Google Adwords Works Better Than Facebook Ads For Advertisers

Google Adwords and Facebook Ads have been preferred by Advertisers who want to reach out to their target market. Delivering the right information to your audience and the channel to use to achieve this goal is usually a nightmare to many advertisers. UPDATE. Internet marketing strategies have evolved over time and advertisers need to evaluate and learn new things every day. For instance, at the time of publishing this article, Pinterest did not exist, but today it exists and drives more traffic to websites that use images than Facebook and Google combined.
With billion searches from Google and billion Facebook users, advertisers are confused of which of the advertising network to consider using for their campaigns. The confusion arises from the fact many of the marketingoffers do not differentiate numbers and quality of the channels to use for their promotional needs. In this post, I seek to help advertisers in choosing the right marketing channel for their products in a given target market. My overall aim is to show that Google Ads would be most preferred by advertisers that Facebook Ads on the basis of quality traffic.

FaceBook As A Social Media, and Why Its Ads Might Not Reach the Target Market
In terms of connecting people around the globe, Facebook outsmarts Google’s product G plus. This fact means that many promoters would prefer to use Facebook as their preferred mode of promotion. The fact that many people around the globe have connected using this social media channel does not necessarily imply they will reciprocate the same way when a marketer creates an ad on the network. For instance, a news website might have more than 250,000 likes, share links to its profile on an hourly basis, and still fail to be among top 5,000 websites in reference to ranking. You can prove this by cross checking the most preferred online newspaper in your country and compare it with some bloggers you – the results would be surprising.
In reference to the above argument, a marketer targeting a country with 1 million Facebook users, and fails to make a limit on the number of likes, there are high chances that the likes derived from the marketing campaign on this social media platform would not even be a tenth (1/10) of the connected users. The reason for this attitude might be the fact that users have become immune to the Facebook Ads or are simply indifferent of the ads on the network. You can now ask yourself why a connected generation would be immune to ads on their network. In addition to the mentioned reasons, I believe the users would be immune because they know they have an alternative as to where to get relevant ads (as a marketer this is a reason for research on what your audience prefer as an ideal marketing channel).
If advertisers is offering business plan writing services or wants people to learn on how to develop business plans, and goes ahead to use Facebook as the advertising media, the results would be disappointing. Whichever method used by the promoter such as sharing links, encouraging people to like page, people linking to a page directly after clinking on the ad – does not arouse any hype from Facebook users. People would not like a page simply because it is liked by a friend, or it has being shared on Facebook Timeline’s, someone would just ignore links. However, it is momentous to know that Mark Zuckerberg  has made billions from digital advertising meaning that we cannot rule out its impact on marketing campaigns.
Facebook users nowadays tend to like more on links/page talking nonsense. For instance, if these 4 pages are shared on Facebook, Business Plans, Sexy Styles, Blogger Tips, and Am an Idiot – the number of likes for the 2nd and last pages would be 10 times the number of likes of the other pages. In the conclusion of this, Facebook would still work for advertisers depending on the kind of product they want to market and how best they have defined their audience target.
Google Adwords/Adsense and why it is The Best to Reach Your Target Market
Everybody around the globe uses one of the many Google products such as Gmail, blogger, as search engine for web, images, books, and advertisers use Adwords, a pay per click program from Google while publishers use Adsense. Why is it that it commands authority in digital advertising – at least according to This is because many publishers prefer Google Adsense as their method of monetizing their websites/blogs. Since, they are influential people in the online communities; many web users seek for useful content from them and can seek for alternative from ads running on the websites/blogs if they have not achieved what they wanted. Why so?
Google Adwords outsmarts Facebook ads because is tailored for a specific content. For example, if user A is browsing website using the keywords Marketing Strategies, there is a high possibility that they will see ads related to what they are searching for, and if the same website has different categories and user B is using keywords Business Ideas, Google Adwords through Adsense tailors the such in a way that user B would see ads related to business ideas even if the 2 users (A and B) were browsing simultaneously.
This means that a promoter who uses Google Adword to market a given product using keywords for a specific target group, reaching the desired goals is highly possible using this marketing channel. This is different from Facebook ads because, irrespective of what you are reading on the network, you can see an ad that does not make sense to you in any way.
That is my take of the two marketing channels.

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