Get A Single Business Idea | Many Do Not Work

Having business ideas is one thing and get them work for you is a different thing altogether. Here at, we seek to enhance theory of having one business idea to achieve your desired goals in the competitive world.

Because it might be difficult to convince you why you should apply my theory on the above assertion, I will use real life illustrations to develop a single business idea theory.

The reason why you do not believe that a single idea would work for you is because; you have lacked the right business tips and tricks for your business. The most successful (whatever this means) entrepreneurs in the world have only concentrated on achieving goals based on a single business idea. Let’s evaluate the valid reasons why the above assertion is true.

   1.    Successful Entrepreneurs in the World Believe in the Theory

Am going to analyze few of the International entrepreneurs, who we think have achieved greater heights in the world of business by being involved in only online of business.

  A)   Mark Zuckerberg

 – He is the Founder and CEO of Facebook – a social media platform. At his young age (28 years), he is one of the most influential people in the world (according to Forbes magazine) irrespective of the fact that he has not worked for the government. Mark is a billion- richer than any celebrity you can think of – because of believing in a single business idea. Facebook was a unique idea that transformed the way people socialize, communicate and even forced telecommunication companies to rethink of their marketing strategies – because most of them had to lower their call rates.

  B)   Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Founders Google.

Google is the most powerful search engine, and every webmaster thinks of getting pages indexed by the company. Recently, the company was ranked the 5th most valuable company in the US, and I predict it will be the most valuable in the US if not in the world – in 5 years from now. The guys have enhanced the single business idea theory by developing different products under the Google banner.

  C)   Bill Gates is the richest man in the world after the Carlos – the Mexican.

 Everyone who has used a computer has high chances that he used products by Bill Gates. The guy has not thought of any other business but the world of Microsoft.

  D)   The Late Steve Jobs.

The co-founder of Apple Inc. was arguably a successful business man in the world of computers and other gadgets. He believed in the single business idea theory and irrespective of the challenges – he persisted.

  E)    Pete Cashmore (For Bloggers) – CEO and Founder of Mashable – a social media news blog.

If you are a blogger, then Pete can inspire you. Mashable is one of the most profitable blogs and the guy believes in the single business theory – and updates himself with the latest trends.

If the above guys believed in this theory and achieved their goals, you too – even if you are just starting – a single business idea should be your choice.

   2.    All Your Energy and Time is for Your Single Business Idea

Another reason why this theory holds water is the fact that having a single business idea, you will put all your energy and time in your venture and the productivity would be extraordinarily high compared to an individual would invest all energies in different business activities. This theory, does not consider the argument that, you should not put all your eggs in one basket nor the assertion that you can only serve one master/business. I develop this theory on the basis of risking taking and considering the result of your actions. Staying focused will help you in keeping with the latest trends, concerning your area of command, and fresh ideas on how to enhance and get better results for the venture will always be your part.

Time management is a fundamental aspect in running a business. Putting all your time on your business will result in higher productivity and even trust from clientele.

   3.    Building Customer Loyalty

Concentrating on one business idea helps in building customer loyalty by understanding their preferences and getting to know their demands. If you are involved in several businesses, customers would not even understand what you can offer for them because they do not know the area of your expertise. Instead of confusing your clients by doing many businesses, it’s advisable to stick only with one business idea, and you would achieve higher heights in the global world of business.

In conclusion, advocates for a single business idea supported with correct business tricks and tips. In spite of the fact that you can still be successful by doing several businesses, the productivity CANNOT be the same if you only concentrated with only one idea. Stay focused, be patient, build customer loyalty, create a unique brand and share your success story.

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  1. Thank you for sharing some tips about Business Ideas. Starting a business can be frightening and requires a lot of careful planning. There are lots of business ideas can be beneficial and economically.

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