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Facebook, the most popular social network site, has changed its news feeds fond. Facebook has changed the font to ‘Tahoma’ with a family font of Lucida grade. The social media giant is trying everything possible to give its over 1 billion users a reason to stick to the site. However, am not sure whether this kind of change adds any value to the customer sustainability in the networking platforms.

Facebook has changed its look several times this year, starting with the personal timelines, page timelines and the cover photos. This was done with the aim of ensuring the site remains relevant in a competitive industry.
facebook changes its font application

Facebook fan page has undergone several changes over the last few months and now users have the opportunity to promote stories on their page at a cost between $5 -$10. This is an added advantage to entrepreneurs who want to reach more people through the social network.

Facebook is also contemplating on introducing an option whereby you will able to sent messages to people you do not know for $1, creating a different marketing strategy for entrepreneurial bloggers. Depending on how people use this service, it is likely to bring a revolution in the marketing world not forgetting folks who like to spam.

The only change Facebook should ensure is competitive and is user friendly is the video calling application. People need to chat, sent messages, read news and have an easy time video calling their friends. They have been outsmarted by Skype on this issue.

Bloggers also need to change the look of their websites occasionally and keep their readers glued to their platforms. For instance, Pete Cashmore of Mashable has changed his site several times trying to see which of the designs works best for his business. Facebook has set the stage on importance of change your design and you should not be left behind.

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