Top 10 Airports In The World 2012 – Images

Top 10 Airports In The World 2012 – Images : Getting to the list of top 10 airports in the world is not an easy thing in the aviation industry. In business, and this I hold, investing in the aviation sector is one of the best businesses should think of starting in 2013 and many years to come. 

After getting the right business ideas for you investment, you need to travel around the world looking for partners and capital for your business. This is the reason why we are highlighting the top 10 airports in the world in the year 2012 and that might remain to be on the top come 2013. 

List of Top 10 Airports in the World 2012 – Photos

The most interesting thing is that this list does not have any American airport despite the fact of its economic muscle. The top three airports have their roots in Asia 
Source: Skytrax  

1.      Incheon International Airport 

According to Skytrax, Incheon International Airport is the best of the best airport in the world. Major airlines in the world have launched direct flights from the airports to other destinations around the globe. 
Incheon International Airport is located in South Korea and is regarded as the busiest airports around the globe. The airport is the largest in the Asian country and there are no signs of the airport being rated below number one in the world. 
Incheon International Airport
Arial view

2.      Singapore Changi Airport 

Singapore Changi Airport is the world’s second best airport as reviewed by travelers. It is the Singapore’s best airport and one of the Asia’s finest. There are connections around the world whose destination is the Changi Airport

3.      Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is the world’s third best airport and definitely the Asia’s third finest. It is located in Hong Kong, and is one of the main aviation hub in the country 

4.      Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is the Europe’s best and the world’s 4th best airport. It is located in Netherlands and it is the country’s main international airport. 

5.      Beijing Capital International Airport 

Beijing Capital International Airport is another Asia airport sealing the 5th position of the world’s best. It is located in China.

6.       Munich Airport  

Munich Airport is located in German and is the Europe’s second best in the aviation industry. 

7.      Zurich Airport

Zurich Airport is located in Switzerland and is a busy hub in the country 

8.      Kuala Lumpur International Airport 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport is located in Malaysia and is one of the best Airports in Asia 

9.      Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport is located in Canada and is the best airport in America. 

10.  Central Japan International Airport

Central Japan International Airport closes the list of the best 10 airports in the world. It is located in Japan and it is the country’s busiest airports.

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