Blogger Tricks and Tips | Why Learning HTML/CSS Is Not A Necessary Trick

Blogger Tricks and Tips : Why Learning HTML/CSS Is Not A Necessary Trick. Every day, the words blogger tricks and tips are searched in the Internet millions of times by blog owners. Similarly, the keywords ‘how to use HTML/CSS’ are searched all over the globe by thirsty bloggers would need the knowledge. Bloggers seek the best ways to make money online by enhancing their skills such a learning basic programming skills.

Several bloggers have established their blogs targeting people seeking for this information. As much as I acknowledge that learning some of these tricks is a brilliant idea, I seek to establish if actually they are that necessary. This is because new bloggers tend to waste a lot of time seeking for blogger tricks and tips to improve the performance of their blog online, making them forget the main purpose of creating their blog. So, is it eminently worth to spend hours learning HTML/CSS?

I do not contest the fact that knowledge is power- and having knowledge of this trick is undeniably advantageous for any blogger. However, owing to the fact that there are numerous blogging platforms offering free services on how to use these tips – should you spend your precious time searching for tutorials on the same topic. In addition, there are other micro-blogging platforms such as Twitter which offer syndication to your blog for free.
For instance, if you want to create related posts for your blog, using Link-Within is a free service that does not need your knowledge on blogger tips such as HTML/CSS. Some services just require keenness from the side of the blogger-, and you can update your blog by following given instructions irrespective of the blogging platform you are using. Read how to create a blog and developing a successful blog

Blogger Tricks and Tips: Why Learning HTML/CSS Is Not A Necessary Trick

Many bloggers have failed to use blogger tricks and tips to their benefit because they have deviated from their core purpose as to why they are blogging. Optimization of a blog is a key thing for successful blogging, but cannot be overemphasized such that it shot changes the main of objective of your blog.

I have found out that new guys in the blogging world spent their valuable time listening to tutorials related to application of HTML/CSS – time that should be spent in thinking of new, unique ideas- something that is needed by the online community and the search engines. This happens when you get into business without a clear mandate of what you want to achieve in a specified period.

What am I trying to get at – if you never learned HTML/CSS in your university/college and you have decided to venture into the online business by way of blogging, spare yourself headache of  tutorials to learn it- concentrate on delivering unique and quality content for your online community and the search engines.

Blogger Tricks and Tips: Why Learning HTML/CSS Is Not A Necessary Trick Why am I insisting that you do not learn the blogger tip HTML/CSS? This is because I want you to concentrate on the important things for your online business. There are thousand reasons that back my claim. For example, if you want to install the Disqus comment platform to your blog, what is the need of learning this tedious trick?

Disqus will have the option of installing your comment form directly to your website after filling the necessary details regarding your blog/website. For me, I prefer using the comment form provided free of charge by blogger- hence no need to search this knowledge online. Instead, I spend my time thinking of new ideas to provide to you my royal readers and certainly, the search engines too- need fresh content.
Blogger Tricks and Tips: Why Learning HTML/CSS Is Not A Necessary Trick

You can learn HTML/CSS as a blogger trick and tip aimed at increasing your knowledge about the subject and not for the purposes of creating a beautiful blog – though this can be the result. You can have a decent design, well organized social media buttons or subscription box- but this cannot increase your blog readership if the content is poorly developed or lacks uniqueness.

Bloggers learn this trick to know how to add share buttons to their website/blog. But what they do not search for is where other bloggers get this share buttons. If you create an account with AddThis, you will be able to install your share buttons anywhere you want in your blog by following basic instructions.

In conclusion, I did not discourage learning the blogger trick HTML/CSS, but gave you options as to why it is not that necessary. You can opt to learn the tip but keep in mind that delivering compelling and unique content for readers is the most influential blogger tip. In my next article, I will share which is the best blogging platform to use for your online business. Your Suggestions Needed. Leave them on the comments section.


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