Small Business Tips That Don’t Work for Entrepreneurs 2013

Entrepreneurs seek small business tips that help grow their business performance. Finding the tips is one thing and getting those that work for your business is totally a different thing. Small business entrepreneurs are confused by which tips they should use for their proprietorship in order to have profit maximization.

Many entrepreneurs easily give up because they lack persistence and consistence, started the wrong business, and had a different perception about their business, and probable because they used the business tips that don’t work for their entrepreneurship. In this post, I seek to evaluate tips that can ruin your business, your online reputation and lead to closure of your business – or stop blogging even it was your line of business.

Small business entrepreneurs fail to succeed in their ventures because they never had an idea of what they are getting themselves into – just copied another person’s ideas. Directly copying someone else idea for your business is a negative tip that can ruin your business and your reputation. This means that you will have to wait on the originator of the idea for you to make a move in respect to investment in your business. 

This tip fails to work because, even if you can read from online forums on ways to succeed like someone else did, their original ideas of developing their business is never shared. If you purely rely on this tip of copying from your friends, you are doomed to fail and live a frustrated person. Avoid this small business tip and be creative of your own ideas. However, you can base your idea on another person’s ideas but not copying them – just think in that line.
Another small business tip that doesn’t work is creating a marketing/business plan similar to that of industry leaders in your area of business. For instance, you are starting your blogging career and your business plan is similar to that of Pete Cashmore of Mashable, you are not going anywhere. You cannot turn into an industry leader overnight nor can you start making millions overnight. You need to have real and achievable marketing/business plan to achieve what you want in a given period – maybe one year.
Irresponsible marketing – this is a negative small business tip used by entrepreneurs. I understand that marketing your online business or any other and get results from the exercise if the dream of any entrepreneur. However, could you be doing irresponsible marketing knowingly or unknowingly? What do I mean by irresponsible marketing? 

I mean marketing what you don’t have or what you can not provide. Recently, I stumbled an ad about blogger templates, and on clicking on the link, the guy had nothing to offer in terms of templates, just a badge of stories related to blogger templates. It’s dishonest to tell people you have this or that, or you can provide when you simply can’t – please be responsible.
In conclusion, you must get the right small business tips for your business as an entrepreneur because not all of them work for your venture. Be creative and respect other people ideas for you to be respected. You cannot develop your business on the basis of other people’s ideas – be unique – writing a compelling article if you are a blogger – and after months you will be all smiles to the bank.


  1. If you are thinking of starting a business, remember to get the right tips for its development

  2. Nice tips. I think the people who are going to start a small scale business can get a huge benefit from these tips as the marketing is the basic step that is involved in any business of any size. I agree to a point that the similar and repetitive marketing strategies are less effective. If you are to make your business distinguished from others and highly noticeable then a unique and indifferent marketing strategy is to be applied.