuits. Samsung argues that Apple has violated its patent rights. The latest Samsung Galaxy tab has better features than the Apple ipad 2.

One thing to note is that, the tablets are thin, light and very efficient in doing business. In addition, both tablets have what it takes to meet the needs of business people and offer much more. Both tablets are of the same size. The Samsung Galaxy tab’s screen is of 8.9 inches. This offers a lot of room for navigating spreadsheets and documents. Apple ipad 2 on the other hand, has a screen measuring 9.7 inches.

The Apple ipad 2 is better suited for professional and more appealing to the eye. The Samsung Galaxy tab offers a bettr display with a 1280* 800-pixel resolution, as compared to the 1024*768-pixel resolution of the Apple ipad 2

The Samsung Galaxy tab has a competitive edge in taking advantage of the Android apps in the market. In addition, it has excellent capability to synchronize Google docs and calendars, making it an excellent organizer. Creating email accounts is simple with the S Galaxy.

Shipment of Samsung Smartphone iswas higher than of Apple. In fact, Samsung’s market share stands at 23.8% compared to that of Apple at 14.6%. Market dominance by Samsung products has been as result of a blend of elegant hardware designs and excellent android services.

In conclusion, both the Samsung and Apple tablets excellent business kits.  When looking at power and portability, then Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most efficient. Nevertheless, if one is looking at downloadable applications, then Apple ipad 2 will the thing to go for.

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