What Is Business Management

Business management is the method of the planning, co-ordination and management of a commercial enterprise. A venture must remain fruitful and liquid to withstand the challenges faced in the long run operations of the business.
For this to be achieved, enterprises should aim at generating adequate utility for its clients in order to ensure that the total costs of operations are covered by the revenues. The overall mission of business management is to communicate successfully the problems that plague an organization in its role as a value-creating organization.

Additionally, business managers must possess problem-solving capabilities and skills, and extensive knowledge and expertise in areas that contribute to achieving success in business. The areas that help in realizing the goals of a business include; management information systems, production, accounting, marketing, human resources, finance, and product research and development.
 These activities must be co-coordinated by the top management to ensure profit maximization of the business and including all the parties such as employees, customers, suppliers and the surrounding community. 
Business Management Categories
Production managers ensure the availability of raw materials for the business, a smooth production process and delivery of the final goods to the consumers.
Marketing managers carry out a market analysis to evaluate the competitive advantage of the business in terms of prices and the value to customers. They ensure that there is awareness of the business products through proper channels of advertising.
Finance managers ensure that the business has the necessary funds to accomplish its functions.
One of the most salient aspects of business management is to ensure that all workers possess the acquaintance, skills, attitudes and inspiration to use their full potential to achieve the organization's calculated goals. Top administration influences the business management system, the business traditions of interpersonal dealings and principles within the firm.
Top management, occasionally with the help of the firm's guidance and society relations departments, is also accountable for the management of the organization's dealings with the various levels of administration and the universal community.
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