Facebook New Cash Cow - Promoted Page Posts

Facebook New Cash Cow - Promoted Page Posts
Facebook team has found a new cash cow - the promoted page posts. Facebook introduce this option with two categories, for $5 and $10. However, after several bloggers, companies and other marketers used the service frequently, the team realized the had not exploited all the potential they had at their disposal to make more money for Mark. 

From the picture shown, you can clearly see that the Facebook team increased the options of amount used to promote page posts to 6 subsequently increasing the amount for each option.

The disadvanteg for the increased options is the estimated reach under each option, first you could reach the current reach on $30 with $5, but marketers are only seeing the opportunity to market their products.

Facebook is making millions from the promoted page posts because several business people have opted for the option to promote their stories and products.

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