30 Ways To Make Money For The Unemployed

30 Ways To Make Money : Are you broke and wish to make money? Are you a student and do not want to relay on your parent for any money? Here are some of the easiest ways to earn money. This is a list of 30 ways to make money working online, doing outdoor businesses, physical trading and simply helping others.
Make Money Online Surveys
This is the 21st century and with technology, things have been made easier. There are many companies that are willing to pay you for giving your opinion online. It is a way of marketing their products online. All you have to do is fill in some questionnaires online and be paid. Every company is unique and therefore has different ways of paying their clients. Most of them pay through PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard (A Must have for freelancers) or cheques. This is a one of the many ways to make money online in Kenya, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, US, UK, Canada and many other countries in the world. 
It is very important for you to watch out on fake companies who want you to conduct surveys but they will never pay you. You use a lot of time doing the survey and should not allow these companies to take advantage of you. Before deciding on which company to do survey for, research on the legit companies that are internationally recognized. By so doing you will save yourself from fraudsters and time consumption.
Some companies do not even exist; they are there to waste your time and giving you false hope of getting a lot of money. Do not let these people take advantage of you whatsoever. If you are in Kenya, and you wish to make quick money online, I recommend you opt for the online surveys to solve your needs .
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Baby sitting to Make Money
In this economy, you cannot rely on one source of income. You have to look for several ways to make money in Kenya, and this is a very common business idea in the Kenya, the economic hub of East Africa. Baby sitting is not such a bad idea. You can do that as a part time job or even full time if you do not have another job. Parents who do not have time to stay with their kids at home or want to go for some evening events can employ you. You will not get a lot to make you rich but at least it will help you buy your necessities, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.
Baby sitting a dog.
Another method of making money is by baby- sitting a dog. This may sound offal for those who do not like dogs, but imagine being paid more than what you can be paid to baby sit a child? This can supplement your salary or even be a source of income for those who do not have a job. It is not such a hard job; cleaning the dog, feeding it and maybe keeping it company until the owner come back. You may even enjoy your job if you are positive minded, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.
Selling ladies wear from house to house.
Starting a business is one thing and maintaining it another. Most of the people have the capital to start a business but the rent becomes too expensive for them. You can start selling ladies clothes from house to house especially in your neighborhood. You can move around with the clothes in the car. This will not only build good neighborhood but also promote you in your business. This is better than going to your neighbors to gossip or do other things that do not add value to your life. I mean, how will drinking help you in life? It will only set you back in life, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.

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Sell Fruit Salad
You could target guys who are leaving a restaurant. If you open a small shop just outside a restaurant, you can get a lot of people buying especially those who want to eat a balanced diet. It is healthy to take fruit salad than taking a soft drink that has been added some flavors and food color in order to make it more appealing. You can even sell from outside. Read Fruit Salad Business In Kenya and learn more insights

All you need is a table and your sweet voice to market your products. This could seem hard at first but with time you will discover that it is an easy way to make money and also cheap in that you do not need to pay rent or having to deal with horrible bosses. You earn money by being your own boss. Though from time to time you will have to deal with the city council guys, they are much better compared to you staying at home doing nothing. You will get enough money to pay the city council guys any way, 30 Ways To Make Money .
Freelance Writing to Make Money Online
This is another way of making money at the comfort of your home. All you need to do is do some research in academic writings and be paid for that. If you are a good typist you can make a lot of money. Thanks to Google everything is available at tip of your fingers. This is much better because you do not need to leave your home, 30 Ways To Make Money
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You do not need to feel all that cold in the morning. This technology is really making our work easier in all aspects. Utilize this advantage by earning money. You may find yourself earning more than a person working in a whole company. When you are deducted the taxes and other medical and other retirement deductions you will find yourself earning very little.
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Newspapers delivery
This is another source of income if taken seriously. You can deliver newspapers to those areas where they have to go for long distances in order to get them. You will of course not do it for free but on commission. Your aggressiveness will determine the income you get. If you decide to be an early bird then the chances are that you will earn much. This is because you will reach there before they go to work and get the newspapers before on their way to work. Over the weekend most people do not go to work, you can then deliver the newspapers in the morning but not as early as weekdays, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.
Most people read the newspapers in the morning. You must admit that reading the newspaper is like having breakfast, you cannot miss it. This will help you in a way that you can make this your part time job. At 8am when everybody is going to the office you also start your job because you will have finished delivering the newspapers at that time.
Baking cakes
This is another easy way to make money. In an estate, there could be birthday parties every week well because we were not all born in one day. If you took a contract with them you could be baking cakes for them in such occasions instead of them buying it in a supermarket or a bakery who charges them twice the amount because he not only wants to make profit but also pay for the rent. If you make it cheaper for them, you will bake it from home and that only means less expense. Make the very appealing and your neighbor will be flocking your place every day.
Do assignment for students at a commission.  
This can be another simple way to make money. We all know that there are students who would do anything just to avoid doing their homework. This is especially the boring term papers given out by boring lecturers. You can decide to the assignment for them but at a cost. Am sure many students will be coming for your help; that is if they have money with them, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013. 

You will get more students over the weekend well because we all want to go partying over the weekend after a tiresome week. If you sacrifice you weekends to this kind of a job, you will find yourself earning a lot. You will work from home and so no rental expenses for an office or so.
This method of earning money may not be morally right for some people but if you do not mind, you can make yourself a lot of cash over the weekends and evenings if you decide to make it your part time job. Besides your salary, you will collect a lot of tips that will supplement your income. A bar is the best place to get tips and not a small amount of it, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.
Use your talent.
A talent is the most precious gift that God gave us. This is a good way to make money in that if you have been gifted with a good voice, you can go to the streets sing and you will see some people giving you money. You can do this in different street to ensure that it is not monotonous. If you do not mind singing different songs every day then the same spot will not be a bad idea for you. You will be entertaining them as you make extra money for yourself, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.
Garbage collecting
Most of the people in our society do not want to do this job because it is considered dirty and we all know how garbage smells. You can decide to collect garbage for your neighbors and disposing them. You can equip yourself with some gloves and the disposable masks in order to protect yourself. This will supplement your income in a good way because not very many people are willing to do this. You might not even have a competitor, 30 Ways To Make Money 2013.
Act as a middle man.
This is another way of earning money easily. You can get people who want to sell their used staff especially electronics. If they have a laptop and they feel that they want to sell it, you can help them look for a buyer and get some commission out of it. This might be determined by the amount the seller is willing to pay so you marketing skills will help you in this.
Cook for bachelors.
This could be another way for you to make money. Men do not like cooking and would rather eat junk food at the restaurants than cook. If you could start cooking for such people maybe once a week or twice a week where you can cook enough food for the whole week and store it in the fridge it could really earn you a lot. All you need is open a web site in order for you to advertise. You can give them your number so they can call you if they need such services. You can charge them depending on their financial status in order to secure customer of all levels; the rich and the middle earners.
Do laundry for bachelors.
Some people are just too lazy to take their clothes to the laundry. This is especially men. You can decide to be taking their clothes to the laundry and taking them back at a commission. You can do this over the weekend when everybody is at home. If you do this every weekend you will earn yourself some cash, though not a lot but something to supplement your income.
The last Part of 30 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY Working From Home Online
If you want to increase your earnings from doing other jobs when you are free, here are some of the ways you can earn money.
Sell ice cream in parks.
Most parents get time over the weekend. This is the time when they want to spend with their kids and prefer taking them to the parks. These kids would definitely love your ice cream if made well. This can be done over the weekend because most of the people are working over the weekdays and kids are in school also.
If you are free over the weekend then that’s the best time to do this, 30 Ways To Make Money. All the kids are at the park any way.
You can even do this on Sundays for those couples who want to hang out in the park just to enjoy the cold breeze with each other. If you target this two groups over the weekend you can really get a good amount of money.
Dog-walking over the weekends
There are some people who value their dogs more than people. They will treat them so well you would think they are real people. You can target those people by offering to take those dogs to the park over the weekend. Dogs and puppies just like kids want to be taken out once in a while. It sucks to stay in-doors all the time. It is really healthy for them and they can even make friends out there. If you get such people in the neighborhood, they will really pay you well if you take care of their dogs and puppies well, 30 Ways To Make Money.
Sell your old stuff.
If you are in need of money so badly, you can sell the stuff in your house that you do not use and need. There is no need for you to keep something that is not appreciating in value. You can decide to sell it and get something new for yourself or you can just get the money that you want.
Another way is to take those items to a pawn store. This will be easier if the items are valuable. This could be things like jewels that you want to get rid of or just simply trading them for money. This is advantageous because you can claim your item back after sometime if it has not been sold yet. If it is that valuable to you, make sure to tell the pawn dealer to keep it for you.
Repair things.
If you are good with electronics, you can look for people who need their electronics to be repaired. You can earn a lot of cash by simply doing this. You may not need an office because you will be visiting them at their homes any way. There are those who would prefer their items to be repaired at home and not anywhere else.
The charges will depend on the item and the damages in it. If you want you can also charge depending on the financial status of the client. If he is a rich person then there is no need of you charging him less. You should however check the market price before charging so as to keep these clients. If they discover you are expensive, they will definitely not give you a job again.
Work as a temp.
Many companies employ temps to work for them as they await their employee to come. It could be the employee is sick or on maternity leave. This could earn you money for a while. You could work for different companies once the employees are back. You will definitely not be required to do much but at least you will earn something small from it.
You could also use this opportunity to get experience that you need. It will be like you internship only that this time you will be paid and treated like a colleague. As you leave the company they will definitely write you a recommendation letter. You can use these letters to get a permanent job in future if you want. It will be even better if you looked for a similar type of a job but in different companies.
 Some companies may even employ you permanently if you do a good job. It may turn out that the former employee is not coming back and with that you can secure yourself a job.
Tutor kids.           
You do not need to be a qualified teacher in order for you to be able to tutor small kids and helping them with their home work. All you need is to be good in these subjects. You can ask some parents if they would like you to do this. You may target those parents who are always late because of their job and also those parents who travel a lot. They can pay you well especially if you enable their kids to perform well in school. You can do this over the weekend or even in the evening. It would not take you a lot of time but it will be good for your pocket.
Rent out your garage.
If you live near public packing, you can decide to rent out you garage for packing during the day. Most of these packing areas are usually very packed and chances are that you might not get some place to pack your car. You can target these people by either charging less or similar amount. This will earn you a lot especially if you charge less than the public packing.
Work as a guard.
This is a job that is considered of a low quality but if you want to pay your bills, you do not choose the job. You can look for such a job but work over the weekends when the other guards are not there. This could be helpful to those who want to go somewhere but they are stuck because their jobs just won’t allow them to do so. You can target such days like holidays or weekends. These are the times when these guards want some time out and you could be available to help them with that.
Put your lawn mower for hire.
You could use your property to get money instead of just keeping it in the store. If you keep it for hire, those who want to use it will pay you. You will hire it when you are not using it and it can only be for hours. The more you stay with it the higher the amount. This is because machines are subject to wear and tear and if care is not taken you might end up being in the losing end and not benefiting out of it.
Donate blood.
It sound silly but it is an easy way to get money. This is especially if you are a universal donor. Get guys who are looking for your blood type and sell for them your blood. You can only do this like twice a week only and only if you are eating well. In a way you are helping people who really need blood and you are benefiting by making money. You need money buy food so as to get back you blood and that food is not gotten for free you have to buy it and you need money. There you get your money simple and easy.
Be a photographer
You can do this job especially over the weekend at the park. As the kids if they want to be taken photographs as they play then ask their parents to pay for the expense in order to have the photo. You can also take some couple who are at the park and wish to keep this memory. This could make you a lot of money because all you need is a camera. You could even borrow a friend the camera in order to use over the weekend and maybe on holidays.
Wedding planners
Professional wedding planners are very expensive for some. If you have studied interior design or you are good at it. You can decide to plan for these people for such an event and charging them less than an actual wedding planner would. If you do this well they could call you to plan another event like parties and all that. You could even market yourself bay word of mouth if all goes well.
Start a baby day care.
This is another way to make money easily. Some parent especially single parents want to work but do not have someone to take care of their young ones. You can open up a place where such parents can bring their kids in the morning as they go for work and come for them when they are coming from work. You will of course charge them depending on the needs of the child.
Write articles for websites.
This is another way of making money if you can write. It will be easy for you to write and give your opinions for the web sites. All you need to do is writing for them and they will pay you. You can do this as part time job or even full time if you can manage.
Market various web sites for commission.
This can earn you money if you get a contract with the bloggers. Market these sites in order for them to get many viewers at a commission. The more people you bring the higher the commission. You can enter into contract with many bloggers to increase your money.You should also ensure that you are working for a legit company. This is not only for your safety but also for your payment. You wouldn’t want to work for free would you 
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