Problem Solving Skills in Business

Problem solving skills are skills that are usually developed with time that is essential in solving problems that one is faced with in life. This resource enables an individual to acquire skills that are helping him in solving of problems when facing challenges and problems. In the course of the life of an individual; one is bound to face several problems and challenges that require the individual to handle them through solving. That is why this skill of problem solving is essential in ones life.
Most are the times when we are faced by many decisions to make and it poses a challenge to decide the best option to choose from. These options might be equally good or with the same drawbacks, hence find it difficult to make the decision. Problem solving skills requires that the person understand the problem very well so that the decision making process is made easy.
There are processes that help in the problem solving. The first step is to identify the problem that one is facing. Talking to others would be of great help in identifying the problem. Next is exploring the problem by looking at it from different angles. You look at how the problem affects you as the individual and others too. This will help in finding an appropriate solution.
Setting of goals is the next step, where you look at the goals that you want to achieve, basing on the angle at which the problem was looked at. Once this has been done, generation of solutions is done. This is where many solutions are listed, that would solve the problem at hand. After listing the possible solutions, one specific solution is picked from it. It is chosen from the best possible solution that will help in achieving the goals stated above.
Implementing the solution chosen follows. This involves putting into use the solution that has been selected to solve the particular problem at hand. 
An example of a problem solving skill is in a case where my grades are so low in school. I realized that for the last semesters, my performance has really deteriorated in terms of the grades. After accessing the possible causes, I realized that family issues contributed a great deal to the problem. Peer pressure was a contributor too, in that it caused me to waste lot of school work. I realized the need to make a decision on whether to keep my friends at the expense of my studies or the vice versa.
I found the need to develop the life skills to help me in the decision making process. I followed the steps in solving the problem. It was not an easy process because you just find out that you can not give up your family for any other thing. So, making a choice between my family and my studies was a difficult task. But after through consultation, I learned that I had to strike a balance between the two aspects of my life.
On application of the solution that I had got, I have realized an improvement in the grades and have also learnt the skills that will help me in solving another problem that may arise.
This skill is so important in life because it is a resource that is utilized in all aspects of life especially when handling challenging situations. The steps above can be taken either alone or with friends to help make the right decision out of all the choices that are available.
This skill applies to all aspects of life, regardless of the age or the occupation. Even as students or employees or employers, we are faced by decisions to make and they do affect our lives, hence the need to be wise and informed while solving the solution. This creates the importance of this skill to all aspects of ones life.
It happens that we run into problems each day of our lives that makes us problem solvers. During our childhood times the decisions we made were more creative unlike now when you tend to use the tried methods instead of trying out new methods.

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