Social media marketing is the process of acquiring attention through social media sites. The sites provide an excellent mode of communication among individuals which is useful for marketing. By the use of the social aspect of the internet, social media marketing is able to create and build links which make interactions more personal than the traditional marketing techniques. Examples of some of the social media sites include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.
Media platforms help in marketing and the most effective modes of social media marketing comprise of blogs, websites and mobile phones. The use of websites is effective where companies and individuals join sites to share information. This avails a media where individuals can interact with the company and get the information they need.Blogs are online journals written by users, which can be used in spreading information. You Tube is used for video clips and pod-casts whereby millions can watch.

Facebook and twitter are media platforms commonly used for marketing. Facebook allows one to create a fan page for a company or product. Twitter on the other hand uses 140- character posts that users follow. Some sites display advertising options but most of the sites are used for sharing information with others.Social media marketing in Kenya has attracted high volumes of sales in various companies.

It has also enabled achievement of these high sales in a short period this is because majority of the social media sites are free to access, create and post information. This is advantageous because little or no cash investment is used and information reaches sufficient multitude. Social media marketing has also increased brand awareness and the obligation to engage with customers in direct dialogue which brings about improved customer relationship.

Despite helping companies achieve success in the marketing industry, there are various challenges that a company faces. These arise from deficiency in qualified social media marketers. For a company to make social media account more attractive and to have many followers it takes time and effort. Also one is limited by the companies’ rules and regulations on what to post therefore not completely free.Social media marketing comes with risks. This is because dissatisfied customers and employees can publish negative comments that are not always removable which can go viral and do the business or company a big harm.

 For effective social media marketing one has to create a vision and define the goal and content of each of the channels to be used and how they are related. To bring about more return on content creation, it is advisable to build reach this is by maintaining a balance between creating the right content and being able to influence more followers this can be done by use of advertisement, employee activation and also dispatch of information through friends.  When one has influenced a number of followers the person should engage with content to keep the followers and also to attract more.

When all this is done one can create a small group of active followers who will help in promoting the product to their friends and families. This will bring positive impact on your product. For a clear and organized content, one has to carefully engineer the content to be posted on the social site. This may bring about more effective targeting; better engagements with other people and improved work to help more of your followers actually see the content posted. This can be a strong online marketing strategy because it will drive engagement with existing and potential customers.


  1. he sites provide an excellent free instagram followers fast mode of communication among individuals which is useful for marketing. By the use of the social aspect of the internet,

  2. Examples of some of the social media sites can you buy instagram followers include YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.