Human Resource Management (HRM) for Smoothing Running of Business 2013

Human Resource Management for Smoothing Running of Business. The goals and objectives of any organization are primarily achieved through ensuring that all the aspects of the employees’ are taken into consideration, through a proper structured HR (human resource management).
The success of any organization is thus depended on the employees who have to work with a common goal. The human resource (HR) aspect is thus a very sensitive issue which should e handled with a lot of keen. It is thus the obligation of any management in an institution to ensure that they are on the verge of improving their employee capacity and keep a closer look to all the issues affecting them.
 Areas of HRM (Human Resource Management) to consider

EEO and Affirmative Action

In a bid to achieve the primary function of human resource which is to ensure that the employees are efficient in performing their work and that the goals of an organization are achieved, the aspect of equal employee opportunities is taken into consideration. The Equal Employment Opportunities and Affirmative Action is a regulation that has been very much helpful in ensuring that the there is fair action at work places. The regulation has ensured that the employees are given equal employment opportunities HR (human resource management).
The fact that equal employment opportunities regardless of their sex is a very encouraging thing all together. The regulation has ensured that both men and women get equal favors and that none of them feels intimidated. It has further ensured that the handicapped also get promoted according to their merits and skills and not their physical disability.
 By offering equal opportunities to the employees a firm is assured of having a much focused workforce which is geared towards achieving the goals of an organization. Having a much focused workforce is the chief goal of any human resource department and thus should be taken into consideration HR (human resource management).

Human resources development

Human resource development should also be achieved accordingly if at all an organization wishes to have a very competent workforce that performs their work with tact and skill. Human resource development is a must have to any organization that should be on the verge of achieving its goals. Human resource development is done through such things as ensuring that decision making by key leaders in an organization is to the letter. This can only be done by ensuring that his top managerial figures are introduced to new developments in their industry to ensure that the are at par with the changes that have taken place as well as the new practices in the said field HR (human resource management).
Human resource development can also be done through improving the systems in the working environment including such systems as communication between the different levels in an organization is very important. It is very important to develop the communication skills in an organization to enhance easy flow of information. An organization that is very good at ensuring that there is a free flow of information stands a better chance because it is assured of having a proper working workforce that is ready to communicate and even share ideas. The workforce that is able to work without feeling intimidated is likely to have quality output compared to one where communication is not effective at all HR (human resource management).
This ensures that the employees are effective because they can be able to correlate well in performing their activities and thus make sound decisions which lead to attainment of their goals.

Compensation and benefits,

Any organization that is geared towards motivating its workforce so that they can produce quality work ensures that it offers such benefits as benevolent funds and even compensations, a big challenge for HR (human resource management). An organization can also ensure that the employees are given such benefits as holiday pays so that they can stay motivated. The employees are also availed with such things as maternity leaves if they need them. They can also be given bonuses after they have worked and in addition to that they can also be given profits gotten by the firm. Such modes of treating the workers ensure that they work with utmost faith for the benefit of the company. If at all the workers also are sure that they can be able to get some compensation which is in form of salaries and tips HR (human resource management).

Safety and Health

Goals of an organization again can only be achieved if at all the workers are energetic and secure enough to perform the activities availed to them. An organization should ensure that its employees are secure at their work place and that they can act without feeling intimidated at all.
The work environment should also be in a way that it ensures utmost health conditions to the employees HR (human resource management). This can for example be achieved through such things as availing insurance benefits to the employees so that they can be assured of treatment once they fall sick. If at all the workers feel secure at their workplace, they are bound to be settled and wiling to do the activities of the organization properly and for a common goal.

Labor and Employee Relations

Another function of the human resource department is that of labor and employee relations. This wing is bestowed with the activities of ensuring that they shape the employees conduct and keep close scrutiny to whatever they do to ensure that they do to ensure that they work with a lot of accountability and honesty HR (human resource management).
This wing ensures that such activities as the gap between the employers and the employees is bridged and that they can relate as they are supposed to do. It is also concerned with the activities of solving the problems that may arise in the organization. They undertake a very good task because without them such activities as training and counseling would not be handled by anyone.
An organization that concerns itself with the employees’ predicaments such as problem solving creates an arena where the employees can act with utmost willingness and feel that their issues are taken into consideration. Labor relations also ensure that the employees’ rights are observed and that they do not feel underrated at whatever cost HR (human resource management). It also makes sure that the workers act in a peaceful environment where they do not work under pressure. The fact that the employees work at peace and that they do not feel out of place ensures that they work in unison for a common goal. The labor and employee relations department is a very crucial unit that cannot be ignored at whatever cost. 

Which aspects are more important and why

All these aspects are very important in an organization and should be taken equally serious because laxity in one can make the others suffer a great. The employees should be well nurtured with these aspects to ensure that their performance towards achieving the goals of an organization is effective HR (human resource management).
Their welfare should be always given an upper hand to give them the morale to work effectively and for a common goal. We can not afford to ignore some of these aspects because they are equally important in an organization. When some of these things are taken for granted, the output of the employees becomes questionable and the end result is that the goals of an organization are not achieved appropriately and that each person does what they think is right and thus bring different results.

How HRM role can be optimized to shape employee behavior

The HRM can be optimized through taking such moves as ensuring that those given job posts in the management zone are competent enough so that they can be able to handle the tasks that come with management very appropriately. They can for example be taught on how to relate with their workforce at whatever cost. Their skills can for example be improved through attending such things as conferences to enhance their skills. The managers can also be taken to trade fairs to ensure that they are at par with the developments in the management sector HR (human resource management).
The role of the HRM can also be improved through such things as making sure that they employ people who are competent enough to handle the posts they are bestowed with. The workforce should also be taken for retraining to ensure that they are introduced to the new trends in the work place. Job analysis should also be done frequently to ensure that such activities as documentation are carried out appropriately HR (human resource management).

Class activities or incidents that facilitated learning

Such moves as visits to organizations are some of the things that made learning easier and made us understand the different aspects that take place within an organization and how they relate to the human resources HR (human resource management). Such visits acted as an eye opener to us because we were able to visualize the situation at the field as well. Sampling some groups to go and carry out research concerning the aspects affecting the human resources helped us to compile a very detailed book that handle the HRM topic widely.

Future applications and relevance to your workplace

Having taken my course of human resource management, it is has always been my dream to ensure that the employees in my organization will enjoy the benefits that come with good management and that I will take into consideration their welfare as well. Having known the critical aspects concerning them, I will want to act with skill and tact. At least I will be able to deal with my human resources well HR (human resource management).

Potential impact to your future career plans

The gathering of this crucial information is very important because knowledge is power and with it one can never go wrong and when they go wrong they usually have a place to relate their actions in. I at least know what is right for my workforce and what is wrong as well HR (human resource management). The new learning that we have carried out is very much important because it will ensure that we are very much informed as concerns the developments in the field of human resource management and how such developments are useful in ensuring that the employee’s aspects are taken into consideration.
Human Resource Management as stated earlier is a very sensitive matter.  Any organization and should be taken handled very well to ensure that the goals of an organization are achieved appropriately and for a common goal. Human resource developments can be achieved through the activities of research and wide practices that concern the human resources.

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