The Impact Of Samsung And Apple Ruling On The World Of Smart Phones

Samsung and Apple have totally revolutionized the world of smart phones with their individual and ever improving features. The two models of smart phones are trending all over the world with demand for more increasing by the day. In fact, current statistics indicate that the two brands of smart phones have taken a greater percentage of market shares of other brands such as Nokia.

If your thinking of buying a smart phone? Well I think you have a wide variety to choose from with Apple and Samsung in the market. Samsung and Apple have however been recently engaged in a fierce war. This has been because of allegations made by Apple arguing that Samsung was infringing on their patents. Consequently, Samsung’s revenues registered a downward trend.
Apple had complained that Samsung had imitated some of its main features. The court passed a resolution, which could suppress sales by Samsung. The impact of Samsung and Apple decision is not particularly satisfactory, as it will significantly affect the people of smart phones.

The impact of the ruling on the field of smart phones will happen to a decline in sales of smart phones, as Samsung will have to redefine their product before they can promote their smart phones again. However, Samsung was able to declare that the court ruling in favor of Apple should not be viewed sad success but rather as a major loss on the perspective of consumers.

The ban on Samsung smart phones will utilize less variation in the market. Another impact of the Samsung and Apple decision will be escalated prices of smart phones due to market dominance.

Samsung and Apple decision will encourage more and better change of smart phones. This is because for Samsung to regain its market dominance, it will need to redefine its market share in the android market. The world of smart phones is evolving every dawn with innovations coming up. The competition between Samsung and Apple will increase leading to introduction of smart phones with enhanced features.

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