10 Investment | Business Opportunities In Machakos County

Machakos County is now a darling county for investors in Kenya after its Governor Alfred Mutua offered 'free land' for investors who will create jobs for people in the county. Whether the issue of giving free land to investors is a good deal or a raw deal, it is not of interest for this blogger at the moment. Machakos County is home to 1.3 Million People and Machakos Town (The capital of the county) is home to 200,000 people.

Financial Marketing | Google and Microsoft Business Model

1.Core business
Core business of any organization is simply the essential or the main activity carried out by the organization. Microsoft Corporation develops licenses and supports a wide range of software services and products through hardware design and selling. The company also delivers online advertising to its customer audience across the globe. 

Benefits of Tourism

Tourism is deemed to be largest industry in around the globe. The benefits of tourism range from social benefits, environmental benefits to economic benefits. Tourism offers the greatest global employment prospects in the world. That is tourism creates both business and local job opportunities which includes the jobs related to the tourism industry like the tour services and hotels and those which are indirectly in support of the industry like food production.

Internet Should Be Free

The Internet can be utilized to enable nation undergo numerous transformations. The internet ensures the spread of information across the globe. Nations can utilize the internet to achieve the development. 

How Do OLX.co.ke Make Money

OLX makes money through Google Adsense pay per click network. Olx has good traffic (the number of people visiting the website) and it is through the huge traffic that the company is able to make money from Google. I have been asked this question countless times and I thought it could be better if I provide that answer here on our website.
OLX.co.ke is the leading free classifieds website in Kenya and most guys don't know how this company makes money online because they post ads for free and make deals for free on the website that spends millions to advertise on TV.

UVOCORP Discriminates Kenyan Writers in their Application Process

UVOCORP, a onetime leading online company in providing freelance writing jobs has put in place policies that do not favor Kenyan writers in anyway. In 2010, 2011 and partly 2012, UVOCORP was a darling online writing company for Kenyans because of their good payment rates, timely payment, good support team and availability of many orders.

PesaPal | Ticketsasa - Make Online Payments in Kenya

PesaPal is a mobile payment solution that seeks to offer Kenyans the e-commerce experience.  The Kenyan society predominantly transacts using cash or cheques. PesaPal is however seeking to change this trend by transforming Kenya to a society that makes virtual transactions. The founder of PesaPal Loko Agosto identified that the larger percent of Kenyans do not own credit cards or debit cards and therefore cannot shop online. 


YuCash is a revolutionary money transfer service provider that is seeking to transform the lives of Kenyans by offering high quality services. Mobile money transfer services offered in Kenya have to a great extent transformed social economic development in Kenya and the financial sector at large.

Airtel Money

Airtel Money is a mobile money transfer service offered by one of the leading mobile network providers Airtel. The customer base of Airtel is steadily growing owing to the innovative products the company offers.

MyBusinessTricks.com Is The Leading Business Site in Kenya

Over the last one year, I started a venture that would see me become the best business information provider in Kenya. As the saying goes, figures don't lie. Below are the statistics of this website for the last one year

10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree

This is a List of 10 Best Paying Jobs in Kenya without a College Degree.  While in school, most of us aspired to get a degree and a well-paying job that would sustain them and their families. However, some of us are not that lucky because we cannot afford a university degree may be because of insufficient funds, family issues or just unwillingness to pursue higher education.

Creative Business Ideas in Kenya

A creative business idea is starting a venture that is totally creative even if its not entirely new to your target group - for instance - starting a barber shop targetting children only and ensuring it has what would keep the children busy as you milk money from their parents.

New Business Ideas in Kenya | Online Investments

We need to explore the latest new business ideas in Kenya that guys can invest their money and time and make 'abnormal' profits within a short period of time. The ideas am thinking of exploring would cater for all investors - from small business owners to large scale investors.

Essaywriters.net | Academic Writing Jobs

Essaywriters.net | Academic Writing Jobs - is hiring professional academic writers to work as freelancers in their company. Among the many essay writing companies offering jobs mainly to ESL (English as Second Language), essaywriters.net has no comparison in terms of available orders a freelancer can access (this fact could changed).

The Importance Of Having Numerous Saving Accounts

Different banks offer unique banking products. This diversity makes it necessary to have different accounts with different banks. It is essential to research on the banks that best represent your interest before opening an account. There are a number of reasons why you hold accounts with various banks.


Many university students complain that their allowances cannot sufficiently cater for their needs. Quit complaining and do something to change your state of affairs. Here are a few ideas that you could use.

Business Start-Up Financing

Start-up capital is the greatest challenge for many entrepreneurs. Many people do not have an idea of what their financing options are. It is important to know that there are many institutions that are willing to help you actualize your dreams.

Personal Budgeting Tips

The reason you are always broke is the fact that you do not have a budget. Having a budget will help you make informed financial decisions and help you trail where you spend your money. Sticking to the budget can be an uphill task, buts you must adhere to it to realize your goals. Below are budgeting tips that will help you obtain control over your finances.

The Importance Of Market Research

Before you venture into business, it is important to understand its viability. Whether you are a company or a small business, market research is crucial. Market research is the analysis of the feasibility of new businesses, products and services. When undertaking market research, you analyze information regarding competitors, market situation and consumers. The research helps you gain more knowledge regarding the business you intend to establish.

The 3 Most Effective Ways to Take Control of Personal Debt

A great number of people, at least half of the population of Great Britain to be exact, are fearful of ending up in insurmountable debt. Wages are low, many workers have had their hours cut and prices keep soaring to new levels. In recent years, most of the population have barely been able to keep up with the cost of living let alone trying to pay monthly repayments on loans and cash advances.

What is Payoneer | Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Payoneer was born in the year 2005 and has continued to offer its clients quality online payment solutions. The company has grown to be leading global payment company. Payoneer is ranked one of the fastest growing companies in 2012 by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500.

What is Skrill (Moneybookers)

Skrill offers digital money transfer services across the world since its inception in 2001. During its inception, the company was known as Moneybookers. The company offers online solutions by helping their clients make payments and receive money.

What is PayPal

PayPal was born as a merger between X.com and Confinity in the year 2000. The two companies offered payment services through email. To date PayPal has 232 million accounts in all the countries it operates. PayPal is an e-commerce payment option that is widely used across the world.  PayPal allows clients to transfer money and make payments online. Online money transfer options have revolutionized money transactions across the world.

Money Gram International

MoneyGram’s history dates back to 1940. The company was initially branded Travelers Express located in Minneapolis, Min. Travelers Express expanded and rebranded to MoneyGram International and has since grown to be a leading global money transfer service provider. The company offers an array of services and products to millions of people across the world.

Western Union

Western Union has transformed millions of lives for over 160 years. At is foundation in 1851 Western Union was known as New York and Mississippi Valley Printing Telegram Company. The company has promoted economic growth by bridging the gaps in the financial sector. The bank has made numerous strides through innovation to emerge as a leading money transfer service provider.


MasterCard is one of the world’s leading payment companies. Founded in 1966 as Interbank Card Association, MasterCard has transformed commerce through its innovative products and payment solutions. The company was renamed Masters Charge in 1969 and the MasterCard in 1979. MasterCard’s clients have continued to reap huge benefits from the company.


Visa has since its inception pioneered the development and growth of industries across the world. This has been achieved through the creation of innovative payment platforms that have become the heart of commerce. Other than facilitating online payment, Visa allows for secure and swift transfer of information among businesses, governments, individuals and financial institutions.

What You Should Know About Competitors

If you are determined to beat your competitors, you must understand them. Understanding competitors will help you strategize on how to beat them. I will highlight the things you need to know about competitors to beat them in their game.

Porter Five Model: Assessing Market Attractiveness

How do you decide on what industry to venture in? What factors do you look at when starting business operation? The first think an investor or entrepreneur must do is to assess the attractiveness of the market. Markets factors render the market either attractive or unattractive. The porters five model is the framework that is used to assess the attractiveness of markets.

Use of Technology by Kenyan Businesses

Kenyan businesses can employ technology in various departments. Whether a business is small or large, it uses technology in one way or the other. To enhance competitiveness, many businesses have adopted the use of technology in the execution of operations. I will highlight a few fundamental roles played by technology in business.

Reasons To Get Life Insurance

If you though that life insurance is a luxury you cannot afford, think again. Having a life insurance cover is very important. Life insurance ensures that your beneficiaries are left in a financial stable manner once you are gone.  I will offer you reasons why you must purchase a life insurance cover.

Qualities Of Effective Managers

Managers play crucial roles in ensuring that organizational activities are run smoothly. Managers ensure that efforts from employees are harmonized to achieve organizational goals. This is done through the coordination of efforts and effective leadership.

Tips To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Many of us make financial goals but sticking to the goals is a huge challenge. We all have different financial goals depending with our needs and capabilities. The reason as why most of us do not accomplish our financial goals is the fact that we deficient of financial discipline.

Orient Commercial Bank Kenya

Orient bank began its operation in 2002 and slowly but steadily established itself as an institution to reckon with. The bank awards of Kenya recognized the banks as one of the best recovery banks in the country.

Dyer & Blair Investment Bank

Dyer & Blair offers the most effective investment banking solution since its establishment in 1954. They are one stop shop for all your investment needs. Being one of the founding members of the NSE the bank has over 50 years experience in investment banking. The bank’s main target market is the top tier in the society.

Investment and Mortgages Bank limited (I&M Bank)

I&M was established in 1974 and started operations as a community financial institution. The bank was later transformed into a commercial bank. The bank has become a dominant market player through the introduction of innovative services and products. The bank has 20 branches and ATM that ensure clients can conveniently access banking services

Imperial Bank Kenya

At its inception in 1992 Imperial bank was a securities company. The securities company was then converted into a commercial bank in 1996. For the 20 years, the bank has been in operation it has achieved tremendous growth.

Paramount Bank Kenya

In 1993 when the institution was established, it was a non banking financial institution until 1995 when it became a banking institution. The bank merged with Universal bank to for a strong financial institution. Other the conventional banking products, the bank has developed a Diaspora banking product. 

Tips For Successful Investment

We all marvel at how some of richest people came to build their empires. From Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega and Carlos Slim are a few of the world’s richest people. These people are not geniuses they simply are aggressive in realizing their ambitions. There are certain qualities that a successful investor must possess. 

Bank of Baroda Kenya

Bank of Baroda is a prominent bank in Kenya whose origin is India. The bank has over 10 branches in the country most of which are located in Nairobi. Some of the factors working in favor of the bank include having a good public image. The bank offers corporate, business and personal banking services. 

Investment Opportunities In The Fisheries Sector India

India is one of the world’s largest fish producers. Fish production has a great contribution to the economy of India. The fishing sector has provided numerous employment opportunities to millions of people and a foreign exchange earner. With the advancement of fishing technology, the fishing industry has grown tremendously. I will discuss a few investment opportunities in the fisheries sector of India that investors can take advantage of.

Kiosk Business

Kiosks are structures that used to sell certain types of goods especially in areas with heavy traffic, malls, bus stops, train station and subways.  Basically, kiosks are found in a strategic area where customers can get essential items such as street corners. 

Kale (Sukuma Wiki) Businesses in Kenya

Kales are one of Kenya’s most demanded green vegetables especially due to their nutritional value. The Kales business is extremely vibrant both in urban areas and rural areas. Selling Kales is very easy and offers you an opportunity to make a decent living. I will provide tips on how to succeed in the Kales business.


Apart from eggs being a rich source of proteins, they can earn you some good cash. There is a huge demand for across the country. The egg business is really easy to begin and operate whose returns are high. If you are interested in venturing into the egg selling business here are some tips to succeed.

Mombasa County Business Opportunities

Mombasa County located at the coast is a particularly promising county. The county is comprised of six constituencies Jomvu, Mvita Kwale, Kisauni, Changamwe, Nyali and Likoni. The county’s population is estimated at 939,370 persons as per the census of 2009.

Nyeri County Investment Opportunities

Nyeri County is located in the central province at the foothills of Aberdare. Nyeri is covered with thick eucalyptus forest with a wonderful view of Mt. Kenya. The economy is this county is primarily agriculture due to the presence of fertile soils.

Nairobi County Business Opportunities

Nairobi County is not only Kenya leading economic hub but also the capital city. I will highlight the sectors that drive the economy of Nairobi County.

Kisumu County Investment Opportunities

Kisumu County is located by the shores Lake Victoria and is considered the gateway to East Africa’s land locked countries. Kisumu has great potential to be an economic hub in Kenya. I will highlight a few investment opportunities that need to be exploited in this region.

Nakuru County Business Opportunities

Nakuru County has numerous natural resources that have been exploited to grow the economy. The establishment of numerous universities and colleges has greatly contributed to the growth of this county. Students offer a wide market for various businesses especially residential places. I will highlight a few economic drivers in Nakuru County.

Investment Opportunities In The Education Sector India

The Indian government has prioritized education as a vital ingredient towards building the nation. The government has tailored its curriculum to cater for all sectors that are crucial for the growth of the economy. 


India is richly endowed with different kinds of mineral resources. The exploration of these minerals has contributed immensely in the economic growth of India. Other than contributing to the GDP, the mining industry has created thousands of jobs.

Consolidated Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Consolidated bank has been in operation since 1989. The bank was established in an effort to stabilize the country’s financial sector. The government owns the majority share of the bank at 51%.

Guardian Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches

Formed in 1992, Guardian bank was founded by Chandaria one of Kenya’s wealthiest families. Although the bank has only 8 branches, it has recorded total deposits amounting to 10.47 billion shillings during the first quarter of 2013.

Chase Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Chase bank target market is the vibrant SME sector and the middle class.  The bank has developed unique banking programs to give clients one stop solutions. With over 27 branches and about 300 agents across Kenya, the bank has been able to attract a wide clientele.

Fina Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Fina Bank was previously known as Finance International Limited and was established in 1986. The name later changed to The Finance Institution of Africa (FINA) and was operating as a non banking financial institution. 

Bank of Africa - Kenya Careers, Contacts, Braches

Bank of Africa is an African bank whose operation in Kenya commenced in 2004. With less than a decade in operation, the bank has managed to establish over 20 branches across the country. 

Prime Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches

Prime bank began its operations in 1992 and has enjoyed steady growth. The bank was in 2010 awarded one of Kenya’s fastest growing banks. Prime bank is among the few banks that have broken away from traditional banking to introduce Islamic banking. 

Investment Opportunities In The Manufacturing Sector Kenya

The manufacturing sector is one of the largest sectors in Kenya. There are limitless natural resources in Kenya hence the many manufacturing plants. Both domestic and foreign investors have ventured into the manufacturing business. 

Investment Opportunities In The Energy Sector Of Kenya

Despite the government’s attempts to distribute power across the country, the demand is way below the supply. The private sector has been encouraged to join the energy sector to attempt to eradicate the insufficiencies. 

Investment Opportunities In The Tourism Sector Of Kenya

Tourism is one of Kenya leading revenue earners. Kenya has numerous magnificent tourist attractions from sandy beaches, game parks and reserves, beautiful mountains, amazing cultures and lakes. The government is seeking to identify investors to aid in the expansion of the tourism infrastructure. I will discuss a few investment opportunities available in the tourism sector.


Organizing a wedding can be really cumbersome and time consuming. People prefer to pay wedding planners to have them organize their wedding. Wedding planner has the skills and expertise to organize a successful wedding.

Investment Opportunities In The Energy And Transport Sector In India

The government of India is seeking to attract investors in invest in expanding its infrastructure. India is targeting investor for its energy, transport and technology sectors. The expansion of Indian infrastructure will lead the country towards economic prosperity. 

Bartender Business For The Unemployed

Many people may think that being a bartender is an indecent job but I think people have to do what they have to put food on the table. We cannot afford to judge bartender, yet we want to get served every time we go to a bar. 

The Role Of Vision 2030 In Kenya

Vision 2030 contains numerous development programs aimed at improving the lives of Kenyans. The vision was developed in the year 2008 whose complete implementation is anticipated in 2030.

Reasons To Invest In Kenya

There are a number of reasons that have made Kenya an investment destination. Kenya in the last decade has attracted both domestic and foreign investment. The increased level of investment has increased the country’s GDP, increased levels of employed and improved people’s living standards. 

Use Your Talent To Make Money

Use your talent to make money. Talents today pay really well. If you have completed your education and have not succeeded in landing a job, you might think of exploiting your talent. Every person is endowed with a different talent, and it is important that you identify your talent.

Garbage Collection As An Opportunity For The Unemployed

I know you are thinking garbage collection is a dirty job, and it is something you cannot do. Well, you are unemployed, and you cannot afford to be picky with jobs. Although this job involves collecting dirt, you can do it and earn yourself some money.

National Industrial Credit Bank (NIC) Careers, Contacts, Braches

NIC is one of Kenya’s leading medium sized lenders. The bank commands a 4.3% market share with an asset value worth 101 billion shillings. The bank has concentrated on strengthening its market share by targeting the middle class who offer the largest market for baking products. 

Citibank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches

Citibank is one of Kenya fast growing banks. During its introduction in Kenya, the bank’s target class was the top tier in the society. With the cumulative strength of the middle class, the bank introduces products to cater for lower tiers in society. 

African Banking Corporation (ABC) Careers, Contacts, Branches

Established in 1984, ABC Bank has gained popularity especially with the introduction of innovative investment solutions. The bank has numerous market niches to enable it address the need of its clients more effectively.

Do Assignments For Students At A Commission

In today's society, many students prefer not to do their assignments. Students prefer to have other people do it for them. Some students do not have time to do the assignments while other students just do not trust themselves. 

Opportunities In The Livestock Sector USA

Livestock farming has been practiced in USA for centuries. The sectors keep getting better as a result of the introduction of new technology. Technology has made it easy to practice livestock farming in the US. 

Investment Opportunities In The Building And Construction Industry In USA

The building and construction industry are one of the industries that have greatly suffered during the economic recession. This industry is slowly recovering with the improvement and strengthening of the economy. 
The construction industry has numerous investment opportunities that can be beneficial to those who take up the challenge. Some of the lucrative investment opportunities in this industry are discussed below.

The Role Of Cooperatives In The US

Cooperatives are organizations owned and operated for purposes of benefiting members of the cooperation. The gains realized by cooperatives are shared among members. Cooperatives have been in existence in the US for centuries.

Business Daily

Business daily is a leading business newspaper owned by the Nation Media Group. The paper is both available as a print and on online platform. 

Baking Cakes For The Unemployed

Many unemployed youth and women have taken up cake baking as a way of making some income. Cakes are demand for many occasions, and this presents you with a potential market. Cake baking is really simple all you need is to have interest and practice.

Newspaper Delivery Business For The Unemployed

Newspapers are a rich source of current information. Newspapers contain a wide range of information from local news, international news, politics, sports, advertisements, influential opinions and business.

Bar Business In Kenya

The bar business in Kenya is booming despite the stern government legislation against bars. Many people go to bars after work or other activities to unwind. Many people find bars a good way to catch up with their friends.

Selling Ladies Wear From House To House

One of the reason people are scared of starting a business is the rent charged on business premises. High rental charges can kill your dream of setting up a successful business. If you lack the capacity to raise rental capital, you can be a mobile business operator.

Salon Businesses In Kenya

The salon business is the fastest growing sector in the beauty industry. A good hairdo accentuates a woman’s beauty and women love to look good. Regardless of the social status all women enquire the services of a salon.

Baby Sitting As A Source Of Income For The Unemployed

Many people are unemployed because they are interested in white collar jobs. We need to change our mindset and embrace blue collar jobs. These jobs may not pay a fortune, but it will give some cash to cater for your basic necessities. 

Baby Sitting A Dog As Opportunity For The Unemployed

Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and this is probably the reason why they are given so much attention. Some people take care of their dogs as though they were kids. Some dog owners treat their dogs with so much love and attention. 

Freelance Writing A Source Of Income For The Unemployed

The online world presents numerous opportunities to make an income. Among the numerous ways of making money, online is freelance writing. With freelance writing, you can make money from the comfort of your home. 

Online Surveys

With the great advancements that have been made in technology, many surveys today are carried out online. Many companies seek the opinion of consumers through carrying out surveys. These surveys contain a questionnaire with questions regarding the company.

Computer Repair Businesses In Kenya

Many computer users lack the ability to diagnose problems they experience on their machines. This makes them seek the services of computer repair experts. Many Kenyans use second hand computers

These computers are prone to malfunctions since they are old. This, therefore, makes it paramount to have a computer repair services. This business is growing fast especially in urban areas. If you are interested in this business here, are tips that you will find useful.

Music or Movie Library Business in Kenya

We all love some good entertainment after a long day of work. Nothing does it better that good movies or a nice playlist of your favorite music. Many youths in Kenya are making a living out of this business idea. The reason this idea is attractive to the youth is because it is fun. I will give you a simplified way to start a music or movie library business.

Video Taping Businesses In Kenya

People today want to keep memories of special events in their life. Videos make it possible to relive our most cherished memories. This has seen more focus being drawn towards videotaping services. 

Chapati Masters Business In Kenya

Chapattis are one of Kenya most popular foods. However, many people think that it is cumbersome to make chapattis. Many unemployed women and youth are making a living out of the sale of chapattis. If you love to cook you can venture into this business and make a living out of it. I will tell you why chapatti making is a business ventures you cannot afford to ignore.

Shoe Shining Business In Kenya

Many of us rubbish this business idea thinking it is of little importance. Many of us cannot visualize themselves doing this business because we think the returns are particularly low. Shoe shiners offer very essential services that we might disregard because we do not need them.

Interior Design Business In Kenya

Everybody wants to live in a house that is visually appealing. Interior designers help you identify appropriate décor, furniture, carpets, lighting and color to make you house an ideal place to live in. If you want to venture into the interior design business, you must be creative and be able to put things together in a functional manner.

Embroidery Business For Kenyan Women

For women who love to sew, you can do embroidery and earn an extra living. This can be done as a part time activity aside from your mainstream job. Today sewing of mats and clothes of various fabrics is very popular and quite marketable too.

Hawking Business In Kenya

Do not be quick to rubbish hawking as waste of time. With the right approach, you can make a significant income out of hawking. This does not have to be a full time venture. You can do it during your leisure time to substitute your income. 

Cards Making Business In Kenya

The business of making cards in Kenya is growing owing to the large number of events being organized every other day. Cards are made for various occasions from weddings, fare wells, business cards and fundraise. Card varies depending with the needs of your clients. Wedding offers the largest market for cards in Kenya.

Massage Parl0r Business In Kenya

With the stressful nature of life, today, it is essential to find a way of relaxing. Having a good massage is an effective way to relax you. Massage parl0rs are very popular in urban areas. Many urban dwellers seek the services of massage parl0rs to relieve their bodies of the stress they undergo.

Events Planning Business In Kenya

Event planning and organizing are one of Kenya’s most profitable business ventures. Events planners are people who help others organize their upcoming events. These people organize wedding, fare wells, graduation ceremonies, concerts, beauty pageants and birthdays. 

Fruit Salad Business In Kenya | Start Investing Now (Gradutates)

Fruit salad business in Kenya is a booming venture among university graduates. Start to invest if you have 50,000K and make profits. Getting employment after graduating is not an easy thing for many students and the option for starting a small business is what all they have to make their life's better. Fruit salad is a low cost business idea that needs determination to make in the market.

Kenya being a tropical regional has a favorable climate for many fruits. Fruits and fruit salads are largely consumed in Kenya for their nutritional value. The most commonly consumed fruits in Kenya are bananas, pineapples, apples, water melons, passion fruits, mangoes, oranges, beet roots and pawpaw. University students and other Kenyans interested in this business exploit the desire for a healthy living to make a fortune.

Second Hand Clothes Businesses In Kenya

A large percent of Kenya buy second hand clothes. You may be inclined to think that these clothes are of low quality, but amazingly they are unique and of high quality. The second hand clothes market grows years after the year. 

Carpets And Seats Cleaning Business In Kenya

We all want to live in a clean home. Carpets and seats can at times be a bit of a challenge when it comes to cleaning them. After investing a considerable amount to purchase the carpets and seats, you want to keep them clean.

Starting a Retail Business In Kenya

The retail business is perhaps the largest business venture in the country. The retail business is attractive because it brings products closer to clients. Retailers bring products to the reach of clients. The retail business involves a sale of products from a wide range of industries.

Facebook Adds Targeting Specific Locations When sharing Your Posts

You can now target specific locations such a Cities, Countries or Regions. Facebook has also enabled targeting specific audiences on your Facebook fanpage - .

Laundry As A Business Venture In Kenya

Many people in Kenya have become increasingly busy and barely have time to do household chores. This has made the laundry business grow. Laundry business is particularly popular in urban areas where there is a large number of the working class.

Poultry Farming Business In Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya includes rearing chicken for meat and for eggs.  The sale of chicken products can help boost your family’s income. There are many breeds of chicken that are domesticated in Kenya.


Farming is a huge business in Kenya whether it is under small scale or large scale. Contrary to the notion that farming requires large tracks of land, farming can be carried out on a small scale and earn you a living. 

Day Care Business In Kenya

The popularity of day care institutions has been growing over the years. This is attributed to the fact that there is an increase in the number of working mothers in the country. Working mothers need an assurance that their kids will be safe and well taken care of while they are at work.

Fish Farming Business In Kenya

Fish farming is increasingly growing in Kenya due to the increased demand for fish. The consumption of fish is growing at a tremendously high rate. Fresh water fish has the largest demand probably because it easily available. Fish farming is being practice in many parts of the country. Here are some reasons why you should consider fish farming.

Church Business In Kenya (God Forbid)

The church seems to be commercialized in Kenya (God Forbid). Many people tend to view the church as an easy source of income. This notion has seen an upsurge of churches all over the country. Individuals are beginning their own churches that have different names away from the conventional churches.

Baking As A Business Opportunity In Kenya

Baking is a simple skill that can be learned within a short, period. Many youth who have the passion to bake have taken up this opportunity. Baking is very profitable due to the existence of a large market for baked products.  

Florist Business In Kenya

The domestic market for flowers in Kenya has grown tremendously over the last decade. Flowers are highly demanded especially during events such as wedding. The various flowers that are grown in Kenya are roses, carnations, alstroemeria, lilies, gypsophila, and sunflowers. Roses and carnations have the largest market share. 

Cyber Café Businesses In Kenya

Cyber cafés is highly demanded by millions of Kenyans especially with the advancement of technology. Kenya is working towards growing its ICT sector as provided for in vision 2030. The ICT sector is an integral part in growing the Kenyan economy. 

Ornament Making As A Business Venture In Kenya

Ornament making in Kenya has grown significantly over the last five years. Ornament making is a source of livelihood for many Kenyans especially the youth. There is a range of ornaments that one can make from bangles, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. The designs vary depending with the materials and the clients you intend to sell the ornaments. There are a number of reasons why ornament making is an important business venture.

Google Plus And Your Small Business

Google Plus had not been around for long before many critics announced it a failure, but they might have spoken too soon. Google’s social networking platform continues to add users, and has surpassed Twitter as the second most popular social networking service to Facebook, according to Business Insider. Google Plus is proving especially valuable to small businesses, quickly becoming a must have for the savvy small business owner.

The Importance of Research in Business

Conducting research is vital in the field of business for both fledging companies and industry veterans alike. No matter if you're starting out in Kenya or expanding to the Far East, it makes sense to look into your corner of the market at your direct competitors.
Researching your competitors can also help you make important business decisions such as entering into a partnership. Here are just a few of the reasons why it's good to brush up on your research skills in business, as well as some tips on how to do so.


Many people are skeptical about starting business owing to the numerous challenges associated with entrepreneurship. First many people believe that starting a business requires huge capital investment. This notion is not entirely true. An entrepreneur could invest the little capital he has at his disposal and grow it gradually. The second reason is the dynamic nature of the business environment. Rapid changes make starting a business an unattractive venture. There are a few simple steps that aspiring entrepreneurs can use to start a business

Characterizing Risk and Return

1.      Definition of risk
The returns of an asset can either be measured as either actual or expected. When the expected return varies from the actual return, a deviation occurs. Therefore, we can define risk as the potential variability between the actual and expected return (Cornett et al, 200).

Portfolio Risk Management Analysis

Portfolio analysis studies the performance of different portfolios under different circumstances (Reilly & Brown 2011).Portfolios can be grouped according to industries, countries or sector. Each group consists of sub-unit. For example, the financial sector can be made up of several banks or the Airline industry can be made up of several airline companies. 

ICT for Business

Today, Information communication and technologies (ICT) and business are interwoven (Lindgren 2011). Empirical studies carried out in 56 developing countries indicate that organizations that use ICT expand grow faster, invest more and are more profitable compared to those which do not use ICT. ICT plays a vital role in the economic growth and poverty eradication (Pilat 2003).

How To Create A Prosperous Blog | Sucessful Blogging Tips

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Blog | Creating a blog involves learning what a blog means, getting the right topic for your blog because keywords play a significant role in developing a successful weblog, creating a business plan for your intended blog, making financial decisions if you are serious in investing in the world of blogging. 
Before you start a blog, I want you to understand its not a walk in the park to make any meaningful living from blogging activities, there is need for consistence production of quality content, keep you audience interested on what you write. Patience is required before you call yourself a successful blogger. 


Carlos Slim Helu is the richest person in the world 2013. Carlos Slim Helu is a Mexican business magnate and philanthropist who has been the world’s richest man as of 2011. He is 73 yrs old having been born on the 28th of January 1940. 


Warren Edward Buffett is the world’s third richest person in 2013. Warren Edward Buffett was born in the year 1930 on the 30th of August; he is thus 83 years old now. Warren is an American business tycoon, philanthropist and investor. 

Who is Bill Gates? Net Worth

BILL GATES and His Net Worth
William Henry "Bill" Gates III is 58yrs old now as he was born on the October 28th 1955. Gates is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and investor. Gates is the current chairman and former CEO of Microsoft, (a software company that he founded with Paul Allen). 

Tips To Make The Right Franchise Decision

Have you ever dream of being your own boss? There are ways to be one, only if you knew the secrets. Across the nation, people now own franchises of their own, because they know it’s worth the deal. You make the money you want, earn the reputation you need and manifest the dream of being the king of your own castle as well.

Who is a Webmaster? What is Webmaster Tools?

What exactly does being a webmaster mean? What is the meaning of webmaster tools? You can get million answers from search engines on what webmaster means? I will use simple explanation to discuss the meaning of Who is a Webmaster? What is Webmaster Tools?

The Role Of Technology In Business

Technology can be defined as the making and usage of materials, tools, systems and machines in order to enhance production or solve problems in organizations or in individual situations. A business can be defined as a group of people, an individual or an organization involved in the trade of goods and services at a profit. Technology has been heavily involved in facilitation of business processes and has lead to a dramatic evolution of business practices and competition strategies worldwide.

Apps to Improve Your Planning Plus Workflow

Running a startup can feel like performing in a one-man band morning, noon and night. If you don't have an assistant, or even an intern, you're left maintaining the social media networks, keeping up with correspondence between vendors and clients and planning out payroll, purveyors, and budgeting. Hoping to be first at the finish line with an electronic wallet, Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton are combining their efforts to release an app that will make mobile banking seamless, reports PRWeb.com. Since Ernst & Young elected Mark Weinberger as the Global Chairman and CEO of the company, there are many new and exciting projects on the horizon thanks to Weinberger. Innovations, like the Electronic Wallet app, are helping entrepreneurs to conduct their business. There are many other apps, like Alto or Enloop that will improve your workflow, create a sound business plan and can transform you from the stressed entrepreneur to a master of all tasks.

Google AdSense – A Program For Making Money Online

Google AdSense is cost per click money making program for publishers (webmasters (website owners)) owned by Google Inc. Google AdSense is the most common online method of making money with a website/blog and is preferred by many webmasters/bloggers.

Pay Per Click (Cost Per Click) Internet Advertising Model

Pay per click also called cost per click is an advertising program used by advertisers to create awareness of their brands through publishers {website owners (webmasters)}. In this kind of internet advertising model, the advertiser pays when a visitor to a publisher’s website clicks on his/her advert.  Pay per click is the most effective way of marketing your products online followed by content marketing, sponsored reviews, direct adverts, blogging and social media marketing. 

Make Money Online with Facebook Groups

Yes – you can make money online with Facebook groups. Making money in a legit way is the best thing that can happen to people seeking to increase their income. Facebook, the largest social media site is providing a free platform you can use to make money online in a decent way acceptable by the applicable laws of nature.

Which is best? Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or Nokia Lumia 620

Which is best? Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or Nokia Lumia 620
Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Experia Z or Nokia Lumia 620 are the most trending Smartphone’s right now around the globe and each of the company is trying to enjoy a competitive advantage in different markets.

A $14.6 Billion Mother's Day

Mother's Day Flowers Infographic
This infographic about Mother's Day was created by FTD.com

The Impact of Social Media Marketing in Kenya

Overview of Social Media in Kenya

Social media is a more interactive method than traditional ways and is thus a more effective way of marketing.  Social media enables one to interact with customers worldwide at any time and for free. This makes it a cheap way for organizations to implement marketing strategies. 

Making Money Online with a Car Classified Website in Kenya

Making money online using a car classified website in Kenya is a very great and a lucrative business investment opportunity someone should thinking of starting if they want to make money online with a website. This is because there is increased demand of used cars in Kenya and they search starts online – and most Kenyans prefer searching for used cars in the classified websites. 

Gold or Silver? The Better Precious-Metal Investment

          Olympians will always prefer to win a gold medal as opposed to its silver counterpart. Similarly, recording artists will continue striving for gold certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, while settling for silver records as consolation prizes. Though gold gets all the glory when it comes to societal prominence, it is not necessarily the better option for those looking to invest in precious metals. Both gold and silver have their pros and cons when compared side-by-side. The decision ultimately lies with the individual, and we have provided a few nuggets as a guide for potential investors.

5 Tips to Reduce Your Corporation Tax Liabilities

Since the last budget, the rate of corporation tax is reducing. Businesses will need to pay 20%, which is now in line with income tax for individuals.  Many businesses struggle to pay corporation tax on time to HMRC, so here is some tips to help reduce your corporation tax liabilities and keep more money for your business profits.

What is Webmaster Tools?

Webmasters tools refer to the tools (apparatus) used by any webmaster such as bloggers and web developers in development and maintenance of their websites/blogs. If you do not have a webmaster tools account, you need to open one with Google webmaster tools or Bing Webmaster tools accounts.

What is Blog Traffic and Website Traffic and How is it Generated?

In the general public, traffic is associated with transport and more so the congestion on traffic in major towns around the globe. What exactly does blog traffic or website traffic mean? Blog/websites traffic is the number of people (visitors) who come (visit) your website/blog when searching for information in the online platforms.

What is the definition of Search Engines

Search engines are the websites that help people searching information online find it easily. Search engines deliver web pages to online users who are searching knowledge from the Internet. Search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask among others.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of ensuring that your blog is visible to search engines despite the stiff competition in the online communities.SEO is one of the best blogging tips that cannot be overlooked by bloggers and webmasters

Blogging Tips

Blogging tips are the methods used by a blogger to make his/her blogging career easy. The blogging tips include developing SEO for your blog, creating a good design for your blog or website.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is the act and the process of running a blog with the aim of achieve certain goals in life. Such goals could include, monetization of the blog, doing it as a hobby or sharing your personal achievements.

Who is a Blogger?

A blogger is a person who runs and owns a weblog called blog. The process of running a blog is referred to as blogging and is done through posting articles/posts to the blog.

Kenyan-Post.com is Worth 60 Million – a Reason to Consider Online Business

Kenyan-Post.com is Worth 60 Million – a Reason to Consider Online Business
Yes – The Daily Post – a common gossip/news site in Kenya is valued online at KShs 55-120 million – Can the online web appraisals be reliable – yes.

Pika Chakula: Kenya's No. 1 Recipe Resource 2013

PikaChakula.com is Kenya's No. 1 resources for recipes. Owned by Rajan and launched in May 2011, the site has grown to be one of the most respected websites in Kenya.  I have decided to review the site after noticing impressing performances on search engines and the increased desire by Kenyans to learn about different recipes.

How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways

best ways to make money online in kenya
How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways: How to earn money online is a phrase searched thousands of times on the Internet by a thirsty community interested in making more money with technology. Many people around the world are exploring on different ways they can use to make more money.

Is Pre-Pack Administration the Best Way to Get Businesses Trading Again?

Pre-Pack Administration can help to keep a business trading by selling it to a director or member
of the company. It happens when the business is becoming insolvent and facing difficult financial
decisions and threats from various creditors. It involves selling while trading and completely legal to
do. However, it is not for everyone and there are pros and cons to the matter.

Facebook Officially Changes the Timeline Look 2013

Facebook has officially changed the timeline look:
This is the message from Facebook team: "We've made some updates to how your Timeline looks. Your posts and life events are on the right, with everything else on the left".

List of Top 50 Blogs About Blogging By Zac and Matt Leaves out 2 Worthy Blogs

Zac Johnson post on Top 50 Blogs About Blogging  enhanced from Matt Smith List of The Same Blogs About Blogging intentionally, willingly, or out of bias, lack of consideration of Indian Bloggers or Pakistan, leaves out 2 main prominent blogs about blogging.

The list by Zac and Matt - two prominent bloggers, is based on Alexa Rank as the main listing factor and is backed up by Google Page Rank. This promoted me to ask myself, why leave certain blogs in that list?

Online Scams in Kenya | Why You Fall Prey to Scams and How to Avoid being a Victim

My name is Peter Mutiso, a blogger, freelancer and a consultant in making money online. I started working online 5 years ago, a third year student at Kenyatta University - over the years, I have gained valuable experience on working online, getting genuine clients, I understand why Kenyans fall prey to online scams, I know the best ways to make money online - after all,  I have never thought of going to seek for 'formal employment' in the corporate world.

REVEALED: Facebook Likes and Shares Do Not Lower Alexa Rank. Why do Kenyan Companies Value Facebook So Much? Part 1

Is it that important to share links on Facebook?
In this post, I do not seek to diminish the importance of creating awareness of your brand through Facebook shares, likes, but I endeavor to show that Facebook likes/shares does not necessary lower Alexa Rank (The lower the Alexa Rank, the more the website has a high authority in the eyes of search engines such as Google, Bing).In fact, I will show you that sharing links on Facebook does not always convert into visitors of your websites/blogs.

5 Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners 2013

5 Accounting Tips for Small Business Owners: Imagine you run the local coffee shop on Main Street in your small town. For the most part, your days are consumed with the coffee beverages and espresso you provide to caffeine addicts. Making great coffee drinks and providing a warm, cozy atmosphere for your customers are top priorities, but the bottom line is you need to make a living. Chances are you can't hire an accountant or a financial manager to take care of bookkeeping, so these tips and tricks will help ensure that you maximize the investments for your small business. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Myth and Webmasters spent valuable time practising SEO

Why should webmasters waste time in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Why do they just provide the content they intent for their audiences? Why should webmasters - in blogging commonly known as bloggers, read about SEO, practice it, and do all they can to implement it on their blogs/websites?

SEO is a myth - a website/blog can rank high on search engines even if the owner of that website has never heard or practiced SEO.

National Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

National Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013:
NBK has operated in the banking sector for over four decades. The emergence of other banking institutions have slowed down the growth rate of the bank. However, the bank is among Kenya’s top 10 banks. The banks have a range of accounts types and has embraced emerging technology in the delivery of it services.

Cooperative Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Cooperative Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: Cooperative bank has national outlook. Its presence is evident in every part of the county especially with the recent development of agent banking dubbed coop kwa jirani. The bank has a large client base especially because it has developed different types of accounts tailor made to suit different consumer needs.

CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

CFC Stanbic Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013:CFC in comparison with other banks has a smaller portion of clients. However, CFC Stanbic bank is the most valuable bank in the country. It lending trend is a bit conservative to ensure that it only lends to clients with the ability to pay back the loans. 

Housing Finance Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Housing Finance Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: Housing Finance is best known for its provision of mortgage facilities. It is reputable for offering clients with mortgage related services. The mortgage packages provided by the bank are affordable and have made it for thousands of Kenyans to own homes. The Kenyan government has made it possible for most Kenyans to access mortgage facilities through the bank. The Housing Finance  bank provides clients with funds to either buy or build a home.

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: DTB is Kenya’s leading bank in terms of asset quality. the bank records the lowest non performing loans ratio which is computed by the division of non performing loans over the total amount of loans advanced to clients. This means that Diamond Trust Bank Kenya has a low bad debt record since they advance their credit to creditworthy clients.

KCB- Kenya Commercial Bank Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

KCB (Kenya Commercial Bank) is most reputable for its boldness in taking risks when in comes to advancing loans to clients. Unlike other banks, Kenya Commercial Bank has taken the initiative to offer a wide range of loans both personal and business loans. The bank advances fee, holiday, home and car loans. KCB has attractive dividends to it shareholders as it performs well in the Nairobi securities exchange. It is the oldest indigenous bank in Kenya.

Barclay's Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013

Barclay's Bank of Kenya Careers, Contacts, Branches 2013: Barclay's bank of Kenya has over the years recorded profits which has boosted confidence in potential investors and shareholders. The dividend ratio for the bank is also high which has attracted more investors to invest in the bank. The bank is highly valued and growing at a steady rate hence rankedone of Kenya’s top 10 banks.

Online Shopping in Kenya | Buy and Sell Online Increased in 2013 - 2015

Online Shopping in Kenya: | Buy and Sell Online increased in 2013- 2015: Kenyans have embraced technology and use of Internet in doing their businesses. Online shopping websites in Kenya are mushrooming every single day, and the number of Kenyans using The Internet has increased tremendously over the last two years.

EXCLUSIVE: Top 10 Earning Websites in Kenya 2013 (Adsense Earnings Only)

This is a list of the top 10 earning websites in Kenya and how much they earn in reference to Adsense approximations. Google Adsense is a very common Pay Per Click program used by many webmasters around the world - and all top websites in Kenya use the program to make money with their online content.

NIC Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches, Online 2013

NIC Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches, Online 2013: NIC was incorporated in Kenya on 29th September 1959, when Standard Bank Limited (“Standard”) and Mercantile Credit Company Limited (Mercantile) -both based in the United Kingdom – jointly formed the company. The company was amongst the first non-bank financial institutions to provide hire purchase and installment credit finance facilities in Kenya. source: About NIC

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited: Careers, Branches, Contacts, Online 2013

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited: Careers, Branches, Contacts, Online 2013: Standard Chartered Bank Kenya is one of the best banks in Kenya.

About the Bank

Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited was established in 1911 with the first branch opened in Mombasa Treasury Square.

Equity Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches 2013

Equity Bank Kenya: Contacts, Careers, Branches 2013: Equity Bank Kenya is a leading bank in the country as listed on this blog.


Domain Names Registration 2013

Domain Names Registration 2013: A domain is a sub network which comprises of customers and servers. Servers are like databases which keep information about certain data. They include SQL servers and Oracle servers.

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Kenya in Demand , Bank, Accounting, Airways, UN, NGO, Teaching, Nursing, Engineering, Finance, Online and Embassy Jobs: Am exploring the top 10 most popular jobs in Kenya in demand 2013 and evaluate why they are in high demand.

What is a Blog? How/Create | Best Blogging Platforms | WordPress, Blogger

What is a Blog? How | Create | Best Blogging Platforms | WordPress, Blogger. A blog is a type of a website that is regularly updated by one or several people and is usually arranged to start with the latest posts/articles to the orders.

PepsiCo Strategy: Marketing, International, Competitive, Jobs 2013

 A. Marketing Strategy for PepsiCo
1. Price and advertising strategy
PepsiCo Overhauls StrategyPepsiCo overhauls strategy is part of its advertising strategy. PepsiCo Company plans to save $1.5 billion in the next three years. The company plans on revamping up its advertisements, cutting on thousands of its work force and ensuring a bigger than the expected decline in it’s near term earnings. The funds saved by the company will help the company to step up its spending on brand advertisement.

Ethical Theories | Utilitarianism, Kantian Ethics, Natural law, Risk and Responsibility

Ethical theories and principles are the fundamentals of ethical scrutiny since they are the standpoints from which direction can be acquired along the trail to decision making (Ethical Theory). Each theory stresses different points stressing on different facets of ethical dilemma and seeks to direct to the typically morally accurate resolve according to the guiding principle of the ethical theory itself (Ethical Theory).

Creating, Financing, and Marketing a Small Business Essay

Pros and Cones of partnership

Pros of partnership
Partnerships are owned by more than one person and this increases the ability to raise funds. With partnerships, partners are more able to contribute more funds for the partnership and have high borrowing capacity (Bragg and Bragg, 2005). The partners are not employees and therefore workers compensation insurance and superannuation contributions are not payable by the drawing and profits from the partners.

Business and Professional Ethics Essay 2013

Business and Professional Ethics Essay 2013: Any form of business established is subjective to the laws of a country. All business units must be compliant with the existing rules and regulations as per the specific country (Dunn & Brooks, 2011).


RSS- It denotes either Really Simple Syndicate or Rich Site Summary. It is a way of frequently informing exciting and crucial news to users directly without using the e-mail especially in the fields they are interested in, such as celebrity gossip, blog tips and tricks, social media, technology, phones and marketing tips.

Kenya Airways (KQ): Careers, Destinations, Cargo, Bookings

History of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Kenya Airways (KQ): Careers, Destinations, Cargo, Bookings : Kenya Airways (KQ): The Pride of Africa 2013 was established in the year 1977 after the disbanding of East African Airways as a result of the then failed East Africa Community. The airline was established as the national carrier and the government put effort to make the airline’s operations profitable. In the late 1980's, the government put in place strategies for the successful privatization of the company.

Used Cars For Sale In Kenya | Standard Group Promotes Cheki.co.ke

Used cars for sale in Kenya - Competition is stiff among traders after Standard group uses cheki.co.ke to explore the market. 
It seems competition on selling used cars in Kenya online has been taken to a higher notch. It is after Standard Digital announced sale of used cards on their website https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/cars/ . On browsing their cars to see if they have created their own directory for the used cars in Kenya, I notice that their cars have pictures from www.cheki.co.ke/, an online car listing website. 

30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013/4/5

This is a list of 30 Small Business Ideas In Kenya for Women 2013/4/5 that they need to evaluate and venture into to make money for their families.
1.Making ornaments  Kenyan women love decorations, and making and selling ornaments would make a great business idea for the Kenya woman. One can engage in making ornaments with the use of the readily available materials for instance shells for those living in the coastal region.

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Exhibit At Trade Shows

As an entrepreneur you should be attending trade shows left, right and centre. You might think they’re a waste of time and money, but you’ll quickly see they can reap rewards very quickly if you go to them.

Assessing Competitors: Merger and Acquisition 2013

Assessing Competitors: Merger and Acquisition 2013: A company should use various elements to access its competitor. Competitors are other business organizations that share the same market in terms of producing products. The hussy and jester model provides a channel for analysis of an industry. 

Jobs in Kenya Websites and Blogs Rankings - 10 Best

Jobs in Kenya  Websites and Blogs Rankings. Every day, we seek for latest job vacancies in Kenya online, we are helping you by sampling the best leading websites and blogs you can easily get the Kenyan jobs (We have an updated list). This list of the job websites will be classified in reference to the Alexa Ranking of Kenyan websites. University graduates search these websites on a daily basis so as to look for internships, jobs and greener pastures.

The Kenya National Examinations Council- KNEC

The Kenya National Examinations Council



To be the leading organization in testing and assessment for quality education.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was established by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya , which became effective on 1st July 1995 . The Authority is charged with the responsibility of collecting revenue on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

A Board of Directors, consisting of both public and private sector experts, makes policy decisions to be implemented by KRA Management. The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the President of the Republic of Kenya .