How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 15 Ways

How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 15 Ways: Do you want to increase your blog traffic? Do you feel like you are not getting enough people to visit your website? I am going to help you with that by just giving you some tips on how to increase blog traffic.

1.      Post Quality Information
Regularly modernizing your blog with practical information is the major step to improving your blog's viewers. The information you write is what will keep viewers visit your blog more often. Make sure you have evocative information to write to them and write it over and over again to keep their attention and keep them devoted. The more interesting your blog is, the more the chances of keeping loyal viewers.
They will then inform their friends of how interesting your blog is, and we all know how a word of mouth can spread. If you post regularly, you will increase the interest of your bloggers, and there you have your viewers increasing every single minute. It will enable your blog information to be available to search engines such as Google. If this happens, you will be far much ahead than other bloggers.
Most of the people use Google in their research. If your content is on the Google first page; the chances are that you will have very many viewers. Do not give up if your blog is not on the first page, just write often and improve your content each day. For instance, if you are talking about personal loan make sure to use relevance in your discussion. Keywords like secured and unsecured personal loans should and similar need to be available in your article.
2. Submit Your Blogs URL to Search Engines
If you submit your blogs URL to search engines they will give you a submit link to alert the search engine of your latest blog, so those search engines will move it and include your information in their outcome.
It's vital to know that by merely giving your blog to search engines doesn't mean your information will be at the top of a Google search results, but at least your blog will be integrated and will have the opportunity of being selected up by a search engine.
3. Put links on your blog (Deep Linking)
 When you put links in your blogs, the chances are that you will get the same from them. It in a way promotes your blog in that those who will be reading their blogs will see your site and by so doing you will get more viewers that are if they like your content.
4 Comment on the responses.
Your viewers would be jubilant if you gave feedback to their questions regarding your topic. No one feels good if their comment goes unnoticed If you do so, the viewers will feel that there is a relationship between the two of you.
You care about them, and that is why you gave the feedback. It is a method of communication that will make your viewers faithful and loyal to you. They will also correct you where they feel you are going wrong and, therefore, keeping you on the right track. These viewers are not only your friends some of whom you have never met, and you will never meet but like it is; a friend in need is a friend indeed.
You should also leave your URL in your comments to ensure that new viewers get to you using it. As you do so make sure you use the kind of language that will attract more viewers and not just any comment. It should interest the viewers to not only read it but to come for more and inform their friends about it. Befriend your viewers and they will befriend you.
5. Set up an RSS feed button.
If you have this button in your blog, your viewers will be able to tell when you have new content on your site, and they will, therefore, check it out. This button will also help you increase the number of your viewers not only every day but also every time you add something new to your blog.
There is a need to ensure that people consistently visit your blog to read every new post that you publish. As you decide to use this button, wisely make sure you do not free viewers at any given point.
You will achieve this by making your content meaningful and useful. You will entice them with fresh information to ensure they are always there. You do this, and your blog will be more popular than other bloggers who have been there forever. If you want to be a real competitor, you ought to give the best all the time.
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2013 - 15 Ways
6. Make use of links in your work.
Links are one of the best ways to get more viewers in your blog. They help in identifying who is linking to your site. With the assistance of these links, you will be able to know whether you have added more viewers or not. If yes, then you will be able to write more on the topics that interest your viewers more.
You can still write but seldom on the themes that do not interest them or you can even stop. Improve on these topics that you are good at to make sure you win their trust every time they read your work. Make sure to give them food for thought and suspend them in such a way that they will want to come for more.
To be a good writer, do not give your audience all the information at a go, give them just enough to chew, allow them to swallow and, therefore, come for more not just once but every day, How To Increase Your Blog Traffic.
7. Tag your comments and writings.
Tagging will not take much time for your work. It is, however, necessary to tag your comments to increase your viewers. Search engines recognize These comment identifiers and like I have mentioned earlier this will help you increase your blog traffic.
Do not take anything for granted when it comes to trying to increase your blog traffic even the little things count and they could be the reason you have many viewers. Use tags in your comments and you will see the difference it makes
8. Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Sites
Creating some time to give your good posts to social bookmarking sites such as Digg can boost your traffic in such a way that they will get more viewers for you. You will in a way be advertising your blog. It might seem like a waste of time but trying it out will make a big difference. Can you imagine if you added 2% daily?
It would be good for your blog. These sites help in bringing many bloggers together and helping them in marketing their blogs. They market to them and, therefore, bringing up new bloggers who are finding challenges in establishing themselves. It is hard at first, but it gets easier as you continue. You may know how to write but if you do not know how to market your blog then all that is for nothing
9. Always target the search engine
As you write, always keep the search engine in mind. Do not just write, ensure you write relevant information using keywords that will enable the search engine to find you. You have to make the right choice of words and posts. Correct use of keywords will always keep you ahead of other bloggers. You should however not hold many positions and keyword that will make your blog boring and irrelevant
Do not focus so much on the search engines and then the precise meaning of your work. Make sure you put it across well and also ensure the viewers love it. You will achieve this if you know the right words to use before writing. Remember the keywords that are in use in the market and the once that are preferred by the audience. Use these keywords to target your viewers and the search engine.
10. Use images
Some viewers would prefer to read articles that have images explaining the content in depth. The image is what glues them to the blog. If you ensure you put pictures in every post, you make you will have these viewers loyal to your blog because they are getting what they are looking for in your blog
These photos should be relevant to your writing. For instance, you are writing about the best artists in the world. Some viewers may not be interested in the content like seeing their image. It will satisfy their want. If you do not do this, they will go to another blog. You may have better post than the other blogger but because you do not have the images, you lose that viewer.
Always ensure to put images in your post to get the attention of many viewers and, therefore, to increase your traffic. It is amazing for some people because they will look at the pictures first then looks at the content later so if you do not have the image the chances are that you are not competitive enough.
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 2013 - 15 Ways
11.  Social Media Sites
You can post to the social Medias such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You cannot know exactly how many viewers you may acquire from social media.However, that is not much of a concern like to endorse your information to many viewers possible in an attempt to draw readers who would like to pledge so they do not miss a placement blog traffic from tweeted links, and most of the posts you submit to Facebook get a lot of folio views. Of course, more vital than motivating on one occasion readers are readers who come back and ultimately pledge.
12. Make use of WordPress.
 When you are starting to blog, you should choose the best blogging podium that is WordPress. The reason I’m proposing WordPress to you is because of its many luminous traits. WordPress is an unbolt foundation blogging means and information organization system that is uncomplicated to use for educational websites.
 You cannot compare it to HTML Coding and Dreamweaver where you have to practice a lot to edifice a blog. Also, WordPress blogs bring back privileged rankings on search engines, Google and another podium that leads to more traffic for your post.
13.  Advertising
Compensated keywords, like Google Adwords, have confirmed themselves to fee valuable techniques for motivating embattled traffic to your site. Even if the cost can be exorbitant for many alcoves, as long as you know your exchange rates and are continuously trying and regulating, AdWords is a technique to compel immediate embattled traffic to your site.

Google tenders a lot of possessions to help small production vendor learn the lot from the essentials of using AdWords to mastering sophisticated user approaches and guidelines. Google Adwords Small Business Center
14. Associate Traffic.
Associate traffic is when you reimburse a third party a transfer fee for receiving embattled traffic to your site. Associates use their online promotion method, methods, and the internet to publicize your product or service and drive the traffic to your site. You may not want to take on this mission until you are more reputable as associates request to know the anticipated translation of their venture.
15. Facebook.
You do not have to form a fan page for your blog. It all depends on your individual inclination. If you do not want something else to take heed of that will consume away your moment – then don’t create a fan page.  Just establish your current personal Facebook page to support your blog. Attach your link and start issuing RSS revision to your feed.
If you do decide you want a Facebook fan page you wish to blog secretly or don’t desire to combine the blog with your routine life, then it is simple to create one.  It is up to you to decide. Many people have created fan pages and many that don’t want the additional problem and just use their current account to support their blog.
How To Increase Your Blog Traffic in 15 Ways



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