Top 10 Insurance Companies in Kenya List

What are the top ten insurance companies in Kenya and how best can I insure my business? Thinking of starting a business? Do you know the risks involved? Where do you run to operate your business with some peace of mind? What if? These are some of the questions most entrepreneurs ask themselves before venturing into any business.
top 10 insurance companies in Kenya

You need to secure your business venture by ensuring you cover up any risk that can arise and hinder your business operations. The question answer lies in your insurance - as in- transferring your business risks to a third party – an insurance company in your country (Kenya). It means that you need the best of insurance companies in your country to be safe – avoid enterprises that are likely to go into receivership or even collapse.
I will highlight the ten leading insurance providers in Kenya. Insurance Companies are formed to indemnify the insured if they incur a loss arising from an insured risk. The company put back the insured in the same state they were before the loss occurred. There is a fierce competition among the insurance businesses in Kenya mainly focusing on health insurance and motor vehicle insurance. Risks are eventualities that happen without a plan resulting in a loss. The top 10 insurance companies in Kenya include:
Jubilee Insurance Company Jubilee insurance is the country's leading insurance provider and the best insurance company in East Africa. The measure is by the parameters of market share and gross premiums. The company has a market share of approximately 11% making it the dominant insurer in the country. Jubilee Insurance is reputable for the provision of the best medical insurance cover. The company has a good risk management record. Jubilee has embraced technology in the delivery of its services to increase the quality of services they offer clients.
Kenindia Assurance Company Kenindia is one of Kenya's fastest growing insurance companies regarding the market share they dominate.The company commands a 9% market share of the overall insurance market. The company came into existence after some Indian insurance companies operating within the Kenyan came together to form a solid body.Kenindia is one of Kenya’s first life assures that offer clients a wide range of life insurance policy options. The insurance policies cover that the company offers include life, fire, and marine and motor that are the most sought insurance covers by clients.
APA Insurance Company APA has been in the insurance market for a decade, and it has recorded tremendous results. It holds a substantial market share despite its short time in the market.APA has developed a very innovative package that has attracted clients to take up covers with the company. It best recognized for being the first insurer in Kenya to offer protections for HIV/AIDS.The company's strategy of coming up with insurance cover that were not previously insurable made it easy for the company to penetrate the market with ease. The company was born as a result of the merger between Pan African Insurance and Apollo Insurance Company. APA Insurance Company insurance company in Kenya seems to be on the right track to taking a significant share of the regional market.
Britam previously known as British American Insurance Company offers a broad range of insurance and related financial services. The company has been in existence since 1920 and has continued to enjoy growth regionally. The increase attributes to the provision of superior services to clients and tailoring their services to suit the particular needs of the clients. The insurer is reputable for its comprehensive life assurance covers. Britam is an insurance company in Kenya mainly owned by Kenyans and managed by Kenyans.
UAP Insurance UAP offers a broad range of products to consumers. Its products are tailored to meet the existing market gap that is indemnifying all possible risks to give clients peace of mind. Risks are highly dynamic, and UAP Company uses this opportunity to develop new products in the market. The company offers personal and business products. Under the single tire, the company provides covers for crop, livestock, home and motor insurance. Under business insurance, the company provides covers depending on the unique needs of the enterprise.
The insurance company of East Africa ICEA is one of Kenya's top 10 leading insurance companies. The company has vested interest in some economics sectors in the Kenyan economy. The company long-term as well as short-term insurance options.The company has over the years enjoyed steady growth amidst high competition from other insurers. The company has establishments in the East African countries.
Co-operative Insurance Company The company previously Co-operative Insurance Service Limited was formed in 1978.The name changed in the year 1999 as part of a repositioning strategy. It saw the company gains a national outlook. The company provides services such as life assurance and general insurance which include motor, fire, theft, Marines among others. CIC Insurance has a high value due to the number of assets at its disposal.
Chartis Kenya Insurance Chartis insurance formerly A.I.G is an international insurance company that has found a home in Kenya. The establishment of the business in Kenya over four decades ago shows that the Kenyan insurance industry is maturing. Chartis provides complete accident, personal, health and general insurance packages. Chartis is one of Kenya's best public insurance providers. Recently I have seen an advert on the mainstream that the company might be adopting the original name A.I.G. The company has roots in the US and is believed to be one of the most profitable insurance companies in Kenya.
Heritage Insurance Company Heritage is an insurance company in Kenya whose management believes it has an opportunity to compete favorably in the Kenyan market and the regional market. Heritage Insurance prides itself on being the best bank regarding claims payments for the insured. The bank is best known for being prompt in settling claims to clients who suffer losses. The company offers a broad range of products to its customers. This product could be short term or long term. The products provide by Heritage range from agricultural, property, goods on transit, accidents, fire and theft.
CFC Life CFC Life is an insurance company in Kenya owned by the CFC bank. CFC has recorded high-profit rates over the years and gained a considerable size of the market share. The company's assets have a value of over 13 billion. CFC provides its customers with a group of individual products. Its unique products have attracted a wide range of clients who have bought covers with the insurer. The company aims at improving the life of their customers. You can suggest in the comments section and company that you think should be included in the list of the top 10 best insurance companies in Kenya 2013.


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