Business Opportunities In Kenya Today 2013

Business Opportunities In Kenya Today 2013: Do you wish to start a business but do not know which business to start. Here are some of the business opportunities I have in store for you.

Grocery store for diabetics

There are increasing numbers of diabetic patients in Kenya but there is also less food available for them. Most stores and restaurants do not consider them just a few in or even none in a town. This is a very good investment and can prosper within no time.  Let me tell you why this business will prosper. No one is focusing on the diabetic patients and you will be a monopoly in that town. You may not realize it but you will be surprised at the number of diabetic patients there are. The other reason why your business will prosper is because people have know decided to take good care of their health by being “diabetic” by this I mean they have decided to control their sugar level not because they are diabetic but because they are taking caution not to get it. One more reason why this business will prosper is because the items they need are not that expensive and also there are no varieties for them. There are very few food stuff they can eat. This is to your advantage in that. You do not need to keep a lot of food stuff in the store. This also means that you do not need a lot of capital to start it. You can even start with few items and add the rest as the business grows. Do you now see the picture; all you need is a business idea and the will to do it.

Social networking site

Computer and technology is growing very fast in Kenya today. Starting a social networking site is the best place for people to meet and share ideas. Most people think that this can only be a dating site or scam sites that are just there to exploit people. Well, I would not disagree with that because some time back I subscribed into receiving these Bible messages every day but instead I got love messages. I am sure you do not want to fall a victim like me. All you need to do is be sincere both to yourself and to your viewers. You ought to deliver your promises if any. It is really hard to trust anyone nowadays. In fact, you cannot trust anyone. In order for your social networking site to work, you have to have to deliver and try as much as possible to earn the trust of your audience. The only way you will achieve this is if the site is interesting and realistic. There are different meanings or the word realistic but as long as you are being sincere and truthful, your viewers will be happy with your work.Opening a site is not that much of a hassle and the capital needed is also very minimal. You therefore do not have any excuse for not being able to start it. Though you need to win the hearts of many in order to achieve, you can work on this with time. No business is guaranteed any prosperity as it starts. All you need is to take risk by starting the business and work hard towards achieving it.

A brokerage company

When you hear the name company all you think about is that I cannot reach there unless I am a millionaire. A company can be started with a very small amount of capital. This is possible only if you meet the required conditions of the government. Some of these conditions are that if it is a private company, it must have a minimum number of 2 persons while a public company a minimum number of seven persons. They are not complicated rules but you need to follow them if you do not need to be on the wrong side of the law.A brokerage company is supposed to help other companies to either get the financial securities sold or get more customers. This company is supposed to negotiate on behalf of the other company. For this to work, the brokerage company is supposed to have people with good marketing skills and negotiation skills.
To be a broker is not an easy job. You have to be a convincing person for your client to accept the financial securities that you are selling. Most of the people who invest in financial securities invest a lot of money in it. It is very hard for people to trust you with their money if you are not convincing enough.There has been a bad experience with people who claim to be working with a particular brokerage company but they turn out to be all sham. They are just there milk money from the ignorant. As you start this company it is advisable to market yourself well so as be known by many. This will increase the chances of winning the trust of financial security buyers. Business Opportunities In Kenya Today 2013

High end martini bar

We must admit that Kenyans are becoming drunkards every day. This may not seem morally right because in some way you are encouraging people to drink, but you’ve got to admit that rent must be paid and food must be put on the table. Starting a martini bar is not a bad idea. It is in fact a great idea. A bar will never lack anyone to drink at any given time. This is like a guarantee that you will always make money.You do not require a fancy place in order to start a bar or even a huge capital. All you need is a place where you know you will get customers but conducting a market survey before choosing the location of the business. Do not just open the business blindly, have a target market for your business and you will see things moving your way within no time.

Food delivery service

I know most of the restaurants in Kenya have delivery services but note carefully, not all have these service. You need to take advantage of this opportunity especially in town. Most of the employees are too busy to go put for lunch. If you started a business where you deliver food for them at their offices at a commission, this will really earn you a lot. Do not just target one company. The more companies you get the better. All you will need is a fast means of transport for the delivery otherwise you do not even need an office. All you need to do is given them your number so you can deliver the food when they call you. This may seem to be an easy job but believe me when I say food is a very sensitive area and you therefore need to be careful when handling it. It may not be your fault but if you do not take caution you may find yourself in a very bad situation. This is a very good opportunity but a dangerous zone to dwell in.

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