Apple Business Strategies, Marketing 2013

Apple Business Strategies, Marketing 2013: A business strategy is a long term plan of action which is designed towards the achievement of set objectives and goals. A business strategy is used as a game plan in the strengthening of the organizations performance.

A business strategy also indicates how that particular organization should be conducted to achieve the set goals. Apple business strategies are mainly based on innovation which is the secret behind the quality of Apples products. Apple has had the following business strategies:

Controlling the uncontrollable Business Strategy

Apple has been controlling majority of its products aspects including product development, sales, distribution, marketing, servicing and usage than its competitors. The company has its own ecosystem, stores, locked down software platform, product service which is integrated and no open standards. 
The company does not allow media to access its company premises and highly guards anything thy want shared about their product. What other company’s considers to be uncontrollable are highly controlled and micromanaged by Apple. With this business strategy, Apple is able to reduce any potential threat for a negative customer experience since they have entire control of the products journey 

Forgetting lower ends Apple Business Strategy

Apple Inc has never acknowledged the being of global recession. The company ensures that its products are unapologetic and consistently in the high end and they are highly admired for its discipline of making sure that all products it makes do not compromise on quality. A company like Nike makes quite good products which every one lusts for but makes a lot of crap. However, Apple has decided to forget on the making of crap and concentrate on the making of good stuff hence charging a premium price for its quality products, a key Apple Business Strategies, Marketing 2013 .

Product differentiation Business Strategy

Apple’s innovation is one the company is proud of. This attitude of innovation has permeated the company during its peaks of success. The products of Apple are highly differentiated to distinguish them from those of its competitors. Apple’s products are built on a very brilliant business model.  Brilliant ides are behind the manufacture of iTunes, iPads, iMacs and all other products.
The product differentiation by Apple has enabled it to acquire a competitive advantage over its competitors. That is the company has reared a product differentiation strategy which is hard to be imitated. To ensure a full differentiation strategy, Apple has continued its management of innovative products and has continued to maintain the five leadership roles which will facilitate the innovative process.  

Using partnership Business Strategy

Apple is highly known for controlling and dictating their communications and their partners are not allowed to publicly declare that they have partnered with the company. However, in most situations, the company has been thinking of how to complete an element of sales or products and internal distribution instead of partnering with any other company. Partnering is considered to be a last resort strategy by Apple and that is if only all other options fail. 

Apple TVand iCash Mountain Business Strategy

Apple TV is the next factor in its platform and is considered a business strategy for 2012. The idea behind this business strategy is the investment in new directions where the company plans to introduce a new product of the Apple TV and iCash Mountain in the market. These new products are expected to serve as threats to the competitors 

Apple Business Strategies, Marketing 2013  used to create an edge in a competitive market.

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