Top 10 Small Business Ideas Topics to Implement As a Blogger

These top 10 small blog business ideas topics am sharing are appropriate to implement as pro-blogger or as a newbie. I mean blogging topics that are suitable for your blogging career. 
Every single day bloggers seek new, small business ideas to boost their online income. If you are thinking of starting a blog, the ideas am going to share can be of immense help for you to brainstorm. I will analyze each topic in depth and how best you can achieve a competitive advantage over the mainstream websites. 
Top 10 Small Business Ideas to Implement As a Blogger.
1. Politics and General News
You can start a blog focusing on politics around the globe as the two sites above. Do not just focus on your country, try and analyze as many countries as possible in you blog. In the same blog, post general news around the globe such as celebrity news, gossips, dating, love stories among other topics. 

Remember that the goal of this blog is politics and should be the main thing to focus when developing content. After writing informative articles on the political scene, or even controversial, you readers would like to see what else you have on your site. It is necessary to note that several news sites focusing mainly on politics rank high on Alexa ranking – the most prestigious ranking. 

This is a opportune blogging small business idea that you can think of stating as a blogger and achieve extraordinary results. You can start sites such as,, or any you can think is good for you.
   2.      Blogger Tips, Blogger Tricks, Blogger Templates, Blogger Plug-ins.
This is a powerful blogging small business idea you can think of starting, look at the Alexa ranking of the above two sites. This is because, or bloggers seek new tips and tricks to improve on the design of their blogs. They visit such blogs for new trends in the blogging world. 

Bloggers keep on seeking for the new blogger templates available on offer and the latest blogger plug-ins. Analyze on your blog about the twitter tricks, Facebook tips, LinkedIn ideas and all other social media sites and your traffic would increase tremendously hence increasing your online come and certainly improved living standards.

 You will not only address blogger, but a thirst online community seeking for information about their social networks. Is this a suitable small business idea to implement as a blogger? You can start sites such as,,,, among others
 3.        Web Design and Technology
Web design is another excellent blogging small business idea you can dream of starting, did you see the numbers of the above guys? People around the world including you love the design and love technology.   

How many times have you searched for new trends in web designs – or looked in Google for new technologies? Making substantial revenue online is about the numbers as is the case for politics and offering quality content as is the case for offering superior policies. 

Think of taking a share of what these guys take and with time you might be the talk of town (in the online platforms). Just take your time and evaluate what these guys have done to achieve what they have – and hype your game on the same strategies – give yourself duration of 6 months to start seeing the results. 

If you think this is an expansive topic for a small business idea to implement as a blogger, then you can start sites such as,, and so on. 
4.         Photography, Images
This is the most attractive small business idea to start and implement as a blogger.

It is believed that we human beings love graphics better than anything else. Start a blog on photography, and widen its coverage and wait for results for this idea.  Create photos for people or even cartoons and sell them to the online community. 

Writing informative articles on the photos, generate curiosity from the community, drive traffic, and increase income from your business. If you photos are unique, you can get a lot of back-links by bloggers getting your images and linking back to the source of image. 

Just think of what you can do with images and how best you can be unique. If you think this is a delightful small business idea to implement as a blogger, start sites such as, or any other crazy name for this idea. 
5.         Business Ideas, Business tips, Business 2 Business,
This is one of the most competitive small business ideas you can think of implementing as a blogger. The competitiveness comes from the Wiki sites or lets say established sites. You need a lot of patience you make a significant impact on the niche. 

However, with consistence you can appear on top 10 Google search results. Am referring to Google because, it is by far and in years to come will be the largest search engine. Remember the organic traffic to a site is the most important.
Think of what the above sites are making with exception my site – two months since its launch think of taking a share of their market. Research on what they are doing and improve on it, provide unique content – for instance, this article is unique, never been published anywhere, and I did not edit it from anywhere; I wrote it from scratch – just having my thoughts implemented in a form of writing – is this cool? 
People search for new business ideas, business tips for their companies, for relevance in their work place and to increase their online revenue. Take this chance and venture in this topic. You can start sites such as,, and so on.
6.         Products Reviews
This is another topic you can implement as a blogger as a small business idea. There are several ways you can review products, do it on your own free will – I recommend this approach or ask companies to review their products. 

Reviewing products on your own free will means you are not limited to any specific products or tied to  certain companies. You can review things such as the best websites in a given topic, analyze products such as mobile phones, best employers, worst employers, love gadgets, and any other product that exist on planet earth. 

If you exhibit authority in this area, you will receive numerous emails from people wanting you to review their products, companies – and of course at a fee. If you think this is a lovely small business idea to implement as a blogger, you can start sites such as, and so on.
 7.        SEO (search engine optimization) Tips, SEO Ideas, SEO Advantages
Do I mean SEO, yes. This is the best small business idea you can implement as a blogger. Do you know what the above sites earn every single month from sharing topics on seo tips, seo ideas? 

You can think of taking advantage of this topic and add substantial income to what you already earn. Bloggers, students and the public in general look for seo tips to improve search engine raking for their blogs/websites.

 Think of how unique your content can be because copy pasting even if you give people credits do not work for you in the eyes of the search engines such as Google. Think of your own seo ideas and tips or get them from the established guys and write a unique content from those ideas. 

If you think this is an exceptionally small business idea, start sites such as,, and so on. 
8.         Search Engines
Because every idea implemented is searched on the net using the search engines, why do you start a topic on the search engines. The above two sites address this topic and have not tackled everything because they are new developments every single day. Think of, how the updates can be tackled, and how a blogger shoould keep site relevant to the search engine updates. This is a pleasant small business idea you can implement as a blogger. Start sites such as, and so on. 
9.         Healthy, Medicine, Nursing
This is the most VALUABLE topic you can think of implementing as a blogger. The pay per click on this topic is higher than any other topic share in the internet.

 This is a delightful small business idea that can drive millions to you bank account. Get a topic in this area and write unique content about it- promote your content on social media, forums and through commenting.

 Having a business idea for your healthy is exceedingly noble because you share real life examples. Think of this as a stunning small business idea? Start sites like,, and so on. 
10.       Love Stories, Love Tips, Sex Tips, Marriage Tips
Love is a word that is widely searched in the internet. Share love stories, love tips, sex tips and marriage tips. Tell people on how they can improve the sexual life without using drugs or even watching pornography material. 

This is a peerless small business idea that will drive traffic to your website in a very short time. Remember people around the globe love to read about funny topics such as how to satisfy your woman without stress.
Make thorough research on any topic and about coming up with a business idea before starting your blog, or venturing into a different topic. Each topic requires different amounts of efforts to achieve results.


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