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The article seeks to evaluate event experiences I have had of two planned events. I will carry out the analysis of my event experience of Beijing Olympics and the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles. It is essential to note that, even though events might not be similar; they have similarities in the way they are organized and managed. This article evaluates the objectives of the events, and whether they were achieved as well as the type of experience from each event. 
Events Experience Analysis – Good Business 

 Beijing Olympics
Olympics is a global sporting event that occurs every four years. The difference between Olympics and other sporting events is the fact that Olympics encompass all games in the world. In the Olympics games, different athletes from different countries compete in different sports and events. For instance, in the 2008 Beijing Olympics athletes competed in 28 sports and 302 events.   Beijing, the Capital of China hosted the event on August 8 to August 24, 2008 after it was awarded the games over four competitors on July 2001 by the organizing committee and became the 22nd nation to host the event. 

The history of the Olympics games is that Americans and Chinese usually dominate the medal tables. Athletes from East African countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia usually dominate the long distance sporting events. In Beijing 2008, there was an opening ceremony that marked the start of the global event on a magnificently built stadium commonly referred to as ‘Nest, a venue that was considered to be suitable to host the event. The opening ceremony was well organized with more than 10,000 performers for an event that lasted more than 4 hours. 

My motivation to watch the event was to get entertainment seeing athletes such as Usain Bolt compete with Taylor in the 100 meters final. It is imperative to note that my motivation was drawn from the fact that the Beijing Olympics were promising to deliver quality results on the field.  My experience is that, if an event is organized and managed professionally as the case for Beijing Olympics, such an event would yield the expected results. The large crowds that attended/watched the Olympics games were as a result of the intensive campaigns that the organizing committee invested a lot of money and yield returns. 

Prince William Wedding
A wedding is a normal event for any person in the world, and one of the best event experiences around the globe. In every society, there is a family considered being a royal family and any event from the family would be considered to be a royal event. However, having a global royal event being televised live by the leading media houses on planet earth is a different game all together. The wedding of Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton was a royal wedding that was watched by billions of people all over the world since every TV station in almost all countries aired the live event. The royal wedding that took place on 29 April 2011 at Westminster Abbey in London was a well organized event. The organization of the event caught the attention of everyone with unique wedding attire. 

My experience from the Prince William royal wedding is that, to have a successful event, one need to put into consideration your status in the society and plan for the event in respect to the size of your pocket. I also noted that your guest list depends on who you are in the society, and it is not a must to have a guest list for such an event.  My motivation to attend/watch the royal wedding was driven by the desire to see how the royal class would conduct their business on such an extraordinary event. My desire to see celebrities attend the wedding came to fruition after seeing Beckham a renowned footballer among other guests. I was also driven by the curiosity of seeing how millions of pound would be spend on the one day event. 

Comparison of Beijing Olympics and Prince William Wedding
Despite the fact that the two events are different in nature, they have remarkably similar characteristics. The two events were extremely costly and were followed by tens of millions of people around the globe. The two events were global events. The organizational of the events was exceptionally similar in the sense that nothing seemed to be done wrongly in the eyes of the viewers. The both events had an opening and closing ceremonies which were addressed by high dignitaries. 

The main difference (event experience) between the two events is the fact that the Beijing Olympics brought returns for the country and all participants who won in any of the events was highly rewarded unlike the case for the Prince William royal wedding which did not bring any returns for the country. The social impact that was posed by the royal wedding would influence certain decisions take by the young generation who would aspire to have a similar event on their wedding day. 

The two events achieved their goals and objectives. The Beijing Olympics was a success as it was the case for the Prince William royal wedding.   There were no chaos reported in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and everything was done a planned and this was a big success for the event planners, a good event experience. The royal wedding planners superseded the expectations of their guests and those of the viewers. 

This article set out to explore event experiences of Beijing Olympics and Prince William royal wedding, as shown on the above arguments, the fact that the two events do not share the same experiences, they have certain elements in common. For instance, the two events were very costly and drew large crowds from all over the world. However, we should use the event experiences to built similar events and develop on the organizational skills demonstrated by the event experiences.  

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