Top 5 Social Networking Websites for Business People

This is a list Top 5 Social Networking Websites for Business People that should be embraced for a successful venture. Social networking websites have brought revolution of how business people market their products in a competitive environment because of their increasing popularity. Almost every elite person in the society is using the common social sites for connecting with friends or even reading what is happening around the world.
Entrepreneurs are not left behind; they are using the most popular networking websites to ensure their presence is felt in the industry they have invested. The social media has changed marketing strategies used by different companies to advertise their services.
I will share the top social networking sites used by business people to promote their investments.

  1.       Facebook

 Alexa Rank: 1
 Facebook is the most popular social network, the most profitable, the most common in the society, user friendly, and according to me, it is the best social website for business people. Business people can create a page for their companies, products/services even if they do not have websites. It has the highest number of registered users and the ad campaigns are easy to manage.

  2.       Pinterest

 Alexa Rank: 100
 Pinterest is not as old as Facebook, but its impact in the business world cannot be overlooked. Business people can share their plans on the social network and hope it goes viral. You need to study how people are using this social networking site in order to get it correctly. 
Top 5 Social Networking Websites for Business People

  3.       Twitter

 Alexa Rank: 7
 Twitter is a social networking site that acts more of a micro blogging platform. Business people can benefit from twitter if they create their own websites and connect it to the site.  Many bloggers use it to drive traffic to their blogs and then convert that traffic to money.

  4.       Google+

 This is good simply because it is a Google product. If you use it well, you are likely to benefit from Google updates and search engine results. Nothing more

  5.       LinkedIn

 Alexa Rank: 11
 LinkedIn is a social networking site targeting professionals in the society – whatever this means. You can develop your profile and then connect it to the profile of your company for better results. Business people need to take the opportunity and make as many connections as possible in the social site 
NB: There are many other social networking websites, but here at, we believe that the above top 5 social networks can make a tremendous difference in your market. You need to know how to use them to your advantage.

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