Safaris in Kenya

Think safaris think Kenya. Kenya is an established safari destination in the larger East African community. If you are looking for some adventure, exploration or sightseeing Kenya offers you a wide range of location to take a safari. Getting deep into the wilderness off the mainstream tracks offers an experience to remember. In the wilderness lies all the beauty of the African wildlife. I will highlight a number of safari destinations in Kenya as well as highlight some of Kenya's leading safari operators. 

Safari Destinations in Kenya

The breath taking Masai Mara offers the best safari destination. Other than having the seventh wonder experience during the great migration, the Mara has thousands of game life that one could enjoy sight seeing. Some of the animals one would expect to see at the Mara include cheetahs, leopards, giraffes, lions, zebra, elephants, buffaloes, baboons among other animals. The wilderness safari gives tourist an opportunity to interact closely with the wildlife. The survival for the fittest takes the Mara experience to a whole new level.

Tsavo National Park 

Has an epic landscape coupled with the presence of the big 5 makes Tsavo an important safari destination. It is divided into Tsavo West and Tsavo East due to is large size. Tsavo has adequate world class accommodation that will offer you adequate comfort on your safari. 

Amboseli National Park 

At the foot of the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro near the border of Kenya and Tanzania is one beautiful safari destination. The park is rich with indigenous flora and fauna that attracts thousands of tourists on an annual basis.  Other than the pink flamingos on Lake Nakuru, there is a rich wildlife population at Lake Nakuru national park. Birds fill up the lake and this makes scenery gets you staring at the lake. Lake Nakuru located on the floor of the rift valley, is also richly endowed with wildlife such as monkeys, giraffes, baboons lions and leopards. 

Nairobi national park 

Has over 400 species of birds along side other game animals. It is relatively small compared to other parks in the country but it offers a great safari experience. It is easily accessible since it is located a few kilometers from the capital city. 

Abardare national park 

Located in the southern part of Kenya is a natural habitat for a large group of animals. The wildlife though is a bit difficult to spot but isn’t this the while essence of the safari? It is a great adventure to look harder for the animals which include antelopes, leopards and elephants. Other less acknowledged national parks and reserves in Kenya that make good safari destinations include Meru national park, Sibiloi national park, Laikipia plateau, and Marsabit national park. Meru national park is located at the shadow of Kenya's highest mountain Mt. Kenya. The national park is a conservancy for endangered species such as elephants. The elephants can be seen roaming around the various forests in the region.

Leading Tour operators (Safaris) in Kenya

Kenya has over 100 licensed tour operators and I will list a few of the tour operators. African Quest Safaris is a Kenya based company operating in all East African countries. African Wildcats Adventures Safaris has been in operation for over 10 years. The staff is well trained in safari guiding. Gamewatchers Safaris have provided quality services for over 20 years and they operated in some of Kenya's best parks. Silverbird Travel Plus offers a wide range of safari packages that will suit the need of those seek to take a safari. Wildtrek Safaris ensures that you are knowledgeable on the various areas you visit in your safari. other tour provides are Zoar Tour & Safaris, Spot Kenya Safaris, Bushtroop Tour & Safaris among other operators.

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