How to Grow Your Business in 2013 – 10 Ways

How to grow your business in 2013 – 10 ways, should be the topic discussed by entrepreneurs in the business cycles everyday. This is because growing your business helps in keeping someone active and brings the joy of satisfaction after realizing the fruits of the business. 
Business is a job like any other, where you have to wake up early to attend to business. Business is a very competitive field and very promising but if not taken care off well it might disappoint you majorly. You can in fact go back to having nothing. This will happen if the business is making losses and the owner does not know or the entrepreneur simply doesn’t care. The following are 10 ways to grow your business.

10 Ways on How to Grow Your Business in 2013 

Open another location

Opening another location operating the same business line is a way of expanding your business in that you get to win the clients in that particular area. The business could even do better in that area than the area you are located. The business might take a while to gain the trust of the clients but with time it will do well.

Business opportunity

The other way to grow your business in 2013 is by giving it a business opportunity to grow. You as the entrepreneur should attend seminars, meetings that talk about your field of business. There you get to know new ways of approaching your business and even new ways of attending to a customer for instance, how you approach a male customer is not the same way you approach a female customer. By doing so the customers will appreciate the way they are treated and there you have more customers.
You must ensure that you explore are the investment opportunities given by your business and determine how best you can use them for your benefit.

License your product

For your to enjoy a wider audience as a way to grow your business in 2013, you need to ensure everything you are doing is within the domestic and international laws. In case you become very successful in your business and yet it was illegal or unlicensed, it will be a big blow if you are not able to expand it because of lacking a license. Licensing your product is another way of growing your business in that you get to be the solely owner of the particular product and therefore you have the whole market to sell for. You can start as many businesses as you can and want in different locations so as to serve the market. This will do well if you know how to curb the substitute threat properly so as not to take your customers.

Form an alliance

An alliance plays a big role as a way to grow your business in 2013. Forming an alliance gives you the strength in that you grow as a business by sharing customers. Though you are not operating as one business you get to enjoy their benefits as well as they enjoy yours. If they don’t have a particular product with them they can refer those customers to you. This applies to you also as the business owner. An alliance helps the business to grow also in terms of curbing the substitute threat. If there is unity in the alliance then they will be able to defeat the substitute product in terms of sales and market in general leading to higher profits.


Diversifying is another great way to grow your business in 2013.  Diversifying is mixing of the products that you are selling in that those products are not in one line of industry. This enables the business to do well even in times of economic recession. Not all the products can be affected in this economic fall, the products that are not affected will help the business through these hard times

Target other market

A new market is definitely a cool way to grow your business in 2013. In business it is advisable to deal with many markets just in case one market fails. For instance, if you are selling children clothes, you can start stocking women clothes therefore targeting both children and women. By so doing when there is low market for children clothes then you will be selling the women clothes
In establishing your new target market, you must get in place the right marketing strategies to ensure you do not strain your parent business trying to grow the new one. Proper planning is of great essence in targeting the new market. You should never confuse your grows with expansion, expansion should be meant to supplement the original developed idea, How to grow your business in 2013 – 10 ways

Win a government contract

If you are providing services that your government is interested in, get a contract to supply the services/products is another perfect way to grow your business in 2013. Winning a government contract is one of the major boosts to the business. Getting the government to be one of you customers is not a simple thing. You services/products must be over board to be accepted for a government contract. 
For one, the government will need supply in large quantities probably more than any other customer you have. The government is a guarantee that you will be paid and therefore the issue of bad debt is out of question. Lastly, the fact that you are supplying the government tends to attract other customers because they believe the product must be of high quality for the government to give you a contract, How to grow your business in 2013 – 10 ways.

Merge with another business

Merging is another best way to grow your business in 2013 if your investment can be merged. Merging with another business will help the business grow especially if it was about to go down. It is however important to merge with a business that is doing well both in terms of sales and its market. The business will therefore acquire more customers from both businesses and they will also share the profits. The business that was going down will therefore be saved because most of the time when businesses merge, they tend to give the new business another name. This is done so as to prevent the bad reputation of the business that was not doing well from destroying the other businesses reputation, How to grow your business in 2013 – 10 ways.

Expand globally

Targeting the global market is a good way to grow your business in 2013, think of new customers, and think of how Facebook has evolved, and think of Google, think of P&G, can you steal some of their strategies? Expanding globally is one of the ways of helping your business grow. This is importing or exporting your products from or to other countries. By so doing you help acquire more customers for your products as you socialize with them, How to grow your business in 2013 – 10 ways.

Expand to the internet

Getting your business online is another best way to grow your business in 2013. Everything is being done online, social media is being used as a communication channel by many companies, politicians, musicians, footballers, and any other celebrities are spending many hours doing their businesses online. It is on this base that you need to get your business online
This will help the business grow in terms of the market in that the entrepreneur will advertise his or her products in the internet and the market will grow because the chances are that the internet users will want to try out your product. Online provides a good opportunity to advertise your product with the aim of getting many customers to your business, expanding your territories in business cycles

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