Business Communication Tips: Significance of Social Media

Business communication is an important aspect that should be embraced by all entrepreneurs. Without proper channels of communication, an entrepreneur is likely to fail in achieving the objectives of a given venture. Therefore, it is of immense importance to consider the application of the correct business communication tips in implementing your entrepreneur skills.

In this tutorial, I will analyze the significance of social media as a business communication tips for you business. I will mainly focus on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. We cannot ignore the fact that social media has changed the way in which people socialize, communicate, interact and even the manner in which companies share their updates or advertise their jobs.

Significance of Social Media

1.      LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a social media network aimed at bringing professionals together.   It is a platform for experts from different fields to share their ideas, career objectives and their achievements. This means that it is a good forum to reach your target market and share with them the goals of your company. However, in order to achieve results using this social media site, you must practice honesty, decency, and convincing language to the groups you will be sharing your company goals.
Create a group that is relevant to your company and invite your connections to join your group. Post constructive material on the group and other related groups to increase the chance for people linking back to you. Join the company profiles page and create one for your own, spread the word through your connections.
2.      Facebook
Facebook is another great social media platform you can use to communicate with your clients. If you company does not have a website, I advice you create one and then a blog for the website. Create useful content related to your company products and share the links to Facebook after creating a fan page. Post photos relevant to your business on the Facebook fan page and let your fans tag them.
Use the fan page to create awareness for new products on the market and tell your customers about the latest offers. For instance, if your are running a bakery, a clothing firm or you are into blogging as a career, offer you fans something after inviting their friends to like your page, something like t-shirts ( with you brand name) trips and so on.
3.      Twitter
Twitter is a micro blogging site that you can use to communicate your business ideas to your customers. After creating a website for you company, tweet the links to you twitter fan page and allow your fans to retweet your tweets. With no time, you brand will be talked about by the internet users mainly bloggers who are likely to review product for free, influencing its perception in the market.
I have no doubt that this is good communication platform that you can embrace as a business communication tip in sharing your goals.
4.      YouTube
YouTube is not exactly a social media site, but it is a good platform to share you ideas and tailor them for the understanding by clients.  Create videos reviewing your products or offering tutorials concerning a certain topic embed it on your website, and let your fans from different social networks subscribe to it on YouTube.
 In conclusion, you can use the above social media platforms to communicate to you clients about your ideas, new products, your updates, recent developments in your business and even ask them for suggestions on what needs to be improved. They are very significance in the world of business communication and you can only ignore them at your own peril. Apply these business communication tips having in mind the significance of social media and you will have a competitive advantage over you competitors.  

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