EBook Marketing Strategy: How to Turn Your Blog into an EBook

EBook Marketing Strategy: This post explains How to Turn Your Blog into an EBook. EBooks are digital publications containing statistics, articles, graphs and images that have been published and can be read on computers and other electronic gadgets. 

EBooks provide its users with a useful platform for interactions to enable them find insight that helps in solving their problems. The use of EBooks as a marketing strategy is especially popular for people running online businesses or those doing internet marketing.   

How to turn your blog into an EBook

Turning your blog into an EBook takes simple step. An EBook takes the format of a PDF file. There are a number of applications that can be used to turn blogs into an EBook. These sites include book smith, zinepal, fastpencil and word press. 

For this article I will focus specifically on book smith. Book smith is a free application that converts blogs into EBooks. The first step is to visit the book smith site and click the button ‘start now’ to begin the conversion process.
The second step to turn your blog into an EBook is to enter the address of the blog you intend to convert into PDF version.

You are also required choose the blog posts that you intend to convert into an EBook. Filling a captcha code is also a requirement to prove that the site user is human. Lastly click ‘get the posts’.
The third stop to turn your blog into an EBook is to fetch blog posts where you exclude the post you do not want to include in the EBook. 
The forth step is to customize the book which involves choosing whether or not to include dates when the blogs were posted and the blog images. 

Here, titles, names of the author and subtitles among others can be included. The book smith application also allows users to choose the cover page they would like for their EBook. 
After ensuring that everything is in place, the fifth step to create an EBook is to click ‘create my book’ option. This stage takes time to process depending on the blog’s volume that is being converted into a book. 

Once the conversion process is completed the user can either download the EBook or save the EBook for later downloads. If you intend to download the book later you will be required to log in via Facebook or register to access the service from the site.
EBook is an important marketing strategy as it increases the level of traffic directed towards your website. It is also cost effect in creation, publishing and its distribution. An EBook that is carefully put together positions the publisher highly regarding the specific expertise addressed in the book.

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