Bill Gates Leadership for Entrepreneurs 2013

Bill Gates Leadership: William Henry famously known as Bill Gates is with no doubt one of the world’s greatest leaders. Bill Gates is the author of Microsoft and a business magnate in America. Bill Gates is a philanthropist who donated his wealth for charitable deeds. Bill Gates is a great entrepreneur most specifically dealing with the revolution of personal computers.

Bill Gates Leadership 2013
Bill Gates realized that as a leader he had to be able to influence the behavior of other people around him in order to achieve a common goal. Bill Gates was aware that to be a great leader he had to create a channel through which people in his organization would contribute in achieving great and extraordinary results. Bill gates leadership skills have been of great impact to the world. Many leader today have embraced the leadership skills and tactics used by Bill Gates. Bill Gates Leadership skills have transformed the world’s leadership.
Some of the great leadership qualities Bill Gates posses’ include: passion is a quality that Bill Gates posses. He was very passionate of developing software and technology. Bill Gates Leadership was passionate of achieving his dreams from his childhood years. He always wanted to write software’s which he achieved through his hard work.
Intelligence is a character all leaders must have according to Bill. Bill Gates Leadership believes that for a leader to be successful he must be able apply his intelligence to run his business. A leader must be able to apply his intelligence to attain his organizational goals.
Bill believes that innovation is vital to business success. A leader must be able to develop new products and services in his business to expand his market. Bill Gates in cooperation with his assistants and stuff developed various products at one time or another in order to expand their market capacity.
A great leader must be ready to take criticism from other people. People who do not appreciate their achievements do not bring down a good leader. Instead, a great leader uses criticism to get to greater levels. When Bill was faced with the challenge of IBM ending a contract on operating systems, he stayed strong and learned from the challenge facing him.
Bill Gates believes that a great leader must be visionary. A leader must have a vision of what he is working to achieve. This vision guides the effort of the organization. Bill aimed at ensuring that every household and all businesses must have a computer with software system. Bill has been able to achieve his vision through his undying efforts.
Bill Gates Leadership for Entrepreneurs 2013
Being a risk bearer is another quality any leader aiming at succeeding must possess. A leader must be able to make uncertain decisions to be able to attain great goals. For example, bill gates dropped out of Harvard University to start developing software. This move was a great risk, which has yielded great results. A leader must be ready to face uncertainties if he wants to make it in business.
A great leader is ready to learn continuously. The world is dynamic therefore; a leader must be ready to learn from other people. Learning equips leaders with skills for development. Bill Gates was willing to learn from people, which has made him a great leader of all time in the world.
A leader must have the quality of confidence to face all the challenges that face him. All business is faced with challenges at one time or another. A good leader must be able to address the problems arising immediately.
One of the factors that enabled Bill Gates to be great leader was his recognition on the importance of embracing teamwork. Bill Gates was aware that he alone could not manage to the entire Microsoft organization. He knew that it would take his hard work and the hard work of his teammates to establish the Microsoft group. He acted as the role model to his teammates as they looked up to him for guidance. Bill Gates established a team that was solid and trustworthy. The enthusiasm that his team had assured him that he would achieve his goals. Bill provided a free communication channel with his teammates on all issues affecting Microsoft.
Bill Gates Leadership for Entrepreneurs 2013
Microsoft under the good leadership of Bill Gates ensured that the competitiveness of their products was high by hiring of highly qualified personnel. By hiring skilled personnel ensures creative thinking hence increased innovation. Innovation has given Microsoft an edge over other companies making it highly competitive.
Bill Gate is one of the leaders that the world will reckon with in a very long time. His leadership qualities ensure that he succeeds with whatever task that he undertakes. The organizations that he heads have experienced quality leadership. Many leaders in the world today view Bill Gates as a role model.  Many leaders in the world have embraced the leadership qualities of Gates today. It is important that leaders use their position to improve the lives of the society other than trying to increase their wealth. Leaders should emulate the leadership lessons from Bill Gates.

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