Mobile Marketing Outlook 2013

Mobile marketing is no longer a novelty item. Slowly but surely, it is becoming an integral component in the marketing mixes of brands around the world. And while much of mobile’s appeal is based on potential alone, 2013 is on course to be the year this channel flashes the most genuine value we’ve seen thus far.

Increases in Mobile Growth and Spending

Why is mobile now an important consideration for businesses? The simple answer is growth. Mobile is growing rapidly, with its growth being attributed to factors such as an increase in smartphone adoption, app usage, QR codes, and other su
pportive technologies. There has also been a surge in the emergence of ad networks, service providers, and the various other third parties that are clamoring to help these organizations make an impact.

If there was any other aspect that would serve as a signal of mobile growth, it would be the amount of money spent in the channel. According to a new study, brands will be increasing mobile marketing budgets in several areas next year. The results, gathered from a joint research effort on the part of Google and online publisher Clickz, showed that marketers will increase spending in the following areas:

- Creating sites optimized for mobile phones or tablet devices (52%)
- Boosting engagement across mobile ads (48%)
- Creating mobile applications (41%)
- Marketing mobile applications (39%)

Overall, the results showed that 87% of marketers have plans to increase their mobile focus in 2013. Respondents in this group also agreed that the power of this channel is growing at a rapid pace. 

2013 and Beyond

While next year looks promising, mobile marketing is poised to soar higher for many years to come. A new report, the aptly titled Mobile Marketing & Advertising 2013: Challenges and Opportunities, revealed that mobile marketing is set to carry its momentum through 2015. The research cites the following factors as drivers.

Smartphone and tablet usage. Numerous studies indicate that these devices are among the biggest reasons brands are spending more on mobile. This particular research effort shows that smartphone and tablet adoption is driving investments in video and audio ads, which were cited as the fastest growing segments in the mobile advertising arena.  

Mobile search. Search is a critical function, increasingly so for people on the go. Marketers looking to maximize their visibility across the board will look for ways to optimize their presence beyond a mobile website. 

Mobile display ads. Display ads are predicted to be the top revenue driver for mobile marketing through 2015. By then, however, it may very well have tougher competition to contend with as new mobile-friendly ad formats are constantly being developed. 

In-game ads. The report predicts that the trend of in-game advertising will continue to enjoy substantial growth into 2015. Gamification, a concept that applies game-like aspects to non-game scenarios is also being looked at as something more brands will use to better engage consumers. 

Homed in On Mobile Metrics 

In 2012, we learned that an alarming number of marketers are not properly measuring their mobile influence, while others are not measuring at all. This is all backed up by insights from the Google-Clickz research initiative which suggests that for many brands, measuring mobile success is still unchartered territory. The findings show that when it comes to measuring mobile impact, 59% of marketers identify themselves as either inexperienced, or at a novice level. 

But the results weren’t all bad. There were also encouraging findings indicating that the community as a whole is not missing the point. 58% of marketers reported to being accountable for mobile measurements, with more than a third of them sharing marketing results via internal dashboards. Of those who pay attention to their metrics, 53% realized the untapped potential in the data and plan to increase spending to capitalize on the opportunities. 

Big Things Ahead

It’s hard not to think about going mobile with your marketing strategy when considering how powerful the channel has become. If you’re not interacting with it, your team is. If your team has been slow to adopt, then your target audience has probably already beat you to the punch. Pretty soon, we are going to get to the point where it is create a mobile presence or fall behind. It would be nice to have gotten a head-start, but from what we can tell, 2013 looks to be as good a year as any to jump on-board. 

Author Bio:
Aidan Hijleh is a freelance copywriter and serves as the Non-Profit Partnership Liaison for Benchmark Email. Aidan advocates free email marketing services to assist with the flourishing of grassroots organizations.

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