Top 10 Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Kenya For 2013/4/5

Kenya, Nairobi, Top 10 small business ideas and opportunities to invest 2013 - 2015, Real Estate, Marketing, Transport, Start School, Best Venture, Cars. This is a list of top 10 small business ideas and opportunities in Kenya for 2013, 2014, and 2015 you should invest. Kenya is a business hub country located in East Africa.Am analyzing the best business ideas to start and establish yourself in the market.
Kenya is a good place for entrepreneurs to think of investing in 2013 and staring their ventures for profit maximization.

There are several reasons why you should choose Kenya as your next investment destination. However, before making decisions to invest in Kenya, it is important to explore the top small business ideas/opportunities in the developing country.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas and Opportunities in Kenya For 2013
What I have included in this list, the approximated cost of starting the said business, examples and types of the business in that area, legal requirements, remember business registration is also an important aspect, and remember to share your views on the comments sections.
This is an UPDATED list of small business ideas for Kenyans and some they can start with minimal capital

1. Real Estate Business

Many Kenyans are opting to live in the urban areas and the rental houses are on high demand. Getting a plot to develop your plot in Kenya is easy though you should make proper consultations to avoid conman ship. Real estate is a good business idea and opportunity that you should think of investing in Kenya and any other developing country such as Nigeria.

I have written a detail article on what the real estate entails and where to find, buy and rent properties.  The property market is a profitable venture with high returns depending on the options you choose. To invest in the real estate sector, you need to secure a land without title deed wrangles, choose a trusted developer, and depending on location, wisely choose to develop a residential estate or offices.

The increasing population gives you a peace of mind that you will never run out of business. You can also decide to offer mortgages and partner with development banks to make it possible for the low incomers earns to own a house.

2. Starting a Childcare Center Business

Starting a childcare center is a good business idea in Kenya that can be started with a minimal capital of $100 -$10,000. It is currently the most lucrative business in the country. Many parents are opting to leave their children in the day-care/childcare centers compared to leaving them with house helps. This is because of the increasing insecurity from the house helps who tend to sell babies or give them a bad diet.

You need to get a clean room and a spacious one for babies and also invest in their playing activities tools to keep them busy. The security of the day care center should be guaranteed and this will give enough reasons for the parents to leave their babies with you. Ensure the sanitation is good and there is clean water.

3. Starting a School or a University and Colleges

Starting a university in Kenya is a hot business idea. The main public universities in the country cannot accommodate the large number of students graduating from high schools, hence the increasing number of private universities. However, starting a school/university is not an idea for every other entrepreneur – you need high amounts of capital.

You can also start a college and make it one of the best colleges in Kenya by connecting your students to the employers and having them get the best industrial attachment before their clear their classes. Look at the statistics of students who cleared their KCSE in 2013, over 400,000 students and only 20% will be admitted in the public universities. Where do the over 300,000 go to? This is the reason why there is a mushrooming of private colleges and private universities in Kenya such as Nairobi Business Institute, Mt. Kenya University, Catholic University of East Africa, Strathmore University – The Best Business School, Nairobi Aviation College, KIM, KCA, among other institutions of higher learning have been started on the grounds that the Kenyan government cannot accommodate all form four leavers.

To start a college or university, you need to get certificate of registration from the ministry of education, run good campaigns for your business, enough space, a good library among other things needed by a college.

4. Network Marketing

You can invest your time and money in the network marketing sector in Kenya.  There are several networking firms in the country such as GNLD, Tianshi, and Forever Living among others. You can make good cash through network marketing. Network marketing is now working excellently in the blogosphere and with the increasing online communities in Kenya, someone should think of Network marketing as big business investment in Kenya. However, this is a tricky business and can amount to being a scam if you are not careful with how you transact your business. As of today, there are several networking opportunities coming up in the online world. People should not be limited but explore the most viable options from the Internet circles.

5. Transport Industry in Kenya

You can decide to invest in the transport industry in Kenya which is a best deal for medium entrepreneurs. It is even better to invest in the long distance route such as from the Capital City Nairobi to Mombasa, Kisumu, and Business. Now let’s have a closer look at the tuktuk business and taxi services.

The current cost of a tuktuk is 400,000/= for a new one and the returns are 1,200= per day if you have employed someone and if you are working for yourself its 2,000/= per day. These are statistics I have from Machakos town, Mombasa town, Kitui town and Nairobi town. This means that in one full year of good business, you will be able to have your capital back and you can -re-invest in the business.

For the taxi services, some taxi drivers have returns of over 4,000/= per day and this is a good business – in almost all major towns in Kenya and the business now is being promoted by the devolved government units. The devolution has seen money be devolved at the rural areas making people in the villages rich and be in a position to afford taxis for their transportation. The cost of a good salon car ranges from 450,000/= to 950,000/=. This price is for cars such as Toyota fielder, probox, corolla nze, premio, among other variety of cars in Kenya.

Top 10 Small Business Ideas Investment Opportunities in Kenya For 2013

6. Starting a Writing Agency and Target Kenyans

Kenyans are some of the best freelancers around the world and most are utilizing the freelancing sites like,, and among other for offering their services. Kenyans do not disappoint in providing freelance services. Many companies from United Kingdom, United States and Canada are using the services of Kenyans. This is a multimillionaire business idea that can be started with a capital of $500.

To start a writing agency or a site like the, you need to have a website – look at this article on starting an online business and find out what exactly you need for you online agency business. To get the best results, you will also need to understand the best internet marketing practices you can use to promote your business among online communities.

For the agency, you can have a service to provide custom essays, term papers and dissertation to students or one for products like web design, search engine optimization services, article writing and selling of themes and website templates.

7. Starting a Supermarket in Kenya

Supermarkets in Kenya are posting a turnover of about $17,000,000 per year. Getting the capital and the location can be a challenge though someone can start from a Kiosk to a Supermarket. The kadogo economy in the county is one of the best avenues to make money and to an extend, supermarkets can play this role because they operate under the retail regulations.

The best thing with starting a university is the fact that you will be get goods to sell from the manufacturers without paying and pay them after making sales. This kind of approach of supermarkets makes it one of the best businesses to start in Kenya, and also the fact that the profit margin is very high compared to other businesses you can start using the same capital.

Examples of supermarkets making it big include  Nakumatt Stores, Tuskys, Naivas, Uchumi, Ukwala, among other chain stores on local regions in the country.

8. Entertainment Joints in Kenya

Many people around the world like to party. Starting an entertainment joint in Kenya is a good business idea that can make you a millionaire in 6 months. What exactly do you need to get in order to start an entertainment joint such as a club, casino? You need to get a registration from the liquor authorizing board, permit from the county government, adhere to the alcohol rules commonly referred to as Mututho laws.

The wines and spirits business in Kenya it’s very lucrative given the fact that most guys are lazy and want to get excuse as to why they are not working or blame their poverty on alcohol. But since this is not your problem, you utilize this foolishness to mint money from people who to use alcohol as their cause of failure in life.

Adding a hotel to the business would make it more profitable as some people like to get drunk when they have had their nyama choma or any other food. Adding a guest house also adds more profits to the business.

9. Investing in the E-commerce in Kenya

Now, this is the next big thing in the country and you don’t want to be left behind. However, you need to understand what the eCommerce entails and what to do to get the best of your investment. There are several forms of doing online businesses, read that article to understand more of online world in Kenya. You can opt to provide services, content, a selling platform, an online shop or event a directory.

An example of websites for each of the mentioned include for content, for online payment solutions, for directory, for online shop, for selling platform, cheki.coke and buyrentkenya for paid promotions.

Each of the sections has its own content and evaluating how they work is the best thing you can do before thinking of investing in any.

Some of the companies in the e-commerce are competing for ad spec in the mainstream media in the country. This indicates that there is a good deal investing in the business. For instance, Olx, BidorBuy, and Pigiame are competing for supremacy in the country for the e-commerce business

The cost of running an eCommerce business depends on your target audience and can range from 30,000/= to 5,000,000/= and the results are always amazing. (You can contact me for consultation).

10. Starting a Salon or Barber Shop

I have recently noticed that Barber shops next to my residence are improving every single day. They are including massage and other beauty related products. This is a good small business idea because every one of us likes to be smart. You need to hire professionals to do the services for you because fake guys can chase your customers away. This is one of the many small business ideas that I think can make a big difference in the country gross domestic product.

The cost of starting a good barber shop targeting the middle class can range from 100,000/= to 1,000,000/= and this also depends on the room size, what you want to include for your business.

These are some of the top business ideas and opportunities you can invest in Kenya. There are many other ideas out there you can think of starting with a little capital. I will share more ideas and the specifics of each idea
top 10 small business ideas and opportunities in Kenya for 2013
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  6. i like the idea of a daycare center or school. but i think the initial capital would be more than 10k. thanks for the ideas. keep up the good work

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