Facebook Changes Marketing Strategies By Letting Strangers Including Entrepreneurs Message for $1

Entrepreneurs can reach their targets that use Facebook for only $1. Facebook is the most popular social networking site on earth, and it has no match. Because of this reason, many companies, entrepreneurs use the social platform to market their products and services.
UPDATE: This article as of today is not valid. Facebook has undergone several changes including dropping this strategy.
Facebook marketing strategies include creating pages for a company or a product, inviting people to like it as fans hence creating popularity of your product. Another promotional strategy by Facebook is enabling its users to share the links they like to their timelines; this aspect can make a post go viral, especially if the company uses article marketing strategies.

Facebook Changes Marketing Strategies By Letting Strangers Including Entrepreneurs Message for $1
By Letting Strangers Including Entrepreneurs Message for $1, Facebook will change the marketing tactics used by some rogue entrepreneurs. In the coming weeks, expect more of nonsense messages filling your inbox for people soliciting to buy a product/service share a link, visit a site and so on.

Facebook management team might have good intentions in testing/developing the new service, by am skeptical that some people would misuse the opportunity and fill other Facebook users with spam messages.

Entrepreneurs can create different page timeline cover and ask through the $1 service for compliments. This is a good and a bad marketing strategy depending on how you view the deal from Mark and team.

Business people, who use the service without putting into consideration the ethics of marketing, are likely to get a negative feedback from the targeted community. This can result into the business being branded as a scam or untrustworthy.

However, the service from Facebook will not necessarily be used by entrepreneurs only. Criminals can get the opportunity to tarnish other people’s names using the product. You will be able to reach anyone of your choice provided you spend $1 to send a message to them.

Freelancers will be the winners in case the Facebook achieves its goal of realizing the service to the market. They will be able to conduct their clients and maybe eliminate the middle man, who takes a big chuck of their hard earned income.

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