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Kenyans love cars, I guess it’s a dream of many people to own a car after getting their jobs, or making better deals in their businesses. For buyers and sellers of cars in Kenya, there are two leading websites you can get the information about your desired car, the price and be able to negotiate with the seller. For sellers, you have to place ads (both free and paid) to these websites in order to get buyers for your car.

Top Car Websites in Kenya

I have chosen the two websites and based on Alexa ranking among other factors. Alexa ranking helps in determining the authority of a website based on the number of visitor viewing that particular website. vs Buying or Selling a Car in Kenya?
The two websites are easy to navigate on different pages, and give an opportunity for the buyers to search for cars they want on a broad spectrum of products. vs Buying or Selling a Car in Kenya?
 Home Page

This is the top car website in Kenya because it has an Alexa ranking of 50 in the country and a global ranking of 74,252 (as at 25th January, 2013, it is important to note that the traffic statistics can change overnight depending on the marketing strategies of the competitors).
Autobazaar has 71 sites linking to it indicating that the site does not have a high authority in the eyes of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. The common keyword that the site gets traffic from is ‘used cars for sale in Kenya’ and ‘used cars meaning that Kenyans are opting to buying the used cars.
For buyers, this is a good place to get information about the car you want to buy and make a comparison of prices from other websites. It is easy to navigate but I sincerely don’t like their arrangements.

 Cheki Cars in Kenya

 Home Page

This is the second top car website in Kenya based on its Alexa ranking of 56 in the country and a global ranking of 62,973 (refer above).
Cheki has a good online reputation with 986 sites linking to the car website. This means that the sites ranks on top of search results on Google and Bing on certain keywords compared to other car websites in Kenya. The top keyword is ‘used cars Kenya’ and ‘used cars for sale in Kenya’. As mentioned above, it shows that Kenyans love used cars.
I personally love this website, it’s easy to navigate, lots of cars listed on the website and no many ads on the site like it is the case for Autobazaar.
So, do you intend to sell your car in Kenya? Do you expect to buy a car in Kenya? The above two car website in Kenya can give you a rough estimate of how much your car is likely to cost.
Advice: Make appropriate inquiries before buying a car from a seller you contact from any of the websites, conman thrive because of our ignorance


  1. I think is best because it has a huge number of vehicles to choose from and the price is also very reasonable.

  2. AutoBazaar does not control any pricing, this is set by the seller. Both are classified sites and both dont sell cars directly.
    Personally speaking AutoBazaar is the best by far, it's listings expire after 3 months so you get more current content and therefore pricing is current.
    i tried cheki and this is what i got, old listings with undervalued cars, so the dealers i spoke to told me the facts, the ads are old; i assume this is why they have so many listings.

    in the end its your choice but has more integrity in my opinion.

    1. Too right! I like both sites but when i am serious about buying a car, i use because they have more tools and information. plus their value finder is more accurate and current than cheki's.
      I agree that cheki has more vehicles on their site but ive noticed that much of i is duplicates and old so i always get a response from the seller saying 'that vehicle was sold a long time ago' or the price has been updated, etc.
      cheki is a good site but since i source vehicles regularly, ive come to depend on autobazaar as more reliable.
      on one occasion i spoke to the guys at autobazaar and they were very good about getting me in touch with the seller as the seller was out of the country; they go that extra mile.

      i wish both the best

  3. That's simply not true. Cheki has a three day accuracy where we remove sold cars as soon as they're sold. Our ads expire after 30 days, rather than 90. It would be more credible if replies here weren't anonymous and had some basis in fact.

    1. Do not worry about the misrepresentation by anonymous. Am doing my own research for a period of 2-3 months and then write another article on sale of used cars in Kenya. I can run a sponsored article on my website

      Best Regards

  4. I don’t know if my previous comment went through but though i should ensure that there is response to this thread.

    There really isn’t much separating one classified site from another except for the accuracy of its data and tools and services that it may or may not provide.

    Having said that, AutoBazaar also lists its vehicles for 30 days or 90 days for featured ads (usually private sellers who are not in a rush and want to feature their cars), but to be honest, it's not the age of the listing that should matter because cars don’t always sell within the first month, a typical time-frame can be anywhere between a week to 3 months and sometimes longer.

    AutoBazaar doesn't auto-renew ads, I can confirm this and all ads expire in 30 days, not to mention a renewal/deletion reminder is sent to all sellers so if they do nothing, the vehicle or vehicle(s) simply fall off the site. If they take action, its either to renew because it's not sold, update the ad or to mark it as sold.

    All sellers have the ability to control their listings so any details offered are that from the seller and not AutoBazaar.

    AutoBazaar is here to stay and welcome any comments, good or bad; it makes us better and helps us improve our product.

    On another note, come and visit our booth at AutoExpo 2013, 29 April to 1st May at KICC and see what makes AutoBazaar a leading classified site.

    Keep up the good work Peter.

  5. I prefer!

  6. is by far more real and trustworthy than any other car website in Kenya.We all know it.

  7. Please, respond to this. Are the car adverts in both fields done freely and if not are there hidden charges on the side of the seller?

  8. Olx is more accurate than them all