Simplest Way To Buy A Car

Do you wish to buy a car but do not know how to go about it. It is very easy to buy and own a car. You however, need to be very careful with the car dealer you buy from. There are very many out there but majority of them are not genuine dealers.Some will sell you stolen cars and fake log books. Some will trick you into giving them money only for you to be left empty handed. Everyone is out there to make money; some do not care whether it is the right way or not. It is advisable to look for a genuine dealer or get some assistance from someone whom you are sure of.
 Decide on the car you want.

First and foremost you have to decide on the type of car you want. The exact make and model and so forth. You should then shop around to see whether the dealers around have the particular car that you want. There are different cars and some may look similar from a distance. It is until you look closer when you realize that they are different. It is up to you decide on the features you want in the car that you want to buy.

 Buying cars can be very tricky in the sense that you could be sold a car that is not functioning well. This will especially happen to those who do not know much about cars. Do not just decide on the dealer blindly nor should you just buy a car blindly because the dealer says the car is fine. If you do not know much about cars, go with someone you trust. There is no point of you wasting a lot of money to buy an roadworthy vehicle. Go for a car that will serve its purpose and a car that will serve you well.

 As you focus on which car to buy also do some research on the dealer to ensure that he is a genuine one. Some dealers will even use the names of other established dealer in order to continue with their business. You may think that these dealers are agents of that particular company but all along they are just people who are trying to make money the illicit way. Take caution before you fall as a victim of these people.

You should never be tricked to send money to anyone before making any decisions and before seeing the car itself. Just because you are shopping for a car does not mean you have to buy it immediately. You have to intensively shop so as to buy the right car for yourself. As you do so, inspect the potential cars properly before giving them a thought.

That number plate should be right and in the right vehicle. Check everything in it so that as you shop else you still have that particular one in mind. If no other car pleases you then you can now move to the next stage.
Decide on the seller (Vendor)

When shopping around you find very many interesting cars and definitely you have to choose one among those. Another important aspect to look at is the dealer you want to buy from. Ask yourself whether you want to buy for an independent dealer, an importer or online. All these dealers have their advantages and their disadvantages. Go for a dealer that will not only give you a good deal but also a good product because that’s the main thing; quality of the car when buying it especially if it is second hand.

If you decide to buy a car from an independent dealer, make sure they are genuinely his and that he is the rightful owner. Most of these dealers sell very old cars and can be of poor quality. As you decide, choose wisely. These dealers do not have a particular place to sell their cars because most of them have not established themselves yet.

Some of these dealers may trick you into sending them the money in order for them to bring you the car. Suppose you saw the car with your own eyes and decided to communicate with the dealer via phone, never send any one any money under any circumstances.

Ensure that as you pay for that car, you sign some documents to show that you have purchase the car and that you are now the rightful owner. If you fail to do so, the dealer might as well say that he did not sell any car to you or he can still demand for more money based on the fact that you did not sign any document.

Suppose you decide to buy a car from an importer. Make sure that the importer follows all the rules and regulations of both your country and the country he is importing the car from. There are countries that do not allow anyone to import cars that are more than five years old. Make sure you do not end up buying a car that exceeded those years.

This might put you to risk of having to deal with the government itself. By the time you explain where you bought the car, things will not be good. If such a rule applies also in the country where he is importing the cars from, make sure you do not have to deal with a foreign country because of a car. Choose wisely as to where you buy the car.

If you decide to buy the car online, you ought to be careful also. This is the riskiest place to buy cars form. This is because you only get to scrutinize the cars online in their web sites. These dealers post the pictures of the cars that they are selling and it is for you to decide which car you want but online. The application is made online and so is the payment. It takes a lot of guts and courage to take such a risk.

Dealing with people you have never met and trusting them enough to send them money is not an easy task. You will only be able to physically see your car when taking it. You could be tricked in a way that the car in the web site might not be the same car you are being sold. Be very careful and ensure to check the car even the last minute. This could be your chance of knowing whether the car is genuine or not. If not you can sue them in order to get your money back.
Means of disbursement

The best and easiest way to get a car is buying it in cash. You need to save up for the vehicle if you do not want to hassle a lot in its payment. Some prefer using this method because it is the safest method to buy a car and also the cheapest. As the rest of the methods demand for interest, or security in order to get the funds, this method does not. This is because you will be funding yourself and not anyone else.

It becomes very easy for you if you budget you income well to avoid compromising your lifestyle. You cannot stop paying your child’s school fees in order to save up for a car. Not only is it selfish but also stupid. All these can be run smooth if you budget yourself well or visit an economist to help you with the budget.

Hire purchase is another method you can use to purchase you car. In this case, the borrower will be given the car after paying a down payment. He is supposed to pay regular installment of equal amounts for a certain period of time. The car will fully be his after the completion of the last installment.

Until then, the hire purchase agents have the obligation to repossess the car in case of breach of contract. The interest rates charged by these lenders are very high. This is because if the borrower defaults to pay the installments, the car will have depreciated in value. In order to curb this lose, they charge high interest rate in order to stay in business.

The other method you can use to get a car is by contract higher. This is a simple and less risky method than the rest. In this case you enter into a contract with a dealer where buy you will possess the car for a certain period of time after which you will return it to the dealer. This method is convenient in that you will not suffer depreciation like the rest.

Even though you will pay for the comprehensive insurance for the car and the maintenance, the depreciation loss saves you a lot. This method could be expensive to some people especially if the car is expensive. It is however very easy and cheap if you have the money. It is convenient for people who do not need a car for long. They might hire it for a holiday or some business then give it back.

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