Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working Online

Explore different Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Online from our website and share with your friends.  Online work offers a wide range of opportunities for those seeking work, self employment, to earn passive income or add extra income to their pockets.
Internet is providing alternative solutions for jobless youths, because there are so many ways they can explore to earn income from their homes. The fact that there are no many requirements for one to launch a successful online business, this is the trend everywhere in the world, from US, UK, Canada, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa – people are making real internet investments.
I am a professional blogger, running several blogs, including CreateAWebsite, and have been working online as a freelancer since 2009, and no turning back. I started internet freelancing in my university days, and I have valuable experience on doing Internet jobs. I have finally settled on blogging as my Internet investment because it’s something I love doing. The article is based on my experience as a freelancer and the research I have done on Internet jobs.
There are different ways of working online. This can be self employment, be employed or invest your money. For instance, if you make cash online from Odesk, this is form of employment only that you are a freelancer. If you run a blog like this one you are reading now, or any classified website, this amounts to self employment and investment. However, it is necessary to know all the advantages and disadvantages of working online to effectively know how to deal with any challenge that comes your way when you start an internet business.
Advantages of Working Online
From a personal experience, I cannot choose any other kind of work because of the freedom I enjoy from my freelancing ventures. You can have different occupations at the same time without affecting your performance in any one of them by having a schedule formula to deliver your work. You can choose platforms that offer to pay weekly, bimonthly, monthly – you are spoiled for choice.
Your time is more flexible as you make your own schedule depending with the commitments you have for the day. You are able to set time for your job online and have time to be with your family.  For any kind of Internet occupation, it is easier to have more work done for a day because you can choose to work day and night. There is motivation to work more, because in most cases, you are paid for the much you work.
Internet occupation can be done from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. It can be done from school, home or even when you are on vacation. If its writing, you need to make search engines like Google your personal friend because you will need them to get information to deliver your assignments. This makes it easier to do online work as a part time activity parallel from your normal routine.
Online work also cuts down on expenses. Just imagine making money from the living room watching children play or watch cartoons? Just imagine the flexibility you have to visit your friends at your will not your bosses will? You are able to save on fuel that would be used to go to the office because you work from the comfort of your home. When you lower your expenses you are able to have more money.
While working online you are the boss, no one makes noise when performing your duties. You get to choose what you want to which makes you strive to make yourself better every day. An internet job also makes you learn new things that are necessary in the delivery of your work.
Disadvantages of Working Online
Again from my personal experience, so many challenges and disadvantages for any Internet job. For instance, if you start a blog like this one, it can take up to 6-1year before you get your first dollars. Nagging clients if you work as a freelancer. Academic writers have nightmares if the support team does not in any way listen to you as a writer but the client only. There are so many online scams and you need to be extremely careful not to lose your money in a scam investment.
Working online is extremely demanding it requires a lot of efforts, dedication and commitment to work because of the high level of competition in the online world. The competition for online work is increasingly rising as more people are discovering that online work is an excellent avenue to make money. Some people may find this completion a threat making them shy away from taking online work.
Another major disadvantage of online work is non supervision, which could be detrimental for persons without self discipline. You could be tempted to engage in other activities rather than take time to get you work done because nobody is watching. With proper planning and self discipline, this can be dealt with perfectly.
There are numerous opportunities of online work. Many people find it a challenge to get the opportunity that suits them. This happens because most people focus on returns rather than their areas of expertise. People must learn to know what they are adept at and work online depending with their expertise.
Especially if you are working from home it might be exceedingly difficult to focus on online work especially with the interruptions from family members. This will mean that you have to be a bit more organized to make time for work and for your family.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Online


  1. I have worked online and from home mostly for over 10 years. It does take a lot of self-discipline and self-motiviation and the only drawback I have is that I don't tend to stop working that easily. However it very rewarding if you could the balance right. Thanks for sharing on

  2. Oh, you know, this is very controversial topic to discuss. First of all if I had a chance I would refuse of working online straigt away. So far I can see how killing it is. Instead of doing your job you will find hundred of other things to do, and why? because you have access to everything you want online.

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