About me

Peter is my name,
I’m your guide to getting a good business idea that fits your capabilities and a guide to improving your business.
I started my blog with the overall aim of providing small business tricks, tips and ideas to entrepreneurs who want to improve the performances of their businesses.
A business idea is a very competitive niche and I am up to the challenge. I have a strategy to be the preferred resource related to business tips and ideas. I recognize the niche leaders such as www.entrepreneur.com, www.smallbiztrends.com among others.
Role Models
Mark, the founder of Facebook and Pete of Mashable are my role models in everything related to web. The manner, in which they have excelled in their respective firms, has been a reason for me not to give up in the online business. Their consistence has made them billionaires – who does not want to be one?
Mustafa of www.mybloggertricks.com and Pak of www.smartpassiveincome.com give me inspiration in the world of blogging. According to me, Mustafa is above the cut in terms of providing fresh, unique and quality content for both the online community and the search engines. The design of my blog was developed from his ideas.

My wife Miriam and my daughter Abigail are my motivators. They give the courage, warmth and a reason to struggle and put food on table.  They give me hope, to do my best to achieve a competitive advantage in my niche.
 I get my strength from the Almighty God, who art in Heaven.

You can Reach Me On 
Peter Mutiso
Nairobi, Kenya
Tassia II Estate (petermutiso@mybusinesstricks.com)
P.O Box 204-90131

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