Jobs in Kenya Websites and Blogs Rankings - 10 Best

Jobs in Kenya  Websites and Blogs Rankings. Every day, we seek for latest job vacancies in Kenya online, we are helping you by sampling the best leading websites and blogs you can easily get the Kenyan jobs (We have an updated list). This list of the job websites will be classified in reference to the Alexa Ranking of Kenyan websites. University graduates search these websites on a daily basis so as to look for internships, jobs and greener pastures.

Best Careers and Vacancies, Best Paying, Good Employers, Satisfied Employees
Before we unveil the list of sites you can explore to get jobs, what exactly do you need to get the best career, the highest paying, get a good employer and finally become a satisfied employee? This is not really an expert opinion on career advice, but it’s some qualifications we deem fit for you to achieve the above mentioned aspects.

To get a good career in your field, you need to have the necessary education qualifications, preferably a university degree, and in case you do not have a university certificate, you can opt to have several certificates related to your field. For instance, if you are looking for a career in the ICT sector and your do not have a degree certificate, you can do courses such as Graphics Design, Web Design, Information Management systems and get attachments on several institutions to build your resume (CV).

You need to posses great interpersonal skills because you will be working for people and by all means you must have good manners when relating with other people in your work place. Good communications skills are equally important if you are to secure are good vacancy in the competitive market. With all this combinations, you can now try to apply the best paying jobs in the country with all the confidence that you can add value to the organization and help achieve its objectives.

Alternatively, you can opt to explore the most paying jobs without a college degree in Kenya and decide what you want in life.
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Top 13 Jobs in Kenya Websites and Blog According To Alexa Ranking List
This is an updated list of the leading jobs website Kenya reflecting 2014 rankings based on their 1st April 2014. I would like to bring to your attention that Alexa rankings can change overnight and this list would be invalid after a certain period unless its update on a regular frequency.
The numeric number on the end of the title of the website indicates the Alexa ranking of that website in Kenya. In case you think we have left any website from this list, kindly leave a comment and we will add it to the list
  1.  26 You can read more about Brighter Monday jobs here
  2. 71
  3. 114
  4. 194
  5. 295*
  6. 596
  7. 659
  8. 714
  9. 1197
  10. 2144
  11. 2570
  12. 3793
  13. 6260

Other Top Jobs Sites

OLX Jobs    18 12
N-soko Jobs  217 200
Getting jobs in Kenya 2013 and 2014 online will be made easy by accessing the information online without having to buy a newspaper to read about the latest openings.

The above listing does not give you a chance to get a job to grow on your own, instead, you are likely to be getting the normal white collar jobs which do not give you amble time to enjoy your money and explore the world as you prefer. It is in this spirit that I decide to come up with a list of freelance job sites which you can explore and become self employed and earn money working from the comfort of your house.

The list am about to reveal, requires great attention and dedication for one to succeed in the online world since its a very competitive market. However, do not be discouraged by the fact that you heard me say its a competitive zone, there are opportunities for every one and it can accommodate up to 1 million young Kenyans if they become serious and take the online jobs seriously. I have written several other articles on jobs available online for Kenyans here, and you can take few minutes to read the article and share with your friends.

Self Employment Online Job Sites for Kenyans

There several and different opportunities for Kenyans online and it depends with one’s interests and dedication they can give to Internet clients. People working online are commonly referred to as freelancers, writers, bloggers, internet marketers and entrepreneur. Their work revolves around a computer, internet and maybe seminars to talk about what they do behind their laptops.

For freelancers, you can create you won website and give people a chance to hire you as a freelancer – this is what I personally do, or apply to become a freelancer on the freelance sites such as Odesk,, and These sites have numerous projects running for a freelancer who has passed the minimum jobs tests to get a freelance project. Most of projects range from business plans, article writing, search engine optimization, web design, internet marketing, logo design and much more. I recommend you read this article on making money online from the comfort of your house.

For bloggers and Internet marketers, guys can run a blog like and monetize their content – refer to the above link on earning from your home. This is a challenging business venture, but with the right tricks and strategies, you can make good money from your blogging career.
For writers – I know I mentioned this category in the case of freelancers, but I want to give it a special attention. We have 2 types of writers, academic writers and article writers. Academic writers mainly write for university students and need to apply for the jobs to academic writing websites like,  and must deliver quality original work for their clients. Read here Uvocorp Reconsiders Decision on Kenya Writers.

You can get eBooks on academic writing in Kenya and how to leverage the opportunities in the area. The second groups is the article writers, these writers mainly write for search engines and humans. The content they produce is consumed mainly by Google, Yahoo and Bong and whoever searches that information on the internet. Best article writing website is and some of its alternatives include London brokers.

Get your job website listed below or suggest for us any site you think we should include on this list
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That’s the jobs in Kenya list of websites we have updated for you today. If you find this information relevant to a friend, kindly share with them through email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or any other channel you use to communicate – we appreciate every share


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