Jobs in Kenya Websites and Blogs Rankings - 10 Best

Jobs in Kenya  Websites and Blogs Rankings. Every day, we seek for latest job vacancies in Kenya online, we are helping you by sampling the best leading websites and blogs you can easily get the Kenyan jobs (We have an updated list). This list of the job websites will be classified in reference to the Alexa Ranking of Kenyan websites. University graduates search these websites on a daily basis so as to look for internships, jobs and greener pastures.

The Kenya National Examinations Council- KNEC

The Kenya National Examinations Council 


To be the leading organization in testing and assessment for quality education.

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) was established by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya , which became effective on 1st July 1995 . The Authority is charged with the responsibility of collecting revenue on behalf of the Government of Kenya.

A Board of Directors, consisting of both public and private sector experts, makes policy decisions to be implemented by KRA Management. The Chairman of the Board is appointed by the President of the Republic of Kenya .


Social media marketing is the process of acquiring attention through social media sites. The sites provide an excellent mode of communication among individuals which is useful for marketing. By the use of the social aspect of the internet, social media marketing is able to create and build links which make interactions more personal than the traditional marketing techniques. Examples of some of the social media sites include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

20 Freelance Writer Jobs Sites - Online Writing Opportunities in Kenya

20 Freelance Writer Jobs Sites – Online Writing Opportunities in Kenya. Learn how to be a freelancer in Kenya. This is a list of where you can get freelance online writing jobs and opportunities for Kenyans. Many Kenyans are making a decent living from online writing jobs most targeting university students in the United Kingdom, US, Canada, Australia and Middle East. It is a multi-million industry employing close to 100,000 writers.

We have two options for guys interested in exploring online jobs in Kenya and become freelancers who work at their own convenience. We have websites with lots of freelancer projects and we have ones for purely academic writing.

Top Brands in Kenya 2013

This is a list of the top brands in Kenya 2013 and that should give us a rough idea of industries we should take an interest to invest our resources. We can invest in the import and export market, online businesses, the transport sector, electronics, communications, hardware among other hot sectors in the Kenyan market. This is not the list of the top companies in Kenya, but a list of specific products. vs | Buying or Selling a Car in Kenya?

Kenyans love cars, I guess it’s a dream of many people to own a car after getting their jobs, or making better deals in their businesses. For buyers and sellers of cars in Kenya, there are two leading websites you can get the information about your desired car, the price and be able to negotiate with the seller. For sellers, you have to place ads (both free and paid) to these websites in order to get buyers for your car.

How to Perform Qualitative Data Analysis for Better Profit Figures

No matter what kind of data analysis you perform, it involves studying data thoroughly and recognizing common patterns and themes that have relevant impact on the results. Usually with quantitative data, this becomes relatively easy because numbers are involved and everything can be quantified. You can get software like PROS big data analytics and solve your analytics problems in the blink of an eye.

Business Opportunities In Kenya Today 2013

Business Opportunities In Kenya Today 2013: Do you wish to start a business but do not know which business to start. Here are some of the business opportunities I have in store for you.

Five Simple Ways To Promote Your Product

Are you bringing new product in the market? Are you intending on promoting your product in the name of trying to win the hearts of more customers? Here are some of the simple ways to do so. Before I give you the simple ways to promote your product, it is important to know that not all promotions lead to an increase in the number of customers.

Simplest Way To Buy A Car

Do you wish to buy a car but do not know how to go about it. It is very easy to buy and own a car. You however, need to be very careful with the car dealer you buy from. There are very many out there but majority of them are not genuine dealers.

Small Business Ideas In Nigeria 2013

These are small business ventures in Nigeria  that a person can invest in to enable them to manage their spare time as well as to be able to do something constructive and productive with their lives. These ideas when exploited are also very helpful as they are a source of income to the business person. When a business idea is exploited with the right resources and capital it becomes a successful small business that keeps growing continually as well as making profit for the business person.

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 15 Ways

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 15 Ways: Do you want to increase your blog traffic? Do you feel like you are not getting enough people to visit your website? I am going to help you with that by just giving you some tips on how to increase blog traffic.

Top 10 Richest Americans 2013

William Henry "Bill" Gates III is 58yrs old now as he was born on the October 28th 1955. Gates is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and investor. Gates is the current chairman and former CEO of Microsoft, (a software company that he founded with Paul Allen). He was the richest man from 1995 to 2009 although in the 2008 he was ranked 3rd richest person in the world. Gates maintains as the largest individual shareholder holding 6.4% of the company’s’ stock. 

Helping Children Manage Their Personal Finance

Children are very dear to us. They are part of us that we cannot abandon. We love and care for them and that is why we need to nurture them as kids. We need to teach them how to manage their own finances so as to avoid being in financial crisis when they grow up.

30 Ways To Make Money For The Unemployed

30 Ways To Make Money : Are you broke and wish to make money? Are you a student and do not want to relay on your parent for any money? Here are some of the easiest ways to earn money. This is a list of 30 ways to make money working online, doing outdoor businesses, physical trading and simply helping others.

Five Ways To Manage Your Personal Finance 2013

Five Ways To Manage Your Personal Finance: Are you a spendthrift and want to quit? Do you find yourself spending more than you should be? Do you find yourself incapable of saving? These problems can be overcome if you find the right way to deal with your personal finance. Most of the people have a poor spending habits and that is why they cannot manage their personal finance well. You only need to change your spending habits and be strict on yourself in order to succeed. The following ways will help you overcome this challenge.

Cars Driven By Top Five Richest People in the World

Cars Driven By Top Five Richest People in the World: As we all think, we expect the richest people in the world to drive the most expensive cars in the world. You would be surprised that it is not the case at all. Yes they are the richest people in the world but vehicles are not the only thing they care about.

How To Get Personal Loans With Bad Credit Score

Do you have a bad credit score and wish to get a loan. Do not lose hope. I know just how to help you so you can get yourself out of that hole. Do not just sit and decide never to get a loan simply because you made a simple mistake in your life. You can correct that mistake by reading this article. Am sure you will feel a whole lot better at the end of it all.

The Advantages of a Predictive Dialer

Are call centres profit centres or cost centres?

Historically, the call centre operation in an organization was typically thought to contribute more to the cost versus the profit side of the balance sheet. The operations were heavy on expensive agent headcount and other operating expenses but light on measurable financial returns to the business. 

How To Get Online Personal Loans 2013

How To Get Online Personal Loans 2013: Want to get a personal loan but do not want to visit the bank? The loan could be to fund your son’s wedding, to pay for hospital bills and so forth. It is very easy, get an online personal loan. Just how easy is it to get a personal loan online? Well, it will be easy if you read the options below.

Facebook New Cash Cow - Promoted Page Posts

Facebook New Cash Cow - Promoted Page Posts
Facebook team has found a new cash cow - the promoted page posts. Facebook introduce this option with two categories, for $5 and $10. However, after several bloggers, companies and other marketers used the service frequently, the team realized the had not exploited all the potential they had at their disposal to make more money for Mark. 

From the picture shown, you can clearly see that the Facebook team increased the options of amount used to promote page posts to 6 subsequently increasing the amount for each option.


Do you need a loan badly but you do not have an asset to back it up? Unsecured personal loan is there for you. However, before signing those documents read more about the unsecured personal loans or otherwise called the signature loans below.

Tips On Secured Personal Loans

Do you need a secured loan? Here are some of the things you need to know about secured personal loan.

What is a secured personal loan?

A secured personal loan is a loan where you have to give the lender collateral such as a land, building and so forth depending on the property that you have. This means that the lender may it be a bank or any other lender, is entitled to repossess the collateral in case you breach the agreement. Breach of an agreement could be a delay in the payment of the loan or even failure to pay the monthly installment. The previous installments however, are not refundable after the lender possesses your property. 

The Easiest Way To Get A Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan currently is a lot easier than before. You can agree with me when I say it was next to impossible to get a personal loan. You imagine the collateral that you have to give and you are like no way. We need loans for different reasons depending on our needs. It could be to buy a house, to start a business and so forth.

Communication and Leadership

In every form of organization (business), communication is essential. Communication is defined as the exchange and flow of ideas from one individual to another. Communication and leadership go hand in hand. This is because for the leaders to implement an idea, they have to communicate the idea to the employees and other involved parties. This enables the implementation and actualization of the idea in the organization.

The Great Depression

Factors contributed to causing the Great Depression
The stock market crash of 1929
There was speculation in the stock market which was not regulated at that time, a factor that led to the great depression. This made many Americans purchase stocks on credit a situation known as margin buying. The stock market crashed as a result of a decline in prices which slapped investors with a cold wake up call. The stock market crash was the beginning of the Great Depression. The stock market crash made people increase their liquidity preference which in turn made them to hoard money.

Top Richest People In The World Under 30 2013

This is the list of the top richest people (young) in the world under the age of 30 in 2013. This indicates that we can become millionaires if not billionaires at an early stage in our lives. Some like Mark Zuckerberg have no inherited any wealth meaning that their wealth is self-made. The list of top richest people in the world under 30 includes; Mark Zuckerberg, Yang Huiyan, Scott Duncan, Dustin Moskovitz, Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Eduardo Luiz Saverin, and Fahd Hariri

Top 10 Richest Africans in World 2013

Every entrepreneur wants to be among the top richest people in the world, or in their localities - but have you ever investigated the efforts, the types of businesses, the dedication the top rich African have put in their businesses? Here is a list of the top 10 richest Africans in the World 2013 and their business investments

Small Business Ideas In Canada

Small Business Ideas In Canada : Small business ideas if well invested in could be a very good source of income to the business person. Investing ones time, money and not to forget effort in a successful business idea would prove be a very brave move and very productive.

Small Business Ideas In The US 2013

United States of America  (U.S) is a land of many business opportunities. In case you are wondering the kind of business to start in U.S, here are some business ideas that would help boost your income if well invested in terms of time and capital as well as energy.

Small Business Ideas In China 2013

With one of the highest population of over a one billion and a rapidly growing economy, it creates a large market for businesses. It would be there for wise to create small business as a way of earning extra income. Though the businesses start small and have a low profile, there have the potential to earn a business person a large amount of income if well invested in terms of capital, time and effort. In case you are wondering what business to engage in at your free time or to earn you income here is a list of small business ideas that you would find useful in your decision making.

Small Business Ideas In India

Small Business Ideas In India: Offering Event Management Services, Property Management Services, Wedding Planning Services, Start a Boutique, Offering Photography Services, Start a Restaurant, Offering Daycare services, Desktop Publishing services, Start an Interior Decoration Store, Start a Pet Shop. Entrepreneurs from India need to explore these small business ideas in their country and evaluate best ways to make good profit from them.