Intercultural communication within an organization

Intercultural communication in any organization is very healthy as it leads high performance in the company. Employees need to feel comfortable and appreciated in their work area and this motivates them into high performance. The strategies devised by Michael Banks in the company led to intercultural miscommunication in the company.  

The following strategies caused problems in the company; the enforcement of rigid timetable, re-configuring the open plan office plan to make room for cubicles which provides employees with more privacy and issuing warnings to those who do not perform well. 

All these strategies minimized the level of interaction between the employees. In the sales department, interaction is very important if a company is to meet its target. Employees in the company are from different cultures and their interaction is very important as it encourages creativity and innovation.  If the employees interact, they will equip themselves with a lot of knowledge about cross cultural differences and their approaches to creativity and integrate this into the sales department. In some cases like the sales department, lack of informality is fruitful. 

It is also not healthy to give employees threats of retrenching them in case of failure to perform. Employees are not likely to perform well if they are working in an environment which they feel threatened.  A working environment full of threats is not conducive for working and employees will not give their best to the organization. 

Different cultures will behave differently towards uncertainty and will have different techniques of avoiding the uncertainties. As a sales executive, Michael Banks should understand that the creativity portrayed by the employees is obtained from their cross cultural differences and be bale to utilize the creativity in the employees to gain competitive advantage and to spark innovation. 

Intercultural communication is very important/ significant in an organization as it champions for creativity in the organization. Creativity in the sales departments will see the employees devising ways of selling to their target groups hence increasing the volume of sales. As a global company, the sales executive should use the cross cultural creativity which can only be generated from employee socialization and interaction to spark innovation. He should also use these approaches to build its operations in the global market to give the company a competitive advantage.

Intercultural communication to be effective in any organization, it is recommendable for the sales executive to reduce all the strategies which hinder employee communication and devise those strategies which will promote or enhance employee communication in order to spark the cross cultural creativity and innovation which comes from cross cultural interaction. For instance, the sales executive should set targets to be met by the sales people and not to issue threats. The sales people should only be paid based on the volume of sales they produce. This will motivate workers to work more for them to earn more income.

He should also re-configure the office plans to the original open plan to enhance employee interaction which will also enhance brainstorming among the employees hence high sales. In general, the sales executive should only devise the strategies which will do way with staff slackness but not staff interaction. All the strategies devised should manage all the innovation and creativity skills within the employees and lead to an effective intercultural communication.

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