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Air Kenya Express is one of the best airlines in Kenya. The merger between Sunbird Aviation and Air Kenya in the year 1985 saw the inception of Air Kenya Express Company. Before the merger the two companies had graced the skies for over two decades with excellent service to their customers. The company is based at the Wilson Airport in Nairobi. The airline operates domestic flights within Kenya as well as charters in the neighboring Tanzania.
Destinations of Air Kenya Express

The flights of Air Kenya Express operate within a number of locations within and without Kenya. The flights fly on a daily basis from Nairobi to other locations. At the coast, the carrier serves towns such as Malindi, Lamu, Diani, Mombasa and Kiwayu. In Mombasa, the carrier has flights that are scheduled to serve from there on a daily basis.

Air Kenya Express carries the trophy for being the airline that is a leader in providing services to national parks and reserves. It serves Masai Mara national park, Meru National park, Lewa downs, Nakuru, Samburu National Park, Nanyuki and Amboseli National park. The company also has Daily flights to Kilimanjaro in the neighbouring Tanzania. Their operations in the parks have facilitated transportation of tourist with ease to these regions.
Maintenance of Air Kenya Express

The safety of the customers is the c Air Kenya Express number one priority. The company has hired highly qualified personnel who inspect every single aircraft before they take off. State of the art technology is used to ensure accuracy during the aircraft inspection. This has seen the company get approval from some or the world's largest companies such as shell. Strict technical guidelines are followed and this is the reason why the aircraft's have operated for decades without major incidents.
Aircraft's of Air Kenya Express

Air Kenya Express owns various types of aircraft's that have varying capacities. DeHavilland Dash 7 aircraft has the capacity to ferry 50 passengers at a time with two crew members. Beechcraft Kingair can carry 12 passengers with one crew member. Cessna Grand Caravan can ferry one crew member alongside 13 passengers.

The Fokker F27-200 aircraft has a capacity to carry 40 persons and two members of the crew. DeHavilland Twin Otter 300 can carry 18 persons and 2 crew members. Shorts 360-300 can ferry 33 persons and two crew members. Last but not least is the DeHavilland Twin Otter 200 that can ferry 16 persons and two crew persons. All these aircraft operate on a daily basis to various designations across the country.

All the aircraft's are insured alongside having high levels of maintenance. The aircraft's, passengers and third parties are insured as a precautionary measure in case something goes wrong. Insurance costs the company millions of shilling which the company is willing to spend because their priority is to ensure the safety of their clients.
Staff of Air Kenya Express

Air Kenya Express employs well trained motivated and highly qualified personnel. This ensures delivery of high quality services to clients to their satisfaction. The pilot, crew members and other support staff are self driven to ensure that the clients are happy with the kind of service they receive.
Achievements of Air Kenya Express

Air Kenya Express won the "Judges Commendation Award" at the Eco Warrior Awards. It is a two times winner for having the best stand at the Tourism expo which is an annual event in Kenya. The company has been able to expand it operations by commencing flights to Nakuru that started in late 2012. The company has also been actively involved in corporate social responsibility, where it sponsored some projects such as construction of Emarti School at Masai Mara.

Air Kenya is also credited for being the one of the first Kenyan airlines to embrace online booking services. This service made it easy for customer to book flight from the convenience of their homes. The Air Kenya Express has also been awarded air operator of the year.

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