Tourism in Kenya

Tourism in Kenya
People love leisure, and tourism in Kenya offers that opportunity to both the rich and the poor in the society to enjoy themselves. Kenya is a beautiful country with beautiful people and a beautiful culture. Tourism is the second largest income earner for the country after agriculture. The magnificent landscape and breath taking geographical features have made Kenya a top tourist destination in the African continent. 

The majority of people touring the country are foreigner mostly from Europe. Domestic tourism is also on the rise thanks to a fierce campaign conducted by the Kenya Tourism Board. I will highlight the various tourist destinations in the county that have seen people travel miles to come and share in the experience.  
Tourism in Kenya provides employment opportunities to both educated young people and the uneducated based on a given role in any tourist destination. Being a third world country, Kenya relies heavily on tourism returns to boost the GDP of the country. 

The Great Migration
The annual migration of thousands of wildebeest from Kenya's Maasai Mara National Reserve to Serengeti in Tanzania is one of the most spectacular tourist experiences. This migration takes place between July and October and has been named the seventh wonder of the world. The crocodiles, leopards, lions and cheetahs that prey on the migrating wildebeest make the whole experience a lot more exciting and interesting to watch. The Mara is rich with a number of wildlife that showcases the true beauty of Kenya and an epitome of tourism in Kenya.

Kenya's beaches
Kenya is blessed with relatively warm and outdoor friendly weather, which enhance better tourism in Kenya. The weather makes it possible to have a perfect day at the white sandy beach of Kenya. The beaches are located at the coastal region of Kenya. Tourist can participate in a number of activities at the coast from sun bathing, deep sea fishing, surfing, boat ridding, swimming in the Indian Ocean, visiting marine parks and other historical features among other activities. While at the coast a visit to breathe taking Lamu Island will spice up your coastal visit. 

National parks and Reserves
Kenya has a number of national parks that are home to the big five and other wild animals, something that boosts tourism in Kenya. Tsavo National park is Kenya's largest park and is the habitat for thousands of game animals. The vast Tsavo has spectacular scenery and this makes it a major tourist attraction.  Amboseli National park located near the border of Kenya and Tanzania, provides tourist with the view of Africa’s highest mountain Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

The park is endowed with rich flora and fauna the elephant and giraffes are eye catching. Lake Nakuru national park is best known for the flamingos that are all over the lake creating magnificent scenery. Hells Gate national park is made up of geographical features such as cliffs and gorges and is home to wild animals though the park is relatively small. Other major parks in Kenya include Samburu National Reserve, Meru National Park and Nairobi National Park located a few kilometers fro the capital city. 

Mount Kenya
Mt. Kenya is probably the only part that you find snow in Kenya. Mt. Kenya is Kenya's highest mountain which is over 5000 meters high. The mountain has three peaks and is snow capped. Hiking lover would be thrilled to know that Mt. Kenya is a perfect hiking site, a big deal for tourism in Kenya. The beautiful view of the mountain provides a good site to view for those who love site seeing. Mt. Kenya provides a good site for camping and trekking. There also are various game reserves in the vicinity that one could visit while at Mt. Kenya.  

Diverse Culture
Tourism in Kenya is promoted by the conservation of our culture and the desire to appreciate each other communities culture. With over 40 different ethnic groups in Kenya, I believe that Kenya has a rich cultural diversity. Every ethnic group has something that is unique from the other group. 

The cultures that stand out especially Masai, Turkana, Swahili and Samburu among others. The Bomas of Kenya is a cultural center where various cultures are show cased to tourist. A dance, songs, food, drinks, mode of dressing and ornaments of different communities differs and this is what shows that Kenyans have a wealthy culture. 
The Great Rift Valley
The great Rift is a geographical formation where a majority of lakes and rivers in Kenya are located.  There are both fresh water and salt water lakes in the Rift Valley. Lake Bogoria on the Rift Valley has hot springs and geysers and is a popular tourist attraction. Other lakes include Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, Lake Magadi and Lake Elementaita which provide a good environment to boost tourism in Kenya.

Accommodation Facilities
Tourism in Kenya enjoys tourist visiting the country from UK, US, Canada, Germany, Italy and are accommodated in world class hotels in the country.  Kenya may be a third world country but their accommodation facilities are of world class standards. There are adequate accommodation facilities in all tourist destinations that will provide the comfort that is needed for you. 

At the coast Leisure Lodge hotel, Diani reef hotel, Whitesands Hotel in Nairobi Serena Hotel and Stanley Hotel among other are some of the places one can get accommodation. The accommodation facilities are equipped with swimming pools, golf courses, gyms, conference rooms, restaurants and bars among other facilities.

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