Reasons Why Bloggers Are Succeeding and You Are Failing

There are several reasons why some bloggers are succeeding in their online business and you blogging career is crumpling. Blogging has become a common of expressing opinions, ideas, tips and connecting with friends through the Internet. Blogging has become a source of income for many bloggers who have utilized their opinions and ideas online to make revenue out of their blogs.

This article, addresses bloggers who have failed to make any coin from their blogging experience. Where have you gone wrong? You have searched countless times on how to add income through blogs and applied the methods – but still no revenue. You have tried ‘everything possible’ to compete with others bloggers but you give up – as soon as you embark on your mission.
The main reason why bloggers are succeeding and you failing in the online business is because of your main objective for blogging. The main objective of the bloggers who have succeeded online was not to make money from their blogs – they blogging career was driven by passion – something you lack. If passion is your driving force to the blogging world, you find yourself posting useful and unique content for a thirst online community. If you started your blog out of passion, you will not stress yourself searching for SEO tips, blogger tips, how to increase traffic and so on. You failed because of the wrong motive for blogging. 
Another major reason why you failing as a blogger and others are sharing their success – for instance 6 digit figure income – it is because you are sharing irrelevant content to your blog. Sharing irrelevant content includes copy-pasting ideas from other people – this equals to trash, lack of creativity and innovation for your blog. Even if you are posting/writing about something that has been addressed before, write it in your own way. For instance, the above topic am discussing is not new – but have addresses it in my own way – I did not edit the work from somewhere, I did not search the materials from Internet, am just thinking why you are failing and expressing my thoughts – no one can penalize me, even search engines such as Google. 
Bloggers who have succeeded in their in their blogging career have had the right strategies for their blogs – no overlapping goals. Some of you, want to start a blog today, get 500 links to the blog in 5 days, apply the social media at once, get their pages indexed, learn SEO in one day, appear on 10 Google search pages the next day, be celebs in their country, see a 6 figure salary on their reports, be captured by the mainstream media in a month – if you this kind of a blogger – you are doomed and you have already failed before starting. Step by step and you will be able to cope with your competitors in your niche. 
Be original and get the right strategies for your blogging career.

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