Advantages Of Logic In Improving Our Reasoning

Logic is the art of analyzing a situation, object or even an argument and offering the possible solutions. Logic is taught in schools to enhance the thinking methodology of students. Logic however is required in handling matters that are deemed to be sensitive and thus requires one to be very careful. Logic requires sound judgment and reasoning.

Advantages of studying logic

Logic is very important in improving people’s way of thinking in various ways. First, logic helps one to be able to handle sensitive issues. There are issues that require one to be very sound in judging and offering solutions. Such issues as religion require someone who is a prowess in handling matters that require a lot of wisdom. With logic such matters are easy to handle. Logic thus enables one to handle controversial matters carefully to come up with a solution.
Logic enables the mind to think attain problem solving abilities. One can thus solve problems with a lot of ease once caught up by one. Logic also enables one to think very fast .Logic as a topic enables people to be able to handle matters quickly and with a lot of ease. It also enables people to think with extra focus without deviating from their line of thought. It thus enables one to use the least time to think and provide solutions.
Logic enables ones memory to improve and thus enabling them to think very fast. A person with good memory is likely to handle matters well and with a lot of ease. It requires a mind with good memory to be able to handle for example matters that require sequential thinking. Logic is thus very useful in the case of effective thinking.

Applying logic to analyze whether prayer should be allowed in public schools

Prayer for example is a very sensitive issue. It is thus very important to handle such a topic with lots of reasoning. Matters concerning God require someone to think deeply and try as much as possible not to counteract such issues. Prayer can be allowed in public schools because anyway every person has their mode of praying. It is thus not good to interfere with ones religion as that may be infringing on their rights. It is also very sensitive to meddle with peoples rights at any time.
Public schools comprise of people from all diversities. It is thus good to allow people to have a free will of doing their thing without intimidation. Prayer should be thus allowed but it can not be enforced in any institution because all people have their own beliefs.

Kinds of questions and topics are decided and not decided by logical analysis

Although logic is very crucial in handling matters, it can not be applicable in all fields. Logic can for example be used to answer questions that require memory or a lot of remembrance. It can also be used to answer questions that require people to argue. Logic also is used to deal with those questions that require concentration. However logic is not required in answering facts. These are questions that have specific answers and formula. It is also not healthy to apply logic in dealing with matters that are obvious.

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