Standard Digital outsmarts Daily Nation Popularity in the Kenyan Online Market | Statistics

Standard Digital outsmarts Daily Nation Popularity in the Kenyan Online Market- Statistics
The Standard Digital has a higher Alexa Ranking than the Daily Nation in the first month of 2013. This means that Kenyans are reading the Standard Digital. I was recently reviewing the performance of Kenyan websites in regard to the respected global ranking, and noticed that the Standard Digital is common among Kenyans compared to the competitor, -Daily Nation. 

In Kenya, Standard Digital ranks 7th while the Daily Nation ranks 8th, as at January, 9, 2013 (the figures can change overnight). However, Daily Nation is ranked 6,558 globally while the Standard Digital is ranked 7,990. The news sites are working hard to target the online community because of the increasing number of Kenyans using Internet, to connect, communicate and earn their living online. 

The Chart From showing the position of the tow news sites 
However, I have noted that there is little interaction by readers of the Standard Digital mainly because of the poor commenting system they have implemented. The Daily Nation is more Interactive in reference to the comments of its readers. The comments could mean more trust for the Daily Nation compared to the Standard Digital. 

In terms of ad revenue, the Daily Nation seems to outsmart the Standard Digital; many advertisers prefer to advertise their products in the Daily Nation online version. It is also important to note that the two news sites are using the Google Adsense to drive income from their online community. Google Adwords is more preferred by advertisers than any other ad serving across the globe.

The Daily Nation is the leading newspaper in Kenya, while the Standard Newspaper takes the second position in the print media market. However, the recent trends in the Kenyan online market, the newspaper are likely to put more efforts to exercise authority in delivering news online. This is because Facebook and Twitter, social media sites, are so influential in Kenya than any other form of media.

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