Small Business Ideas In Kenya

Small business ideas in Kenya  are very diverse and they vary depending on the pockets of an investor and are of different categories. Kenya is a developing country with a population of over 40 million citizens providing a good environment to invest your money.

Every single day, entrepreneurs from Kenya and outside the country, think of the viable Small business ideas in Kenya to invest their hard earned money in order to generate the maximum profits possible.

In this article, I will highlight the small scale business ideas that give an investment opportunity to Kenyans who cannot afford to invest in the large scale businesses in the country. This is where one can invest their time and money and exploit the idea to come up with something worthwhile as a source of income and also to enable one to sharpen their skills and also facilitate economic growth.


Top 10 Small Business Ideas/Opportunities in Kenya

Car Hire Services in Kenya (Targeting the Middle Class in the Country)

This is a small business idea in Kenya that would be profitable to the business man/woman. Nowadays people need cars to travel for long distances especially for vacations or for leisure. Starting a small business for car hire for instance would be a nice idea because those people who need to travel without using public means and do not have personal cars can always rent your vehicles at a fee and for a certain  duration.

Other business people in various companies can as well hire your vehicles to transfer their products Brookside could hire your vehicle to transport milk to their target markets. This small business idea should be aimed at targeting the increasing middle class in the country who seem to spending much of their incomes on leisure and driving the latest model of cars in the country.
Poultry Farming Business in Kenya

This is another small business idea in Kenya that would assist the common mwananchi (citizen) move to great levels in their lives. One can decide to rare broilers or layers depending on their preferences. In the case of layers, one needs to build a spacious and well aerated room where they will keep the chicks. One can make an order and purchase as many chicks as possible and then do a budget on the chicken food as well as the vitamin supplements and also the feeding and drinking containers to use. When well fed and taken care of, the chicken will lay eggs and the owner benefits by selling the eggs making a lot of profit.

The broilers on the other hand are my personal favorite I love chicken. They also need a big spacious have enough water. The work is actually very simple since they just have to be fed regularly and also given enough water. They are ready to sell by the 5th week which is the latest. One just has to find a permanent market for their chicken once they are mature and ready for sell, a viable small business idea to start in Kenya.
Setting up a Green House in Kenya

This is also a very promising business venture in Kenya. Setting up a green house in itself is quite expensive needs a lot of capital but the returns are motivating.  One only needs to purchase a fertile piece of land and ensure that they have adequate water supplies as well as manure. Manpower is also needed to tend the crops in the greenhouse and to remove the weeds and water them as frequently as possible.

Once the green house is constructed, the farmer needs to study the market trends so as to be able to know which are the most purchased farm products or crops. With that in mind they can then decide on what to grow in the green house which will earn them most profit returns. This is quite simple and easy to run and manage as long as one has the adequate resources and finances.
Setting up a retailer shop

A person can invest in setting up a retail shop and concentrate in selling household goods on wholesale for instance selling maize floor in bundles as well as other household goods.

This requires a lot of capital to set up and also one has to establish a reliable supplier for the shops commodities.

The key is to sell the commodities at affordable and fair prices and also to make sure you target your customers and ensure that you retain your customers and also attract more.
Real Estate Business in Kenya

This has become a very successful sector and it’s very profitable. Though one requires a lot of capital to start the business, it has very high returns since people must have a place to stay. Constructing rental houses and hostels around campuses for instance is very profitable since the number of students looking for a place to stay is very high and no matter the cost of the house it’s a guarantee that they will definitely get occupants sooner or later.

 Most students come from distant places hence they have to find a place to stay for convenience so as not to get late for their classes. Money fails to be an issue for the student so as long as the houses are clean and habitable they immediately move in.

This would there for be a good business idea for one to invest in some day.
Setting up a Cloth Store

One only has to save enough capital to be able to purchase the second hand clothes in bulk at cheaper prices and sell them at a profit. The only thing that one has to do is to setup a store and it has to be setup in a populated area where the businessperson ensures that the clothes he/she is selling target a particular population. He has to ensure that he stocks his store with the kinds of clothes that his target is interested in. this will ensure high sells and that means great profit margins for the business person within a short period
Opening a Beauty Shop

This is a small business idea in Kenya that can be exploited to provide higher returns as well as enable one to have something productive to do at their free time.

The start-up capital required is a little more but once the business is up and running the returns are satisfactory. The beauty shop can contain cosmetics as well as accessories and just to maximize the profits, one may decide to offer massage services as well as pedicure and manicure services to the clients at a cost. This is very enticing to the customers and would help attract new customers as well as maintain the existing ones.

Saloon and Barber Shop

One can invest in getting room where they can start-up a saloon business and in it also offer barber services. The start-up cost could be quite high but if well established and with the right and well experienced staff it could become a very successful investment. Everybody wants to look glam and to have their hair done. That goes to show that one can never really be short of customers

The key to ensure maximized profits and a successful venture is to offer quality products and services to the clients. This attracts new customers too. Offering other services at the saloon such as massage services, pedicures and manicures is also an added advantage to the businessperson as this are also a very good source of additional income,

NB: If you want to invest in Kenya, or you are looking for a small business idea to boost your income, kindly take your time to evaluate which is the business idea best fits your preferences, pockets and its reliability

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