What Does Social Bookmarking Mean 2013

What Does Social Bookmarking Mean 2013: Social bookmarking is a excellent way of people with websites/blogs  to gather followers in order to increase traffic. Social bookmarking entails tagging and saving links that one has interest such as Facebook, Digg, Diigo, Tagza.
I think social bookmarking allows people to have a better and efficient way of organizing shared vocabularies. Social bookmarking provides exceptional efficiency in accessing sites. It is even more amazing as they can be shared with friends.

Another good thing about these sites is that they have simplified shortcuts ford browsing as well as surfing. When the bookmarks as classified by categories, browsing different issues becomes remarkably easy and convenient. Some of the most common categories include business, blogging, sports, finance, and news among many other topics.
I can better keep up with current and emerging issues when I know the ease of assessing popular sites is guaranteed. Folksonomy is also called social tagging and the process by which many users add metadata in the form of keywords to shared content.
In fact the unique feature with social bookmarking is that it organizes bookmarks  and enables users to offer their ratings and comments. It is also possible to import and export bookmarks form one browser to another.

Social bookmarking has propelled social media to outstanding achievements. What social media does is to create links. For example between customers and business or better still between friends who are interacting online.

One unique idea passed across in the use of social bookmarking is its use to create traffic. Traffic is created when other bloggers online are able to follow and see what their friends are doing after they have been tagged, What Does Social Bookmarking Mean 2013.

One would seek to known some examples of these social bookmarking sites, well here are a few examples. They include sites like blinklist, bibsonomy, cloudytags, Diigo, Diig, Folkd among many others. The list is just endless. However the professional bookmarking sites are like ‘Social maximizer.

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