Social media- the new way of communicating and promoting a business

Social media is the web based techniques used in enhancing interaction between individuals, communities, organizations and countries. Social media- the new way of communicating and promoting a business.

For instance, Facebook is a social site where individuals share photos and what’s happening around them with their friends. Social media websites give an opportunity for people to interconnect, share ideas, discuss business and even improve their social lives.
Social media has impacted significantly on how people interact, and how communities perceive the world.
In the world today, social media is being used to influence decisions, call for demonstrations and as a campaign platform by politicians across the globe.

Other than Facebook, they are numerous social sites that targets 2.6 billions Internet users in the world.   

The online social  fraternity has seen immense growth in the last 5 years with new websites cropping up. the numbers of users has also grown tremendously reflecting a global village communicating from their personal computers and mobile phones. 

It has significantly changed the manner in which the telecommunication industry is operated because it has forced players to re-think of their marketing strategies. The call rates have be reduced thanks to the emergence of the social media. 
There is a possibility major government decisions would be made through the social media because of its increasing popularity around the globe. 

Any government, business organization or an entity that will not be using the social media to make announcements would be seen as a rigid one- in the changing world. 

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    Social media is a new form of customer service. A lot of people use social media to complain issues about a certain company. With social media, companies could easily interact with their customers and give them quality customer service.